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Thursday, 31 December 2009
12:33:55 AM (GMT)
(true or false) this year, I...
kissed someone: si
went to a party: si
made new friends: yup
spent more time with family: i dont know
cooked a meal: YUS
went to a nice restaurant: mhm
bought new shoes: i dont think so....
was in a new relationship: mhm
broke up with someone: mhm
tried a new food or drink: yup
used a skateboard: yup
had a picnic: i dont know
went window shopping: mhm
blasted music from a car: yup
changed your favorite color: i dont know
recieved presents for Christmas: yup
had a nice Thanksgiving: not really
was depressed for a time: yup
had alcohol: yup xD
did any type of drugs: nope
wrote a story: yup
used a journal: nope
laid under the stars: no
cared less: i think so
bought something rather expensive: i dont know
gave money to someone in need: yup
fell in love: true.
fell out of love: false.
told someone they didn't deserve you: false.

how many... 
really enjoyable days have you had? a lot~ <3
good friends do you have as of this moment? many <333
places have you visited? not a lot
times have you went swimming? a lot 
tests have you failed? LOL!! A LOT!!!
new artists have you listened to? most likely a couple
times have you been to the movie theatre? none :/
parties have you thrown? nope
times have you been to someone else's house? O_o a lot
times you have said "I love you"? decent (just to friends and family, and WIFEEEE) 

this year was... 
easy or difficult? middle
filled more with love or pain? both :/
optimism or pessimism? im thinkin optimism
dreams or reality? reality???
fun or boring? fuuuun!
filled with change or routine? change???

things you did... 
did you visit a new state, or even a country? nope :/
did you get really sick? mhm
have to wait a really long time for something? yup...still am too
get a new wardrobe? no?
change your style, or attempt to? i dont think so
dye your hair? yus xD brunette ---> blonde
get a new electronic device? mhm
see a movie that REALLY sucked? none that i can think of
feel an urge to kill Twilight fans? YES YES YES!!! not you Aly! but your not really a
big Twilight fan....but i looove youuu!
ate a whole box of something? hehehe...yes
did basically nothing for a day? yup
acquired a new favorite snack? ummmm...i dont think so
cried for a long time? mhm ;[
attended to a funeral? ummmm...i dont think so
began learning a new language? nope ;D
bought something nice for someone else? i dont know :/
rode an animal? that sounds kinda dirty....but noooo 
said a really drawn out "Aww..."? what?
actually cared about 2012? eh....i dont know 
created a new account on something you never use? i dont...wait...yes xD
lost a friend? i dont think so....
had anyone follow you around like a puppy? i wish! that would be so cute...and im not
thinking about an acutal puppy xD
rejected someone? yus! ;D infact i did it yesterday
tried a new kind of shampoo? yes...my mom gets a bunch of different stuff
moved to a new place? nope
went on an airplane? nope o_O
a train? nope
rode a bicycle? yus
had something stolen? MY PHONE!! I STILL WANNA KILL HIM!!
punched a hole through something? not yet xD
used an axe? I LOVE THAT STUFF!! specially chocolate
gotten really irritated at a friend? yus
been in a fight? mhm xD
been pressured to use drugs? i think like once :/
laughed really hard in public? : yus xD
embarrassed yourself? i dont think so
lost something important? mhm
got locked out of a car? nope ;D

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