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End Of My 6th Grade YearCategory: Survey
Monday, 8 June 2009
05:54:12 PM (GMT)
[ ] skipped class? [x] liked a boy, girl? [ ] started a rumor? [ ] gotten a detention? [x] made new friends? [ ] been to a pep rally [ ] watched a football game [ ] watched a soccer game [ ] watched a baseball/softball game [x]watched a volleyball game [AND participated in several. xD] [ ] watched a tennis match [x] watched a basketball game [ ] watched a track meet [ ] watched a wrestling match [ ] watched a lacrosse game [ ] watched a hockey game [ ] fought with a teacher [x] got a 100% on a test [ ] walked from school [x] been driven to school [x] got dropped off at school [x] heard a rumor about yourself [x] missed school when you weren't sick [x] failed a test [ ] made up some lame excuse for homework not being done [ ] the teacher believed your lame excuse [x] you like a teacher you have [ ] crush on a teacher [ ] hit on a teacher [x] hated a teacher [ ] on student council [ ] in a club [x] got a scholarship [x] got an award [ ] fallen asleep in school [ ] gotten in trouble for falling asleep in class [x] had your phone go off in class [I didn't caught though. ;D Kiss Me Through the Phone was playing and Paul was all, "Tsk, tsk, Rey." I was like, "What?" Millie was all, "Rey, your phone." Then I heard my ringtone and I hurried to my backpack and silenced it. Luckily, the teacher didn't hear because it was like, on the lowest volume possible. And math class is the absolutely worst class to have your phone taken away. -has had experience in cell phone-confiscation during mathematics class-] [ ] had your phone taken away [Last year.] [x] lied to a teacher [x] laughed so hard you cried in class [ ] eaten lunch in the bathroom [ ] like your school picture [ ] missed more than a week at once of school [x] enjoyed school [x] excited for summer [ ] taking summer school [ ] have a summer job During this past school year have you ... Fallen in love? No. Been sent to the principals office? Yes. When I made Will's neck bleed. Been arrested at school No. xD Started new friendships? Yupp. <3 Played truth or dare? Yeah. We had this little fad where everyone- yes, everyone- was playing it. Too bad it didn't last. </3 Been to school? Really? xD Are you for real? Gotten yelled at by your teachers for talking? Yes. Argued with a teacher about a grade? Nope. Had a birthday? I'm a summer baby, thank you. Gone to a new school? Nope. I've been going to the same school for four years now. (Grade two through six.) Highlighted/ dyed your hair? Catholic school. Won't allow it. Gotten grounded for failing a class? Nope. c: Read at least 3 books? Yep. Gotten caught with an ipod or MP3 player? Last year. xD However, Craig got caught by the principal with his iPod. xD It was funny. He just came out of nowhere. Chewed gum in class and got caught? Fran told on me. Then Christian was all, "Miss Goldman wants to talk to you." BUT SHE NEVER DID. ;D Repost this "END OF MY (GRADE) YEAR"

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