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Wednesday, 1 July 2009
08:48:40 AM (GMT)
im trying to save it on my comp but it wont. i save it here

Drew sat in her room, staring at the wall. She looked through her bookshelf and found
random book to occupy herself.
lucario,whom is still sleepy, walks down the steps.
Drew walked downstairs after tossing the book on her bed. She expected to find Ryan
sitting in the kitchen, but he wasn't there.
a maid came up to her. "need anything miss?"
"Hmm?" Drew said and turned around, running a hand through her messy hair. "Oh, no
thanks, I'm just looking for my brother." Drew said and smiled politely. 
Then, she turned and left through the back door, finding Ryan in the place he
was. "Hey Ry!" She called, and he looked up from his spot where he was perched on a
"Want something to eat?" She asked and he nodded, hopping out of the tree and
into the house with her.
Katerina walked in and looked around "looks peaceful"said and walked to her
"breakfeast is ready!" lucario called.
Kate (short for Katerina) ran down and sat down
Drew grinned and walked into the kitchen happily, Ryan following. "Thanks Lucario!"
said and rubbed his head.
Kate got her plate,sat by the wall and began to eat"thanks" said softly
"your welcome!"
Ryan and Drew got their plates and sat next to Kate. "Hiya!" Drew said, smiling.
"Hello"said shyly and softly,she ate quickly
Lucario got some chocolate.
Drew and Ryan finished eating and put heir plates in the dishwasher. "We're going
outside, see you later!" Drew called and they left.
"Bye"said so softly then finished and took her plate and washed it
Ryan returned to his spot on the tree and looked up at a bird above him. The bird as
actually a Pidgey, and it was staring at him.
Kate walked out "Come on out Cresselia"said and smiled "Lets train"
Ryan stuck out an arm and the Pidgey fluttered down. Ryan smiled and held out a
and the Pidgey nudged it. It was sucked in, and Ryan smiled when he caught it. "Come
out, Pidgey!" He said and tossed the Pokeball.
Kate hopped onto Cress.'s back and she began to fly up
Ryan watched Kate fly up and grinned. "Come on out, Fearow." He said quietly, and
appeared. Ryan hopped on his back and they flew up, Pidgey following. "Hey." He said
Kate once he was near her.
kate whispered and Cress. Flew up higher up and really fast
Fearow hesitated, but continued to follow. Ryan held on tightly, and Pidgey rested on
Cress zipped down really quickly into the backyard.Kate jumped down ten feet from
Fearow paused and looked down. He lowered down slowly, and Ryan slid off of his
Pidgey flew down and rested on Ryan's head, who smiled and moved him into his arms.
walked over to Kate, smiling slightly. "Hi. I'm Ryan."
Kate was stroking Cress.'s wings "Hello,Katerina"said quietly
"Nice Cressila" Ryan said, grinning.
"Lovely Pedgey"said then kissed Cresselia on the head,Cress. flew off
Ryan smiled and whipped around when he heard wings flapping behind him. Fearow looked
him expectantly, and Ryan chuckled. "Oh, and this is Fearow. He doesn't like feeling
out." Ryan said.
Kate walked up to Fearow and petted him "Your so beautiful"said smiling,eyes
in the sun
Fearow flapped his wings happily. "Fearow!" 
Ryan smiled and said, "He was my first Pokemon. I raised him from a Spearow"
"Oh that reminds me"said and took out a pokeball "Come on out Pichu!"said and Pichu
out sleepy
"Aw! How cute!" Ryan said, smiling. Pidgey hopped out of Ryan's arms and landed in
of Pichu. "Pidgey!"
Pichu smiled "Pichu pichu"said excited 
Kate laughed "I guess they get along great"said smiling
"Yeah, they do." Ryan replied. 
Pidgey hopped up and down, flapping her wings. "Pid pid pidgey!"
"So what do you want?"asked taking a comb out and combing her hair
"I just wanted to introduce myself really. Cause, you know, we're gonna be living in
same house." Ryan said, watching Pidgey.
