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My Crazy Awesome Day. (:Category: (general)
Friday, 3 July 2009
10:24:28 PM (GMT)
It all started when Melissa came over.
We got ready to go to Target, and I stole all her hair ties and wore them on my arm.
We took a shit load of pictures, and we were strippers on Stop Signs. xD
As we were walking, this hot guy honked at us. (:
Then this truck full of people screamed at us. xD It scared me and Melissa to death.
The first store we went to was Michaels. (:
And this time, Melissa proposed to me. xD Then I tried to juggle and broke Michaels.
Apparently Melissa has a Styraphome penis. 
We were going to go to Ross after that, but Melissa drug me to Books A Million,
because apparently there were hot guys there.
There were not. D;
But I did get to punch Oprah in the face.
We went to Ross and tried a bunch of clothes on. :D
I found this super cute Flannel shirt that I'm going to get next time I go. (:
We were looking at this super pretty dress, when I saw a cricket and shouted
We went to Sally's after that, where we looked at hair extensions and fake
I tried to find small hoops to make fake lip rings, but they didn't have them. D;
At Famous Footwears, we tried on a lot of shoes, and I got scared and thought I broke
a heel on some shoes, and put the shoes in all the wrong places. :D
We went to Target, and in the bathroom Melissa kept playing with the hand-dryer. xD
We went and tried on bathing suits, which I had the balls to walk out in the top,
where Melissa didn't. xD
Then we stalked a hot guy that I never even saw. Dx
It was very tiring, so we sat in the middle of an aisle. And people stared at us, but
I don't know why.
I got really hot in my shirt, so I shouted that I was going to strip, and took it
off. :D
Don't get excited, I had an undershirt underneath. xD
We sat out on the benches and cat called at old guys, and Melissa was licking her
lips, and one of them checked her out. xD
Before we left, we sat under an umbrella at Books A Million, where I shouted at
Melissa to quit undressing me with her eyes.
When we walked home, we waved at people, and I got a trucker to honk his horn. :D
This one lady was hitchhiking, and I said I was going to rape her with my mind. xD
A cop pulled over and asked us if we were hitchhicking home, but we were RIGHT at the
complex. (:
When we got home, we watched Degrassi and talked about guys and boobs. xDD
When Melissa was looking for Blane, she saw Matthias and screamed. xD
She was watching him through a crack in my door, until he saw her. xD
Then we said "How weird would it be if he knocked on the door?"
And I swear to God, not a minute later there was a knock.
But it was only her brother. D;
All together it was an amazing day. (:
Melanie, if you read this, when you get better, you HAVE to come over. :D
~LaneyDear. &hearts

Manderlinaa says:   4 July 2009   726377  
STRIPPING </3 SO SORRY I MISSED IT . CRICKET ! I DUNNO HOW TO PLAY BUT IT SOUNDS FUNNY . Oh , it's okay I've seen you without that undershirt ;D :o & SOUNDS SO FUN ;D
‹Chrishanson called himself gay PROOFWILLBESUPPLY› says:   4 July 2009   544835  
just wanna sleep D;
‹innocentasarose♥› says :   5 July 2009   957251  
Sounds like a fun day. TOO FUN ;D I never get to do anything like that here. I don't have a friend close enough to hang out with all the time. Dx -jealous-

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