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The Sims3 ProblemCategory: (general)
Thursday, 23 July 2009
12:04:44 PM (GMT)
I just bought Sims3 not to long ago and I was so excited cause I had played it on my
friends computers and it seemed really fun. Now, I've heard that people had said that
there are problems within the game. But I had hoped nothing would be wrong with mine.
Seeing that I had luck before with the Sims2 Apartment Life. Now I was meant to add
this game on my laptop, everything seemed fine until I wanted to make my sim fat. As
I did so, the sims eyes were down where her mouth should have been. Her head was cut
off and her legs were no longer attach to her body. When I had placed the sim back to
almost normal, I realised that there was a small space between her neck and her

I just thought that maybe it was my laptop, so I installed the game to my home
computer. Everything seemed normal. I was able to make my sims fat or as thin as I
wanted. But the details weren't the same as my friend's game. But I wasn't really
bothered with that, as long as I was able to play. But then I wanted my sim to go on
her laptop and chat with another. As she began to type, my screen went black and
stayed like that for at least a minute and then my computer restarted on it's own. So
I went back on my Sims3 game and played it without going on the computer(It was all
computers that made it shut down,not just the laptop). One day I had my friend come
over cause she wanted to see how the game was and if she would like it. She made her
family and everything and I told her not to bother putting a computer cause of the
problem my sims game has. So she didn't and she put a TV and a radio. As her sim went
to watch TV  yet again my screen went black and my computer restarted on it's own. So
now I figured my sims can't use any electronic items, cause if they do my computer
would restart and my game would not be saved cause of it.

Is there any hope that these problems can be fixed? One of my friends who as well
owns sims3 has a glitch in his game. For him, it's that he had made a sim, but as he
played the game he had noticed that there was a exact same sim with the exact same

If there is any hope that these problems can be fixed, someone please tell me because
I'm am getting really sick of having to play everything I had done before my sims
game turned off. And I feel like it was now a waste of money to get this game and I
should have just kept with the sims2.


One question before I go....Why didn't the people who created sims just make a
expansion pack for the Sims2 that would have allowed the sims to walk around town and
do all the things that we can do on sims3?

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