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Dream Diary #1: November 21 - 22, 2009Category: Dream Diaries
Tuesday, 24 November 2009
07:54:43 PM (GMT)
*I've been having weird dreams, so I want to keep them and try and figure them out
later. You're free to help if you want.*

The dream starts in this undefinable mountain range high in the clouds. There are a
few floating plants, Zelda-style, and on either side of me, a door. Yeah, a door just
hanging there.

I can hear a voice talking to me, but the words are incoherent. I can tell it's a
male voice, and my assumption in the dream is that he's my sensei/teacher/master. I
find myself walking into the door on my right. Things get fuzzy for a bit, and the
next thing I know, I'm walking out of the back door of my school. The neighborhood
looks sort of a green-ish tint, and by the lighting, I can guess it's about 4pm. I'm
dressed in a summer dress, yet I don't feel cold. I can hear a male behind me asking
who I am. He doesn't sound much older then me. I don't turn around, and strangely,
reply that I'm "Master of Allusion." (Yeah, not illusion, allusion.) I
walk down the street as if I was walking home. The male is following me, saying
something about a mental institution down the road, but I quickly reintroduce myself
as Sam. (Simple enough.) Halfway down one of the hills I walk, I can feel his arm go
around my waist is a very lover-like way. I soon find myself being hugged by him in a
similar way. I don't struggle, or even feel embarrassed. I just went with it. I found
myself leaning into him. I could feel my feet drop out from under me for a few
seconds, but I didn't fall or even skid, the male kept me up. I never see his face in
the dream, but he's much taller then me, and his hair was definitely brown, although
his hairstyle was undefined. It felt like only seconds later when a cop interupts us
and tells us it's past midnight, and that we're breaking the city's curfew. We're
only at the bottom of that hill, and if I'm walking normally, it only takes less then
a minute to get down there. I find myself out of the male's grasp, and leading him
happily after a lecture from the cop to my house. (Or what I think is my house. This
version of my world looked warped.) I can then vaguely remember a dinner with an
insane version of my mother and this mysterious man in a house that looked like my
friend's house layout. (my mom referred to herself as Paline for some reason.) Things
go fuzzy again for awhile, but then I'm in this crazy area. The background doesn't
look like a room, just a random assortment of dark, subtle blues. I think
pocketwatches were hanging around, but they could be normal clocks, or chains, or
something like that, I don't know. I find myself being sucked into a mirror. (Through
the Looking Glass much?) I'm desperately trying to escape this weird gravitational
pull this mirror has. The male is in my immidiate eyesight, but I still can't see his

Now, here's where my memory starts fizzling a bit. I seem to remember that we go into
another romantic moment where he goes up and kisses me before I get sucked in and
wake up, but I have no recolection on how that felt, unlike the hug earlier. Perhaps
because I haven't actually experienced a kiss, that part was left out. Either way,
whether he kisses me or not, I get sucked through the mirror, and wake up.

I find this dream very confusing, and am desperately trying to decode it, but no
Last edited: 24 November 2009

Kirti says:   25 November 2009   368901  
Doors usually signify a new psycological or spiritual option, or
something similar to that.

Leaving school without entering might mean that you feel you are grown
up, or don't need that form of education.

The fact that you veiwed your lover as your teacher might show how you
veiw men in general.

Want me to keep going?
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   25 November 2009   590744  
Yes, please continue. I find this very helpful. 
Kirti says:   25 November 2009   490453  
"past midnight" could be a metaphor, because of all the things that
happen at midnight in stories. Midnight also represent the transitroy
state between day and night, and past and future.

The cops might mean you resent authority, but you continued once the
cops left, so maybe you think that authority figures are only
temporary obsticles?

The embracing could be wish fulfillment- You want companionship so you
get it. 

(I really am just putting out theories- I could be wrong about any or
all of this)

The last part... I'm still thinking. Maybe I should research what
mirrors mean... (Of course, the only thing that really matter
is what mirrors mean to you.)
Kirti says :   22 June 2010   624963  
I finally came through with the mirror thing.

Mirrors in dreams symbolize the inner self. Here are some meanings of
mirror dreams: 

If the mirror in your dream is clear, it is a sign you should try
harder to "be yourself" with friends and romantic partners. 

If the mirror is cloudy, you are sending mixed messages to those you
care about.


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