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Monday, 20 April 2009
05:15:18 PM (GMT)
Another non- The Little Orphan Kirti's Mind Theater avaible to the public.
I'm shocked at myself. It's not that big a deal though, as no one reads these. Still
if anyone did, it would be a rather trippy jurney into my brain...      

 I picked up the cans of paint and followed my mother out of the Home Depot. The
paint was what I'd learned to identify as "type one" heavy- The kind of thing I had
no trouble at all lifting, yet my step dad grunted with effort when picking up.
Honestly, who does Robbie think he's fooling? Everyone knows he's faking, trying to
make it seem like he's lifting some incredible ammount of weight when it's really
only like twenty pounds. Or rather, I really hope he's faking, 'cause if not
then he's a total weakling.
       My hat flew off. Now to be clear, my hats are awesome. This one is a fedora,
which are the very essence of cool nonconformity. I had broken my rules of pacifism
over my hats before as well; one second I have a vague awarness that somebodies hand
is moving towards my hat, the next second there's a guy saying "ow ow ow ow
owowowowwwwww....!" and it turns out that I have this wicked Death Gripe on his
wrist, arm, or hand. On one memorable such occasion, I actually held his arm in my
elbow, like he seriously couldn't get his wrist out of my elbow at all, and as
usual I had only been aware that he was trying t take my hat.
      So really, it shouldn't be a surprise what happened next. I was aware that my
hat was removed from my head in the wind, and in a sort of blur a remember abandoning
the paint cans in no particularly special way, and a moment later I was holding my
fedora. I turned back to my mother with a satisifide expersion to find find her
gaping at the cans of paint... Which weren't touching the ground. At all. Like, when
I threw them into the air to retreive my hat they didn't go back down, even an inch.
I remember vagually that I didn't want then to get dented from hitting the ground and
thusly an untapped portion of my mind had prevented them from doing so while I chased
after my hat.
       "Uh..." I said, turning my hat over in my hands, 
"I got my hat back," I continued and held the hat out for Mom to see. "So, uh, yeah.
That's good right? I'll just put it back on now..." I replaced my fedora on my head.
       " ... " said the universe in general.

Honestly, what a waste of paint.
Last edited: 25 April 2009

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