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Wishes [Chapter 9]Category: Wishes
Saturday, 1 August 2009
03:07:04 PM (GMT)
Ereya Chloris, a seventeen year old girl from Galia, a small town dreams of
exploring the realm she lives on, Teruma. But, because of her curiosity, she ends up
getting her wish the wrong way. Now, she's off to explore the whole of Lire. And to
the vanquished golden city of Iona.


It had been a month since I first studied in Rosevalle Academy, where I've met two
new friends, Bloom and Irene. Both are young professional artists and are both
enthusiastic about art. I had survived one month, and I will be hoping I'll survive
the other months that will be coming rapidly towards me.

On my seventeenth birthday, Destiny and I have decided we will both continue the
journey we promised Faye we would overcome. That's just one month away. Already, I am
making good progress in elemental learning. With relief, my parents and Mrs. Tinners
were not coming to the front gates, demanding me to come back home right away.

I was relieved. Talia had kept her good promise that they would be able to stay and
not damage the plan. Bloom and I are both nature enchanters. We both are able to
control plants of any kind using our will. It takes a lot of concentration to control
a living thing, but I have already made huge progress. I hoped that this would be
able to help with the quest ahead.

Destiny is a wind enchanter. She controls the air pressure and can make a
mini-tornado. I have learned to avoid her in her bad days. Irene is a wind enchanter
also, just as good as my sister. I'm glad that my sister had found a good friend to
get along with.

A week before my seventeenth birthday, Bloom and Irene agreed to give us a tour of
the capital. I was glad. Because, that day, I had found another friend.


I was sitting on my bed, trying out a new spell inside my spell-book. Enchantis
Revelio, it said. It was meant to have a tree open up and trap anyone I wanted
inside. Of course, they might live. Or might not. But, it wasn't working. Bloom
looked at me from her side of the room. She wasn't doing any artwork, and was
studying just as I was.

She told me, giggling, "Of course it won't work. You don't see any trees in are room,
do you?" I looked at her and replied, "You have point." I nodded then flipped to the
next page. Enchantis Conoria.

But before I could try out the spell, there was knock on the door. Bloom and I raced
to open it, but she was quicker than I was. She opened the door, revealing Destiny
and Irene. I sat back down on my bed and closed my book gently. "What is it?" I
questioned them curiously.

"Well, I thought that maybe you could use a tour of the capital." Irene told me,
spreading out a colorful map that was on her hand. I looked at it closely and figured
that she had drawn in by herself. Super geniuses, I tell you.

I jumped of my messy bed and ignored the falling blanket and exclaimed, "Of course!"
Destiny raised an eyebrow, then soundlessly pointed at my bed. It was kinda messy. My
pillow was hanging over the edge and the white blanket had fallen down. The bed sheet
was crumpled and I wasn't even dressed yet. But before I even got started to fixing
it, Bloom asked, "We're going to eat breakfast first, right?"

I sighed and we all nodded.


After pancakes, we set out, filling ourselves with nature's breath. Everywhere we
went, there were green trees. Healthy looking and no one bothered tearing them off.
Teruma was the nature realm. We cared for animals and plants and took care of them as
best as we can. I always wanted to have a pet of my own, so when the store caught my
eye, I insisted myself to go check it out.

The sign said, "Sirrea's Animal Care Center".

I ran towards the door even though I heard Destiny call out, "We're not suppose to
have pets in school!" I opened the door and inside was just wonderful.

It wasn't messy or smelled like rotten animal food. It seemed so clean and tiny
kittens and puppies weren't locked into cages. They were put inside a transparent box
where they wouldn't feel imprisoned. The sun's glare felt like a glowing light
through the glass windows. The room was tidy and a girl about my age was sitting on
the counter, playing with a tabby cat's ears.

She looked at us and smiled before jumping off the wooden counter. "Hello. Is there
any of our friends that catch your attention?" I turned to my companions but they
were to busy looking around. It seemed as if I was the only one who saw the girl.

"No, but-" I was cut off. Out an open door came a tiny lamb, stepping towards the
girl. I pointed to it, and raised my eyebrows.

The girl turned around and smiled, "Oh. This is my personal lamb, Tinky. My name's
Raine. And you are?"

