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Oh la laaaaaa. ;]Category: (general)
Friday, 28 August 2009
09:30:42 PM (GMT)
Stoleee from Jacquieeee. :D

Do you eat at the table as a family?  Mhmmn.
What is your favorite kind of jelly?  ..Strawwberry..?
Who would win out of a fight between Paris Hilton & Jessica Simpson?  UHM.
Paris would prolly forget what she has doing halfway through so..
What would you do if you could stop time?  Draw on people. xD
IF you could make up a law what would that law be?   UHM. -lemmethink-
If you were a movie star and had to change your name what name would you pick?  
OH UHM..I wouldn't. :x
If you could play for any sports team what team would you pick?  I don't like
If you could sell out one of your friends for a million dollars would you? 
Well depending on whether I actually liked them or not..
I wouldn't ever sell out a close close friend.
What would you do if you saw someone harm one of your kids?  Beat the person?
Do you think people treat you the way you should be treated?  Suure?
Do you treat people the way they should be treated?  Suuure. xD
If you could get rid of one thing in the world what would it be?  Preps. :x
Whats one object you just couldnt live without?  Computer.. or iPod.
What would you do if you saw a ghost?  Be kindaaa freaked.
What would you do if you saw an alien?  "..LOLOLOL WTF YUR NOT GREEN"
What would you do if you saw an angel?  "Am I dead? D:"
Describe the best date you have been on?  I've not been on one kthanx.
Favorite candle scent?  Something prettyy?
Is it easy to confuse you?  Yuh. xD
Have you ever fallen down stairs?  Jesus yes.
Do you know your parents wedding song?  Naw.
Are you religious?  Not really.
How do you like your eggs? Scrambled. Or in a sandwich (like.. eggs with two pieces
of bread. xD)
First alcoholic drink?  It was beer when I was leik 5.
Whats the story behind your display pic on myspace? I think.. it was just after
Favorite brand of clothing?  Bluenotes, Stitches and Forever21 
Do all good things come to an end?  Someeeetimes.
What is your earliest memory?  wtf how should I know?
Do you know the Soulja Boy dance?  Yuh. ;x;
Who do you support?  YUR MOTHER. :x
Any plans this weekend?  UHM. Tokio Hotel DVD and tacos <3 :D
What cell phone do you have?  Samsung slider..thing.
Do you watch far too much tv?  Not really.
Who was your last text from?  Ahmad
Do you get along with your parents?  Yuh.
Anything you want to accomplish? Learn German and French and travel the world with
friends. 8D
How many pillows do you sleep with?  4. And a stuffed animaaal. xD
What do you find most of in your room?  Stuffed animals. xD
Who is your neighbor across the street?  I have A LOT of people across the street
(..Apartments. xD)
What is your favorite method of exercise?  Jacknife (lift your legs and arms into a V
almost like sit ups)
What is the longest you have been in the car for a roadtrip?  Couple of days. LEIK 2
Who is your favorite celebrity ever?  BillKaulitz. :x
What do you call it when you pass gas?  A fart? xD
What would you like your tombstone to say?   Something funny. xD
How often do you get a haircut?  Leik once a month. -hair grows leik uber fast-
What was the last cartoon you watched?  UHM. Full Metal Alchemist. xD
What would you like to have for your next meal?  Pancakes. <3
Ever rode a motorcycle?  IN A VIDEOGAME LOLOLOL
If you could paint something on a water tower, what would it say? "LOLOLOL

‹'94› says:   28 August 2009   621733  
‹DasAtem› says:   28 August 2009   188916  
catloverextreme says:   28 August 2009   964195  
lmfao have u ever rode a motorcycle:in a video game! XDDDD
i friggin laughed so hard XD
‹DasAtem› says :   28 August 2009   847317  
Lmfaoooo. xDDD


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