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Wishes [Chapter 11]Category: Wishes
Tuesday, 4 August 2009
02:45:09 PM (GMT)
Ereya Chloris, a seventeen year old girl from Galia, a small town dreams of
exploring the realm she lives on, Teruma. But, because of her curiosity, she ends up
getting her wish the wrong way. Now, she's off to explore the whole of Lire. And to
the vanquished golden city of Iona.


It was midnight and while the Derians were at home, inside their comfortable houses,
sleeping in their lovely beds, Bloom, Destiny and I were sitting on the dusty cement
ground near the gates. The guards had left when their captain rung this bell that
signaled midnight, and they barred the door with a heavy metal bar about a few meters

We knew that we should pretend to act mute, or don't say anything at all. Destiny
gave us directions and rules to follow. We won't take off our hoods no matter how hot
it would be. We wouldn't speak to anybody except if necessary guidance. We wouldn't
lose our temper if we hear anyone speak ill of the people of Teruma. The last one was
directed mainly to me.

I nodded reluctantly but clearly. Bloom and I began to stand but Destiny stopped us.

We turned and she gave us an amused look. "Where do you think you're going?"

Bloom and I looked at each other and I answered for the both of us, "Going to find an
inn, of course."

"There is nothing opened when it's past midnight." Destiny patted the ground next to
her, "We're going to be sleeping here." I gaped at her and I had a stab of feeling
spoiled. Though reluctant, I slowly made my way to the ground, settling my head on my
pack. Bloom though, stood there and just practically shrugged and said, "Okay."

It was an uncomfortable sleep and it was a bit awkward, but we made it through. I
suppose it was the agonizing journey through the lifeless desert that exhausted us to
death that we tried to let our bodies rest. I woke up, earlier than usual. The sun
wasn't up yet, but I could hear some dishes clattering and the gate soldiers were
already near the gate.

I yawned and threw my hands up, stretching. I made sure that my hood was still put
before poking Destiny and Bloom out of sleep. They woke up, irritated but a bit
thankful, because more people were coming out of their homes. Most of the people had
tan skin, probably because of the sun's strength in this realm. They all had dark
hair and blue eyes. Eyes.

Oh no! What if they noticed our eyes? I muttered my question to Destiny who worried
about it, but shrugged it away a couple of moments later. I looked at Bloom who also
shrugged. They both stretched for a minute while I studied the Derians. The children
looked unwary of the upcoming war, so innocent. But, I could also hear some adults
speak of us. The people of Teruma. That made me curious.

"Hey, why are we always called the people of Teruma?" I asked Destiny silently, with
Bloom listening intently.

Destiny looked at me interestedly, "What do you mean?"

"Why aren't we called..The Terumans or something?"

"Because that makes the females sound like men." Bloom replied to me.

"What about Terumanians?"

"That makes us sound like maniacs."

"It's better than 'the people of Teruma'."

"Well if you have a better idea, send a letter to the princess."

"Ew! Gross."


Destiny rolled her eyes and began to get inside some sort of inn.

"Wait a minute. We don't have money." I remembered suddenly.

My sister raised her eyebrows at me, and held up some Derian coins that I didn't know
she had. "Irene." was all she said. I thanked Irene again for her pure generosity.

The inn looked pleasantly welcoming but the people were more forbidding. The three of
us settled in a tiny table, in a dusty corner of the clean room. The waitress smiled
at us and said, "What will it be?" With a very strange accent.

"Some bread and water." Destiny spoke to her in the same accent. My eyes went wide
and she narrowed her eyes to stop me from speaking. The waitress nodded and wrote
down the order on a piece of strangely colored paper. Destiny placed the coins onto
her hand and she went away.

"How did you know how to speak like that?"

"Unlike you, Ereya, I actually study."

I snorted and tapped my fingers simultaneously on the wooden table, waiting to be
fed. I was sleepy and exhausted, and I obviously didn't sleep well. I remembered that
Galia was just north-west of Deria and began to think of my comfortable room and my
parents and Talia. But as tempting as they are, the best things in life aren't

While we were waiting, they entered. I assumed that they were high-ranked guards,
though I wasn't sure. Most of the females turned their heads, and I knew that they
were obviously bad news. You want to know why? Because they were male.