Drew took Ryan's spot on the tree and watched the two.
"Well nice meeting you...well of a course we're gonna be meeting each other again so
whats the point for this intro"said putting on her hairclips and accessories on
Ryan shrugged. "Yeah. Well, it was nice meeting you too." He said and looked around.
Kate sat under him and looked up at him "Whats wrong? Girlfriend trouble?
looking into his eyes
Ryan shook his head, turning faintly pink. "No, not at all." He said. "It's just that
find it hard talking to people." Ryan replied.
"Well your talking to me and you have no problems"said smiling
"Well, It took a lot of nerve to walk up to you and say hi." Ryan said and grinned.
"You just gotta relax and let your words do the talking"said and smiled
Ryan smiled and sat down next to her. "Yeah, I guess you're right." He said and
hopped into his lap.
Drew pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled something on it, rolled it ip and tied
with some string, and sat it next to her. She tossed a Pokeball oit in front of her,
a Flygon appeared. It hovered in the air near her as she instructed it to drop the
off in Ryan's lap. 
Flygon nodded and zipped over and did what it was told. He flew off quickly and sat
the branch next to Drew. Ryan opened the note, which read:
'She's right. Just be yourself and calm down.
Kate was looking up whistling bird sounds
Ryan frowned and glared at Drew, who shrugged in return. He folded the note and put
it in
his pocket. 
Drew looked at Flygon and smiled. "Thanks Flygon." She said and rubbed his head.
flapped his wings excitedly and nuzzled her hand.
"Your a sweet guy ya know, one day you'll make a girl happy"said smiling
Ryan's cheeks flushed and he looked down at Pidgey, who looked back at him
"Well yea, there aren't alot of guys like you....your" said and thought "your
Ryan smiled. "How am I unique?" He asked, curious.
"Your one of the few guys I know who are nice and gentle."said and looking up
Ryan smiled. "Well, I'm glad to hear that you think that."
Kate smiled and poked him
Ryan smiled and poked her back.
Drew smiled at the sight and looked at Flygon, who lowered so she could get on. Once
was on Flygon's back, he took of and zipped out of the tree.
"So whos your girlfriend?"asked laughing
"I don't have a girlfriend." Ryan replied, confused.
Kate looked at him straight in the eyes with amaze "You don't? I figured a guy like
would have one by now"said leaning into his face looking into his eyes...later she
noticed how close she was and blushed
Ryan also blushed and shook his head. "Oh. I see." He said and pulled his knees up to
lucario fell asleep while sitting on the counter.
xanafar:*is in his room staring off into space while the air around cold and the
completely dark*
Drew flew over to the open window in the kitchen and jumped in. She looked around
found Lucario sleeping. "Hey!...Lucario, wake up." She saidm squatting down.
Lucario woke up. "hey."
"Hi Lucario!" Drew looked outside at Flygon waiting. "Hey, wanna ride? Flygon and I
flying around and you can come with." She said grinning.
"sure!" he got up.
Drew grinned. "Awsome." He said and pulled Lucario through the window where Flygon
waiting. "You're gonna need to hold on. Flygon goes pretty fast." She said
Kate quickly got up and walked inside blushing
"um...i dont really have thumbs..."
Pidgey looked up at Ryan and blinked sleepily. "Oh, okay Pidgey, tired huh? Good
He smiled at him and rubbed his head. Pidgey returned to the pokeball and Fearow
his head at Ryan. Ryan looked at him and Fearow flapped his wings. "Yeah, I would
like to
ride." He said and hopped on. They took off, flying in lazy circles over the house.
Drew smiled. "Oh, okay!" She said and sat behind Lucario and held on to Flygon,
sure he wouldn't move. "Alright! We're off!" She said and Flygon took off.
the sun begins to set.  "thanks for helping me not fall off."
"No problem!" Drew said over the wind. "I love taking rides with Flygon. It's cool to
the world from a different angle from what we are used too." She said.
