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Sunday, 16 August 2009
05:10:10 AM (GMT)
I may use this later on, for a totally different thing. Just the camera concept.

Anywho, this is from my notebook, written at three AM. Typed at three fifteen, weeks
later. Heavily edited in the time in between. Bear in mind that paragraphs are based
off lines on paper, and I have big hand writing. Role Kirti's Mind Theater, take
four, action! *Projector counts backwards onto a wall.*

Finding Mana
     Naono had never been particularly fond of heights, but he'd sorta gotten over it
after spending two years sorting files in a thirty story building. If he compared it
to looking out one of those windows, being up a tree was only really an issue when he
had to move his hands.
     Him working had been absolutely illegal of course, but the city generally didn't
crack down on anyone about child labor laws. Naono had decided not to work again
until he got his papers though- someone had told him that getting a day off whenever
the building got a surprise inspection didn't qualify as "job benefits".
     He pulled himself onto a thick branch and looked out over the land. Having never
climbed a tree before, he had chosen one that wasn't very tall, and he wasn't even
half way up. Still, the view was stunning. Patches of grass and fallen leaves from
autumns past created a golden green quilt.
     Sliding down until he was wedged in an uncomfortable sitting position between
the trunk and the branch he was holding, Naono squeezed his eyes shut and cautiously
removed his hands for a moment. He felt off balance, and his stomach dropped, but
aside from feeling more nervous he was O.K.
      He absolutely wasn't dead.
Relaxing, he wrapped his legs firmly around the branch, pressing his back into the
reassuring solidity of the trunk, and dug out his camera. Ah, the joys of vest
pockets! Naono took three shots of the landscape, turning this way and that without
shifting positions. Then he hit zoom and went to take another round of photos.
      Off in the distance, just barely too far to see with the naked eye, a doe
picked its way gracefully from some bushes. Naono snapped a picture of it.
     It came out horribly. The photo was a bunch of pixilated blobs. You could see it
just fine with the viewfinder, but it was simply too far away for it to come out
clearly. Naono stowed his camera, and started to climb down.
     Real shame that it was so far away really. I mean, that was the first time I
saw a deer. It was an actual wild animal, not even a pigeon. Such a pretty thing...
At least my camera let me see it.
      Not three minutes later he was scrambling up the tallest tree he could find,
wondering how he could have been so stupid as to not think of this in the first
place. Though he didn't know it, Naono had chosen an aspen tree, and it's uppermost
branches stretched an alarming fifteen feet into the air.
      Having climbed as far as any scrawny city boy had any right to hope to go,
Naono clutched part of the tree and scanned the landscape with his camera set to
maximum zoom. He felt very much as though he were adventuring aboard a pirate ship,
and he was looking out with his telescope. He scanned the land carefully, but
couldn't see Mana.
      He saw a castle.
"Yo ho Captain," he said under his breath, "it looks like we have our heading."

I wanted to make a point about him being a city kid, so I was like "hey, I'll get a
actual tree name, then say he doesn't know that's what it's called." But the first
tree that came to mind was oak, and it just seems that everyone uses oak for
an example of a tree. So I went looking for tree names and then thought "Hang on, in
some legends aren't tree personified?" So I decided to use this tree thing as
symbolism. Obviously, by this time I had taken the whole thing a little to far, and
should have let it drop, but no. By then I was on a roll, researching the meanings of

I had almost settled on an apple tree ("magic, youth, beauty and happiness") when the
word Aspen caught my eye. I've never really heard much about Aspen, but it was just
too perfect.
"Aspen tree symbolism includes determination and overcoming fears and doubts." And I
was like "Yes, that's it, fantastic! That's exactly what Naono is doing here!" but if
that wasn't enough, the next sentence was this. "Renowned for their golden autumn
foliage, aspen trees are the only broadleaf tree in the Rocky Mountains."
Last edited: 17 August 2009

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   16 August 2009   322517  
This was EPIC, my new word for awesome. Well, it's not a new word,
but new for me and I'm babbling...

What does Epic even mean?
 Yeah, i loved the part about the 'job benefits'.
Kirti says:   17 August 2009   985851  
Babbling is fun! I did it alot, that entire bit about me looking up
trees, for instance.

Epic means "historic" sort of. "life changing" "awe inspiring".
Yep, I wanted to work in some humor . I'm glad someone noticed.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   17 August 2009   873979  
Hehe, this one is cool. ^_^

You and your babbling tree searching. (Yay for Aspens!)
Kirti says :   17 August 2009   892942  
And this one wasn't insanely long. I feel proud of myself.

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