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Sunday, 15 November 2009
07:33:30 PM (GMT)
Chapter 1

Vampires, Werewolves,Immortals, Shape Shifters, they don't exist,right?

My name is Shalya Conner I am a seventeen year old girl from a small town, one of
those kind of places where everyone knows who you are and they know everything you
do. But since I keep to myself no one bothers to talk about me or to me. I am known
as the out cast, I guess if I was like them i wouldn't bother with me either. But I
am nothing like them. I love to read about werewolves and vampires or imagining
myself as an immortal or even a shape shifter. That is me that is who I am, who cares
what they think.
Today is my eighteenth birthday but do you think they care? Sure when I woke up this
morning my mom wished me a happy birthday and made pancakes, my favorite. But for
once I just wish someone other than my mom would notice me. Don't get me wrong I love
my mom she is the one who gave me life and put up with me all of these years and
encouraged my imagination, she believes in me. But that is what moms are suppose to
do. My dad he never cared for her or me, he just sends the check every week. But for
someone else to notice me would be wonderful. But, for now I am a no body,well, at
least I still have my books and tonight I'll go to my back yard with a small fire an
be alone with my dreams of the perfect life.
But little did I know tonight would be different. Tonight would change everything
about my life as I know it.

"No mom I'm not going to the party , besides no one invited me." like anyone would
want me at the biggest party of the year that was always held at Tyler Jone's house,
the hottest guy in town.
"Honey, why wouldn't they want you there, your a fun person to be around."she told
"ugh, mom your definition of fun isn't the same as theirs, to them I'm a freak, an
outcast, CAN"T YOU SEE THAT." I yelled back a little louder than I wanted to but,
apparently it was enough cause I heard nothing else about it.
I went to my room and grabbed my sweatshirt and my current book and headed outside to
gather wood for my fire.
Before I settled down to enter my own world I ran back inside to let my mom know
where i would be if she needed me for anything.
"Mom." I called out to her, but she didn't answer so I figured she was in the tube
soaking and listening to the radio like every other night. So I decided to go look
for her.
"Mom, mom, MOM" I called at the bathroom door and she still didn't answer, so I tried
to open it but she had it locked
"God, she knows I hate it when she locks the door. It's not like we have another
bathroom." I mumbled to myself I mean what if I had to go to the bathroom. I knocked
louder this time and still no answer by this time I was starting to get worried. I
tried to force open the door but it was stronger than me. So I kick the door as hard
as I could and after about five times it finally gave in an it flies open slams into
the wall and bounces back shut in my face with so much force that it made the walls
shake and I jumped back a bit. I pushed it open a little slower than normal, then all
of a sudden like a slap in the face, there was this raw, salty, sour smell that
burned my nose and the I felt it, that lump in my throat, you know the one you get
when you know something isn't right.
I wanted to walk in but my feet where froze to the floor where I stood. My head was
scream at me to move my feet and find my mom. Finally about two minutes had past and
my feet started to move closer to the smell, as I stepped my right foot in front of
me I felt something slimy and I know right away that I was right something bad was
going on. I looked down and saw the floor was covered in dark red blood, it was every
where and there was so much of it, as I looked around the tub came int to view and I
saw my mom laying there, I felt the lump begin to rise and the room started to spin,
Then I heard a low growl behind me in my ear, and the room went black.

Chapter 2

When I woke up I was in my bed but everything had a strange hue to it and it smelled
like pine and musty old gym socks. The light from outside was shining threw my window
and it looked like tiny diamonds floating threw the surrounding air.Then it hit me
like a speeding bus and I saw the whole scene in my head like it was happening all
over again , my mom, the blood, the bit marks in her throat, oh god so much blood, I
heard someone screaming and realized it was me I knew i had to go find my mom. I sat
up and threw my legs over the side of my bed and went  to the bathroom. I stood at
the door, afraid to go in at first, but I steadied myself an opened the door. To my
surprise the bathroom was spotless. so much ran through my head at that point. Maybe
someone had cleaned up the mess while I was asleep, and how did I get to my bed I
remember passing out, an the growl, what was that, who was that. Where was my mom and
was she really dead or was it all just a dream? I had to find out I had to find my
Maybe she was in the kitchen drinking her coffee like she always did in the morning,
but what time was it i know it was daylight out but I wasn't sure if it was morning
or not. I went to go look for her but she wasn't any where in the house, maybe she
left a note for me.
 There was a note, on the kitchen counter, but it wasn't from my mother.

    I know you are confused, but just stay calm. I will be there around ten tonight
to let you know everything.
P.S. Don't leave the house.