Ryan flew alongside Drew and waved at Lucario and Drew.
Mew looked up and stuffed her hands into her pockets and watched Drew and Ryan fly
Kate watched everyone leave"finally alone"said and walked into her room and turned on
light and hid in the closet
lucario waves back. "its getting late..."
she put her arms around her legs huggling it tight and with a flashlight...a dim of
came out of the cracks of the closet and Kate fell asleep
"Yeah, it is." She said. "We're heading in, Ryan!" She called and instructed Flygon
land. Once they were on the ground, Drew hopped off and helped Lucario down. "Thanks
the ride Flygon." She said and hugged Flygon's neck. Flygon nuzzled her head and
returned to his Pokeball. 
Ryan nodded and continued to fly around.
Mew watched from the doorframe.
"thanks." he headed up to his room and fell asleep.
Cress. flew in through the window and layed on the bed
Drew nodded and walked inside. She sat in the dining room and watched Ryan fly
Mew stood next to Drew and smiled. "Hey." She said, causing Drew to look around and
lucario tossed and turned in his sleep
Mew walked up to her room and sat on her bed.
Drew walked outside, where Fearow was just landing. Ryan was half asleep on his back,
when he landed, he stood up and walked into the house quietly after putting Fearow in
Pokeball. Drew followed and went up to bed.
-next morning- 

Kate was downstairs making a salad
Drew woke up and ran over to Ryan's room. She was excited for today, and Ryan had to
up. She grabbed his arm and yanked him out of bed, causing him to hit the floor with
loud thud. Ryan opened his eyes halfway, only to find him being dragged down stairs.
"Oww. Drew." He complained but she didn't stop. She dragged him into the kitchen and
him sit down on the chair.Mew woke up startled by the loud noise and walked
"Is everything okay? I heard a loud thump"said taking her salad bow to the table
Ryan sighed and looked at Drew, who was smiling happily. "Yeah. Today's her
birthday." He
said and grabbed himself a bowl of cereal. 
"Happy birthday!" Mew said and hugged Drew. "Thanks Mew." Drew said, smiling.
"Happy Birthday"said and huggled her "I'll make you a cake for today"said the went
to her chair to finish her salad
"Thank you!" Drew smiled widely. "I feel so loved!" She giggled. 
Ryan smiled. "Oh god, Drew." He said and went back to eating his cereal.
Mew giggled lightly.
"Oh I'm Kate by the way"said putting the bow in the dish washed
"Nice to meet you, Kate. I'm Drew." She said, smiling. "This is Mew, and I know
met Ryan already." She grinned and looked at Ryan, who turned pink.
Kate tilted her face a lil then looked closely at him "Why are you pink?"Asked
Ryan looked up. "What? N-n-no reason." He said.
Drew covered her mouth to hide a snicker.
Kate got so close to him that she could feel his breathing,she tilted his chin and
straight into his eyes 
"You like me don't cha?"Asked
Ryan stood up, his face bright red now. He turned around and ran out the back door.
Kate got off the table and walked out
Ryan let out his Fearow and hopped on. Fearow flew up and flew around slowly while
talked to him quietly.
Drew sighed and chattered with Mew.
Kate walked to a secrete garden and sat in the middle looking down at the flowers
was stupid to ask him,how pathetic am I? she thought
Ryan whispered something to Fearow and he shot up into the air. Ryan took a deep
and rolled off of his back, and fell through the air. Just as he was about to hit
ground, Fearow swooped down and caught him. "Awesome!" He smiled and scratched
Kate looked up and saw him, she walked under a tree where she can't be seen and began
sketch.Cress. came out tired "You should rest"said and put her back in her pokeball.
Ryan whispered the same thing, and Fearow flew upwards. This time on the way down, he
multiple flips, and landed on Fearow's back.
"Please be careful"she whispered to her self looking at him


lucario- me
drew/ryan/mew- hawkeye15
katerina- ima just put becka

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