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Saturday, 15 August 2009
06:36:49 PM (GMT)
Lala worries.

Between Kenny and Lala, Lala is the more imaginative of the two, the one more likely
to think in metaphors. One day it occurs to her that perhaps their sister is smarter
than she looks. That is when the fairytale is born.

They are in a carriage. Our circle is the carriage. Clementine is the one who
cast the spell - turning Kenny and Lala's pumpkin of a life into something beautiful
and golden for the first time ever. They have family here. They have something to
live on beside themselves and their selfish needs. They have a reason to try to step
up to everybody. To go to bed thinking they can't wait for tomorrow.

If Lala puts herself at the center of this metaphor, which she has, her role is
obviously that of Cinderella. Perhaps Serenity might fit this role better... after
all, she was a poor girl who won the affections of a rich boy. (Never mind that he
was oblivious to said emotions.) But no, there is more than one way to be poor. These
lovelies certainly had a miserable life up until the day they met Clementine, despite
being filthy rich. Serenity, on the other hand, never really minded being
middle-class. Lala knows it's corny and a little weird, but she sees herself as

They are happy now... but the spell ends when nightfall comes. When they all go their
separate ways. The clock is ticking, and nothing Lala can do will ever make it stop.
When there is no more summer, no more circle, no more... no more...

What is she so afraid of?

If Lala is Cinderella, and our circle is a carriage, and they are all at the ball
right now, who is she dancing with? She is dancing with Prince Charming, of course.
But when the clock strikes twelve, it will always turn back and the dance will be
over. The sparkling light tends to fade by that hour.

It covers the sky, it covers the both of them.

Lala does not want it to end. On the day when it all turns back into a pumpkin, she
will no longer spend her lazy afternoons being held by her, those chilly
evenings being touched, being safe, being decoded by him. All of their joking,
laughing, smiling, playing, dancing, supporting, caring, almost-posessing... all of
it can exist only on the other side of the mirror, where every fantasy she has is not
only accepted, but encouraged.

Lala can almost believe that maybe they aren't even playing. It is less and less of a
game every day. She thinks she's in love, and almost dreams- wishes, hopes, that

But the cake is a lie.
They are using each others for company, for comfort, for anything that might take the
pain away. And in order to vanquish the pain, one has to find the correct medication.
Suppose there's no cure. Suppose they're merely entertaining themselves, pretending
there is. Suppose the cure is to pretend. Anything to survive.
Darkness, darkness everywhere.

But when the spell ends... when they are back in the world of expectations and limits
and laws and taboos, what then? What will she do then? When there is pressure on
Kenny to start anew, to become something else, what then? When the prince is forced
into an union he doesn't want, for the sake of sanity, for the amusement of people
who don't truly care about his personal feelings... What then?

What then? What then? What then?

Lala worries. Lala worries so much that she can hardly sleep some nights. She can
hear the clock ticking in her mind. She can feel her refuge, her fantastic circle
being crushed under the weight of all the limitations placed on them by the real
world. She can feel it all crumbling down due to the members' own coward acts. There
should be no hypocrisy between brothers and sisters. There was never trust, there was
never any divine magic. Never.

But memories are cruel, because they are sweet.
How she'd like a forever, oh.

A day finally comes when Lala realises that her carriage has turned back into a
pumpkin. The day finally comes when she and her darling choose different roads, when
the link uniting the circle breaks, when summer is close to an end, when there is no
more laughter. No more Clementine. No more Serenity. No more Dante, Jeremiah or
Blake. No more dancers. No more players. Last card in the pack is solitude. All
negative checkers. Crystal shoes are but a fantasy. It was all a fantasy. No more
putting on a show that isn't a show.

Lala knows it is over. Lala knows the clock has reached midnight. She knows that life
is a pumpkin again. She knows Kenny won't find interest in a scarecrow.

There is one thing that Lala forgot, however. She was so busy worrying about the end
of the spell that she never took time to consider what happens after the ball ends
and the carriage is no more.

She forgot that she prince never gave up.

Last edited: 16 August 2009

daffodil says :   15 August 2009   444197  
what the fuck.


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