"Ereya." I answered her, looking around when I noticed something. Around her neck was
a pendant of the Derian sign. Raine noticed where I was looking and placed the
pendant on her hand. "Please don't be cautious. My father was a Derian but he died
during when the Nariads attacked. My mother is from Teruma, so please don't judge

That probably explained her brown hair. No one in Teruma had brown hair, unless they
were mixed. "Do you ever go to Deria?" I questioned her.

"Oh no. Whoever even ventures out Teruma's gates are either soldiers or the bravest

"Do you still need that pendant?"

"No, but I'm holding on to it until I found someone who would be able to bring peace
back to both Deria and Teruma."

"Then, may I have it?"

Raine's eyes widened and she gasped.

I bit my lip and said, "I'm sorry." I thought that maybe I could trust her but I
didn't open my mouth just yet. I looked back to Destiny who was looking at some
bunnies that were jumping up and down and poking their tiny ears at the glass.
Destiny and I have already told Irene and Bloom our situation and they understood
fully well, fortunately.

"Wait just a moment." I held up one finger and went to Destiny who was poking some of
the bunnies' ears. I tapped her and she turned, and said, "What?"

I began explaining to her about the pendant Raine wore around her neck. Destiny
became interested and commented, "I've read that Derian pendants are valuable.
Extremely valuable."

"What do you mean?"

"I really don't understand, but it said so in the books."

"That's strange."

"Isn't it?"

"Should we tell Raine? She might be able to help us."

"Hey. It's your quest, not mine. Trust who you want. I'm only here to support you
when you need it."

"Some sister you are."

"Thank you very much."

I walked back towards Raine who was looking at us curiously. She smiled and said,
"So..?" I glanced at her and thought she is harmless. Instead, she'll be able to help
us. She already had someone who died because of the Nariads. I knew that she will
take me seriously.

I began telling her about Faye's mirror and the quest she told me about. Raine's eye
lit up when I told her that I will journey to each of the realms to bring together a
group of enchanters that might be able to take down the Nariads. I told her though
that this quest will not be for revenge. It is to seek what we have lost. Peace.

She nodded and said, "Please. This pendant will give you permission to enter Deria.
You must use it." She took of the chained pendant and put it around my neck.

"I'll take good care of it." I promised Raine. I held the tiny pendant between my
pointer finger and my thumb. It had a curved D engraved on it with a phoenix trailing
its fire around it. The pendant was painted gold and though it looked more bronze
because it was so old. But some of its former beauty was peeking through, just like
how hope is trying to break through this violence. Soon, peace will come. I clenched
the pendant and swore to myself that I will finish this quest to the best of my

That night, when we went back to the academy, I remembered Raine's confident smile to
me when we left her picture-perfect shop. I remembered Talia's proud look when I
entered the carriage. I remembered my parent's faces when I told them I passed. I
remembered when I first promised Faye that I will finish this journey for her.

Everything seemed so far away. As I laid there on my bed, staring up at the stars
that was shining through Bloom's window, I felt as if I was alone. But in my heart, I
knew I wasn't. I had everything I need right here. But I was leaving it, for the sake
of Lire. But all those smiles, all those hopes, they all rest in me. It is a huge
responsibility, even though people don't know I'm the one to do what they want to

It was overwhelming, but I know I'd make it. I stared at Bloom's new finished
painting. It was the sun, shining around all of Lire. Everything seemed perfect. I
felt as if I was part of a prophecy, that I was chosen to.

But no. If Destiny got that mirror before me, it would be her. If I refused Faye, I
wouldn't be here. I had chosen this path. And I was to finish it.I began to hope and
spoke to myself quietly, "Give me your strength." I thought about my family. I
touched Talia's anklet. Then, I touched my heart.

"The only thing you need is love. And your parents, your best friend, your sister,
they all love you." Faye told me, silencing my dark thoughts.

And when that message touched my heart, I touched my heaven. And I knew everyone was
watching over me.


Hint. Camiry, a major character is a mixture of Puppeh and Tomo.

Hint. Reya and Zoe's characters (twins), Stella and Pira are scheduled to appear in
Chapter 13.

Hint. Faye is a mixture of Lachia and Me. 

I had tons of fun making this chapter. Go Tomo and Tinky. x3
Last edited: 24 July 2010

‹Puppeh.› says:   1 August 2009   245386  
Aww! That was very good I love it when she said "After pancakes, we
set out, filling ourselves with nature's breath." I thought that was
beautiful! (:
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   2 August 2009   161285  
Bloom kinda reminds me of Luna Lovegood. o3o

That's so beautiful. x]


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