I turned and looked at the clock on the coffee pot it read six o'clock pm. So it
wasn't morning and where was my mom and who was this Francis person and what did he
know. But of course I knew none of my questions would be answered until he got here,
so I went to my room and search for something more appropriate to wear around
company. I settled for a pair of sweats and an over sized t-shirt. After I dressed I
went to the mirror, on the back of my door, to brush my hair, but when I stepped in
front I saw someone else looking back at me, this woman was inhumanly beautiful and
her skin was as pale as a pearl and her face was absurdly gorgeous, her eyes a
mysterious maroon color, kind of frightening but at the same time they where awesome.
Her hair was the same jet black as mine, flowing perfectly down the middle of her
back. I realized she was wearing the same clothes I had just put on. I reached out to
touch her as I did she to reached out to touch me she had the same look of confusion
on her face when our hands met. I didn't feel her flawless skin under my finger tips
what I felt was the hard mirror, and I knew then that the woman I was looking at
wasn't someone else but she was me.
I was this this beautiful person and I liked the thought of her, or me, being
perfect. But it was scary to know I had changed some how and it brought up more
questions how, why, when... But still all my life I wished to be beautiful and now
some how I was.
I saw that the cloths I was wearing didn't match my new look so I went to rummage
through my closet. After about an hour of digging through over sized shirts and old
out of style pants I settled for a pink tank top and a pair of my best blue jeans I
would have to get a better selection of clothing. After I dressed I wanted to sit and
stare in the mirror but I thought it best not to because if I did I would be there
for the rest of my life in a daze and I was in fact still waiting for this Francis
person to tell me what was going on.
I went to the living room and sat down in the recliner. I begun to notice my throat
was itchy and dry and i remembered I haven't had anything to drink all day. I went to
the kitchen and poured myself some soda. I went to take a sip and as soon as it
touched my tongue It felt like I was trying to drink salt I ran to the sink an spit
it out I poured the rest down the drain and sat the cup on the counter top, and went
back to sit down. As I sat there waiting my mind was working overtime trying to put
all the pieces together. After about an hour or two I heard someone knock on the door
and I was jolted out of my trance. I looked to my left at the clock on the wall it
read ten o'clock.
"Come in." it came out so low it was almost a whisper.
The door opened  and in stepped this man who looked like he could have been a Greek
god, only more pale. His skin was the same color as mine, but his eyes were breath
taking almost a lime green, nothing like my maroon colored eyes. As he sat down on
the couch he started to speak
" I know you have been waiting for my arrival, how are you feeling Shayla dear?" I
took a deep breath  preparing myself to speak and as I did so  I smelled him, it was
like a warm moist cake just out the oven mixed with a hint of honey, and lilac, it
was so pleasant.
" Yes, I have been waiting and I'm fine, just confused. Where is my mom? Whats going
on? Why do I look so different? and who are you?" I was speaking so fast that all my
words sounded like one big word.
"Wait, wait, my child I will answer all of your questions but first listen to me
Wow his voice was like an oceans breeze so calm and relaxing, I could listen to him
talk for hours.
"You really amaze me, i knew when I chose to save you that you were special but, wow.
I never would have thought."
"What are you talking about?" now I was really confused me amaze him.
He laughed" My child you shouldn't be as calm as you are right now, most new born
vampires are filled with rage and thirst, I have never seen one control them selves
like you are doing."
What..a vampire. What was he talking about, vampires aren't real. I cant be a vampire
the don't exists.
"The last night you remember about your mom was no dream, that night your mom was
attacked by a werewolf, your mom didn't have a chance, but I was able to get here 
before you suffered the same fate, unfortunately I wasn't fast enough, when I got
here he or she was already miles away. I saw you laying on the floor unconscious, you
had hit your head on the tub and loosing a lot of blood,dieing in fact. I made a
quick decisions to save you, like I said before, I knew there was something special
about you, afterwords I cleaned you up an put you to bed,then I cleaned up the
bathroom, so when you woke up you wouldn't have to suffer that horrible pain again."
He was silent after that, waiting for me to take it all in, waiting for my response.
"you didn't tell me who you are and how did you know he or she was here?" I was
surprised at how calm I was.
"My name is Francis Stone I live two hours away. I'm a vampire and a werewolf hunter.
I didn't know where this particular werewolf was heading, all I knew was he or she
had killed a family in my town and I was hunting it, I lost its trail about forty
five minutes from here, so I doubled back a few miles to re-track his sent an it lead
me here."
All my life I have read about vampires and werewolves , but not once did I ever
imagine they could be real.

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