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Sunday, 3 January 2010
10:56:13 AM (GMT)
To help in my quest to end suck (and world suck) I have decided to write something
worthy of putting on Kupika... Everyday!! Muahaha!

... Yeah, I give it a week.

I know! I'll write something about Mana!

Hm... No, I never write things about Mana. (maybe I should...)

Well I definitely want this to be funny...

Oh bother, being creative is hard! At least when I'm not trying to do
something else...

I've got it!

I'm just going to pick some random characters from random things, and put them in a
situation together. (It'll work!)
TLO characters:

Representing the good guys- Ato, Takuya, and to make sure it's not a Y
chromosome-fest, MANA.

Bad guys- Naono ()

Characters who are on the page but haven't actually entered the story- Nautou Renai,
and Ryou Kitoji.

Random anime characters:
Japan from Axis Powers Hetalia, and Ash from Pokemon. 
Situation: They've all be pulled out of their stories completely at random and are is
a room together, for no particular reason.
Ten characters with very different personalities are trapped in a large white room.
They don't know how they got there, or how to escape. 
*Naono falls from ceiling, followed by Takuya*

 "D'arvit!" Naono swore, rubbing his head and looking for his glasses. Takuya managed
to land in a rather cool looking squatting position, and rose gracefully.
       "Hey, you're that tech-geek douche bag!" "And you're... that guy I don't
really know!" Naono sputtered, now trying to locate a witty comeback along with his
       "Alright you little freak, what does 'dearmvet' mean, and how did you trap me
in here?" Takuya demanded.
       "It's 'D'arvit', and if you read books from time to time you'd know it
was a gnomish cuss word, introduced in the first book of Artemis Foul." "What the f-"
"And I assure you that I did not intentionally force myself to spend
time wit-"
        "Facking shiz dang!" *Crash*
"Ato? What are you doing here?" "Glad ya asked, Takuya. As it happens I am
tryin' to recover from falling ten feet, and am checking myself for signs of a
       "Well," said Naono, "You can put together snarky sentences, which means you're
probably O.K enough to stop whining."
"I CHOOSE YOU, PIKACHU!!!" *Ash Ketchum appears in the center of room* "HUH?"
        "Okay, now this is just getting weird," said Ato. "Dude, why are you talking
AREN'T VERY GOOD!" Ash said, just as a Asian man stumbled through the wall.
       "Still think that this is my fault?" Naono asked archly.
"Er, hi man. I'm Ato, this's Takuya, that's some sarcastic punk, an' that dude who
shouts everything is a child’s television character."
       Japan, who did not speak english, bowed stiffly and said,
"Kon'nichiwa . Watashi wa Nippon de aru, domo wo shi mas . Ro'shiku. Watashi no shumi
wa jōkyō wo hyōka shi te iru ka dō ka wo kettei suru hanasu." "HOW WEIRD! I GUESS
       "I know that guy! I've see pictures online!" Naono cried, "Great kid. Can you
tell us what he's saying?" Ato asked.
       "I CAN UNDERSTAND HIM!" Said Ash. "Yeah, he's also from an anime. I wonder why
we can understand Ash, but not him?" 
"They probably never dubbed whatever series they're from," said Mana.
       "Hey kid, glad to see you're okay!" Takuya said, ruffling Mana's hair.
"DIDN'T I JUST SAY THAT?" Ash asked tiredly.
"... I do not currently appear to be residing in a stable and or anywhere filled with
horse dung," said a boy who had recently fallen through the ceiling.
       "Okay, now who's that kid?" demanded Naono, who was feeling much warmer
towards anyone who he knew, suddenly.
       "I don't know but he looks a little bit like Eichiro..." "Naw, I'm sure
that's just a coincidence," said Ato.
       "I have a name-" the boy started, before being cut off by Naono, "Well he fell
from the ceiling, so he comes the same place we do,"
       Just then another boy fell from the ceiling, covered in snow. He took careful
stock of his surroundings before saying,
       "I suppose I shouldn't have wished to get out of the cold at all costs," he
said to no one in particular, "But I thought my not being dead was rather
       "You really think we're dead?" asked Takuya, genuinly interested.
"I don't wanna be dead!" said Naono. The new boy ignored him, brushing snow off
himself as he said,
       "Well, I was on the street about the freeze to death, and then I was suddenly
in a windowless, pure white room filled with- forgive me- strange people."
"Nah, no way. I don't beleive in an afterlife," said Ato, to Mana's horror. "I'll
just be over here, with the guy who thinks we're alive," said Naono, edging over to
       "No way, freak," At said and pushed him over to Japan.
       "Pfft, whatever Ato. You know and I know that the afterlife only stopped
existing after you thought you couldn't get in to anywhere good." joked Takuya.
        Similar side conversations were breaking out throughout the room, except
between Naono and Japan, both of which seemed to have hanasu koto wo kime ta.
        Suddenly, Edward and Alphonse Elric appeared, and dissolved the wall with
alchemy before fleeing out the hole promising to fix it later.

"... Anyone up for looking for a payphone?" asked Takuya. He was met was a chorus of
"Yeah, okay," and "Let's get out of here..."
Day one of the Daily Mind Theater Resolution, end.
Last edited: 3 January 2010

Kirti says:   3 January 2010   875500  
Axis Powers Hetalia makes fun of countries been representing them
with their own characters, and showing historical events as they would
take place if Nations were people.

The character Japan introduces himself to everyone by saying (in
Japanese) "It's nice to meat you. My name is Japan, and my hobby is
analizing situations and deciding whether or not to speak." which is
what I had him say here.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   3 January 2010   836676  
Ahahaha, this is one of the more random theaters, and my seriously
made me laugh. xD

Trying to imagine this is just so hard to do without breaking out

You caught me off-guard. DX
Kirti says:   3 January 2010   127027  
I couldn't think of a sensable idea, soooo 


I purposly didn't, because I didn't expect them to be there for long.
A random- but funny- entrance and exit seems better then disappointing

And I did say "ten characters are trapped in a large white
Takuya, Ato, Mana, Naono, Nautou, Ryou, Ash, and Japan are only eight.
<-- SNEAKY! 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   6 January 2010   792194  
Yes, success indeed.

Ahaha, that's a good point.

ARGH, How did I miss that?? D8 


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