PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!! tis be important and comment if u lurv me!
hehe ^^ if u dont ill lock u in a closet and tie u up until you do ^^
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PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!! tis be important and comment if u lurv me!
hehe ^^ if u dont ill lock u in a closet and tie u up until you do ^^
Category: (general)
Saturday, 4 July 2009
02:47:49 AM (GMT)
okay. ive been like rlly pissed off and upset with people. not on kupika but like in
my life and town and everywhere i go. anyway. the pics i have on Kupika now are like
me when i wake up so just pretend i dont look like that. lol. i was with my friends
and needed pics and got them all nice and was too lazy too. lol. back to the point.
ill be uploading pics of how i normally look when i can and when i actually go
somewhere. so. for the last like 5 frickin years of my life (or you could say when i
started to care about what i looked like and started wearing make up) ive been called
a "poser." i am in no way, a poser. i do not try to be emo or scene, i dont label
myself or anyone else. i dress and look the way i look becuase i like it. it makes me
mad when kids call me a poser when ive looked like this for like ever and theyre just
dressing like it now cause its "in style." who gives a fuck? dress for yourself not
the world. 
anyway heres the reasons why ive been called a scene/emo/gothic poser.
-i tease my hair to make it look amazingfullllll 
-the colors and way my hairs cut is considered "scene"
-i wear colored skinny jeans, band tees, tutus, rubber boots, scarfs, knee high
socks, lots of bracelets, hello kitty, etc.
-i act like a complete retard and a five year old
-people are bizithces who judge appearance instead of personality
anyway im sorry if im ranting and u probably dont care about my problems. lol. 
ive also been called a "gore whore, "scene slut/skank", and "emo fag."
i am a gore whore, i like vampires and blood and night so anyone whos called me that
can suck my imaginary left nut. 
i do not try to be "scene"! i dress the way i do cause i think its cool! i am in no
way a slut either. yeah i wear booty shorts and post pictures of myself in a bikini
but what girl doesnt?????
i have been emo but i am no longer my friend made me vow not to be. i am a fag. i am
bi. i like girls and guys. end of story. 
anyway plz comment or message me cause im rlly depressed :[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
i luv u all who actually care hehehe ^^
peace out bitch! jkjkjk
i just kiddin
~Shawna <33333333

‹INSURGENCY› says:   4 July 2009   978899  
thats how assholes are here, they call me an emo because im depressed
and wear a lot of black, i despise lables, and besides, its not my
fault my life sucks or i have an eye condition so i cant look at
bright stuff or i just think black is cool, pfft fags
japanesexchicksxrxhot says:   5 July 2009   356773  
i know how u feel my dear but all u really can do is ignore them and
because u r the way u r ur more special than anyone else because of
the way u think and look but people have there own opinions nbut i
like u the way u r 
MattLuvv says:   6 July 2009   893741  
Those pepole are just jealous cause your hotter than them xD
[ And you can pull off your own style 8P ]
Lol :]
xXrAinBoWsMeXaSaUrXx says :   6 July 2009   893769  
b/c i ownnn yuuuz
and ya i h8 tht too
its extreemly annoying 
luckily in my case one girl called me a poser and i screamed her head
off in the hallway 
so yahh people r afraid to call me tht nao 
ilu sissy
c ya tmmrowss


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