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The Art of Seducing WomenCategory: (general)
Monday, 5 October 2009
06:09:34 PM (GMT)
There are different reasons why you might be looking for a woman. You're probably
looking to fuck, but it's possible that you're looking for companionship, or even for
the woman with whom you'll be able to stand spending the rest of your life. Before we
move onward, you should decide whether you're the type of man that a) needs sex as an
ego boost and can't be bothered with the burden of anyone else's emotional needs, or
b) wants a meaningful relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

If your answer is a, there really is no art in picking up women. You're looking for
whores, and whores are easy. Barring autism, rapist eyes, or some hideous physical
deformity, you'll eventually get laid as long as you keep approaching drunk chicks in
bars. You'll fuck, remember that you are the man, get on with your life and try it
again next weekend.

If your answer is b, picking up women requires technique. You're looking for women
with standards. It's not that these women aren't interested in sex, they just realize
that it is almost always readily available to them, and would prefer not to bump
uglies with a pervy alcoholic drenched in Polo. They probably had their fill of
careless one-night stands in college and are looking to be impressed by something
that can't be polished, candy-painted, or ordered in powder form for $22.97 through with one purchase of TestostoRipped featuring a secret patented
nitro-osmotic formula from Sweden. No, B women are looking for men interested in them
as—gasp!—human beings. Tits and ass and legs with beating hearts and thoughts
more complex than "Oh my God I am, like, soo drunk!"

These women encounter cheesy single men on a regular basis, and are more prepared to
reject than accept your advances. My solution to this problem is relatively simple:
don't make advances. That's right, don't ask her out. Or at least don't allow her to
know that you're asking her out. She already knows what she's looking for, and your
biggest chance of getting in her pants is to let her know that you're it. This
requires actual conversation.

Sure, you may approach and talk to your target woman. But DON'T let the stench of
your desperation reek up the surrounding air. If you immediately ask her for her
number, she'll know you're interested in her based on looks alone, which means you
just want to nail her. She'll probably give you a fake number and pretend to be nice
until her friend comes up with an excuse to drag her away from you. You have to talk
to her with the intention of learning more about her personality. DON'T interrupt or
let your eyes dart all over the place like an ADD kid. Make her feel like a good
buddy and she'll warm up to you. And that's where you DON'T make your move.

Now she's hooked. She's flattered by the fact that you want to talk to her. Even
better, she's intrigued by the fact that you haven't asked her out like every other
bar skeeve. She starts asking herself, "Why doesn't he ask me out? Does he have a
girlfriend? I can see why he would, he's not like other guys." Then she gets jealous
of your imaginary girlfriend and wants more of your attention. If you're good, she
might ultimately try impressing YOU.

Don't be discouraged if it goes nowhere that night. If you've got any game, she'll go
home thinking about you. Return to the same place you met her tomorrow, next week,
and see if she comes back. Like I said, she already knows what she wants. If you try
to steal the ball from her court, you'll probably blow your chance.

Remember, women can only produce so many offspring and are programmed by nature to be
selective of their mates. Men are by nature horny bastards looking to dump their seed
in the closest warm hole. Women can be bored by the ready availability of sex, so if
you only show her that you're interested in sleeping with her, she probably won't be
surprised, impressed, or won over. Unless she's dumb and slutty.

It all sounds very obvious, but some dudes need to hear it. So if you're wondering
why your last several attempts to pick up women have been unsuccessful, you've
probably been using whore tactics on women with standards.

That's it. You're welcome and best of luck in your womanly endeavors. Be cool, my

Written by netimportant
from Uber Site

( I agree with him, obvious, but some guys need to hear it. )

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