Forgive me for being sexist, but I had a strange hate for the opposite gender. There
were three of them, all wearing glistening armor. Their face skin was fair, not tan.
I suppose that was because they were wearing helmets all the time. Two carried swords
and a younger one was holding a bow and a quiver was held in place behind his back.

I raised my eyebrow and complained, "When is the food going to come?"

"You were always the impatient one." Destiny replied to me, eyeing the soldiers that
just entered cautiously.

"Thanks for the compliment." I commented, rubbing my hungry stomach. I grabbed my
pack and noticed Irene's drawing. I suddenly remembered Sonia. But something caught
my interest even more.

The soldiers were of high caliber, that I had figured out because a couple more
soldiers came in, but they didn't have a crest on their armor with the same
engravings of Raine's coin as the first three. A phoenix's fire trailing around a D.
One of them spoke, his voice deep and I couldn't fully understand because of the
accent but I caught a sentence that ticked me off, "So, have you heard news of the
dirty people of Teruma yet, Saffron?"

The man who spoke was a few years older than I am, in his early twenties. He had long
black hair, died in a lousy ponytail. I could see Bloom's fist clench and I saw a
sharp edge of a thin leaf come out of the ground. Destiny looked at her and shook her
head. The leaf went back down.

Saffron, I could tell was some sort of royalty. He spoke with those strange words
that only people of high rank uses. "No. The queen has not heard of any news yet. But
when the preparations are done, Sater, Winora, and Deria shall attack Teruma." He had
flat dark hair, almost chin length and was about seventeen or eighteen.

Of course, after that, I turned to Destiny who lift a finger to her lips. I closed my
eyes and grimaced. I was suppose to take this without defending my own realm?

"Eh..Aren't we confident? They say that Teruma has the best enchanters." The younger
one commented suddenly, looking to his seniors.

Both stared back at him and the older one answered, "Riel, if three realms band
together as one, there's no stopping them. Teruma has the best enchanters, but they
are quite thick-headed."

I was shaking with anger but Destiny controlled me, her eyes telling me to be calm.
Riel started to protest but that noble-sounding Saffron stopped him, "Blaine is
right. Respect your seniors, Riel."

By that time, the waitress came, passing through the group of well-clothed citizens.
A young woman glanced at the food she was carrying, and said, "Who is that for?

The waitress ignored her and went to our table, apologizing to us if we were offended
by the woman's words. Destiny shook her head and began munching on some food along
with Bloom. I, on the other hand was glaring at the woman, a poison ivy with a sharp
thin edge, coming out of the ground beneath our table.

Destiny and Bloom glanced at each other and stepped on the poison ivy thoroughly and
I sighed. "Did you hear that..woman?" I questioned them.

"I heard her clearly but I'm not thinking of any ideas to attack her. Calm yourself,
Ereya." Destiny told me, making sure I remembered the rules that she had made that

I took out Faye's mirror but it was still blank. I didn't even touch my food when I
stood up and went out of the inn, shaking my head in disgust. I explored some parts
of Deria, although I wasn't sure if the whole realm was the capital only. I saw a
tiny forest to the west and took my route there. I was a bit relieved when I saw some
trees, although not purely healthy, but definitely living in the desert realm.

In there, I saw a girl, about three years younger than me. She was holding a bow, and
targetting a small wooden board that was filled with arrows already. She was
strongly-built, like how a true warrior should look. I watched her, as she closed her
eyes and hit the tiny board without a single glance.

"Nice." I commented, and she turned warily. I walked closer, smiling, hoping that she
was the enchanter we were looking for. She had dark blue eyes, as they cautiously
watched me. Unlike the other Derians, she had dark red hair, coming down to her
waist. She had tied it in a neat pony-tail, but left her bangs there.

"Who are you?" She spoke to me slowly. I saw that on her hand was a tiny flame,
though not burning her hand. This was enchantment."My name is Ereya." I told her

"You are not from here." She answered me, "I can tell from your eyes. You are from

I knew so. Some careful people probably will figure out we were from Teruma. I didn't
tell her that I was from Teruma, but replied, "You're an enchanter. Any reasons why
you are?"

She narrowed her eyes, until they were only slits. But answered, "I'll be starting a
protest for peace to all the realms. If the guards attack me, I'll be able to defend

Perfect. We have found our fire enchanter. I began to explain to her about Faye and
her mirror. I even showed her the mirror to convince her. I told her about how we set
out to find the enchanters. I told her of the dangers that will be facing us if she

When I was done speaking, she looked as still as a statue. But a smile was painted on
her face, and I took that as a good sign.

"My name is Pira. I'm an orphan, but I would like to join. This is the chance I was
waiting for. All of my training will pay off, I promise." Pira said to me, before she
performed some fire enchantment. I wasn't sure if I could trust her much, but she
seemed to be pleading. Plus, there were no other enchanter we might be able to find.
Pira didn't even seem to care about my race. I was glad, but also cautious. She was
fire, and she could burn my enchantment if I wasn't too careful.

But Pira was carefree. After we had spoken, she became such a cheerful person that
her wary self that she exposed before seemed to be nothing but a shadow thrown out by
the wind.

"I'll meet you here in an hour or so. Don't you dare leave me!" She called out,
before setting of the orphanage to pack her things. I nodded and whooped out with

Destiny and Bloom came into the clearing moments later, demanding where I have been.
They both looked angry though they softened a smidge when I told them I had found a
fire enchanter.

"Can we trust her?" Bloom questioned Destiny, who was thinking the situation

"Well, she seems convincing enough. We'll analyze her during the journey. Did Faye
appear yet?" My sister replied, after a few moments. I took out the still mirror,
with no sign of the Ionian princess. We all sighed and walked out of the forest.
While we were speaking in hushed voices about Pira, we halted when we saw a mother
and a child being surrounded by soldiers.

The mother and the child was from Teruma. I could tell from their dark-blond hair and
their hazel eyes. I saw a woman with a long empire dress, looking at them

"What is your business here?" She asked with a disgusted tone, being guarded by her
personal guards. Saffron, Blaine and Riel.

"W-we come seeking a better life. Please, please spare us." The mother voiced out,
pleading the queen for her mercy. The child was speaking no words, but with all the
blades drawn out, he looked terrified.

My eyebrows met each other, and I clenched my fists. How dare they speak to my race
like they were a bunch of pigs?

"I have no mercy to any from Teruma. I may spare the child, young as he is and make
him my own. You, on the other hand shall be executed." The queen told the lady, her
eyes wide and she was pointing to the woman.

The boy squeaked and grabbed a hold of his mother's robes, crying. "Go on. Kill her."
The queen told her three guards and the other soldiers imperiously.

I looked at Destiny and Bloom. They nodded. This was enough. We will not take this,
standing by. As blades rushed towards the woman, we rushed in and soon, tight and
poisoned vines circled some guards, due to my enchantment along with Blooms.

A visible and strong wind was tightly encircling some of the other soldiers, by
Destiny's control. The blades paused and dropped to the ground a feet away from the
shocked and relieved woman. A gentle wind blew, and dropped our hoods. I knew that if
we secured the hoods, we would drop the magic.

Our dark-blond hair was visible in the strong sunlight. The queen gasped, while she
was holding the boy's hand and narrowed her eyes. Saying some words I could not hear,
a flame burst out from her palm and it was thrown at us. A bigger flame crushed it
and I turned, seeing Pira. She was holding her arrow, aiming at the queen and she
said, "You will not touch my friends, dear auntie."


Hint. Stella, Zoe's character will be coming next chapter.

Hint. The Queen's personal guards (Saffron, Blaine, and Riel) will be an important
part of the story, though not as important as Pira and Stella.

Bootheghost says:   5 August 2009   662929  
Great chapter. :D
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So good. :D
Conspiring says:   6 August 2009   998371  

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Fire against fire!
Auntie against Neice!


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