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If Only- 2. School Bells.Category: Story
Wednesday, 8 April 2009
06:22:45 AM (GMT)
2. School Bells. We got to school just in time. The bell had already rang by the time we got into the school grounds. So I ran up to my homeroom as fast as I could. I left Amy at the stairs. She wished me luck for the maths test I had today. I stood talking to her for a few minutes then I realized that I was making myself even later. By the time I got to homeroom, my teacher, Mr Bavis, was already packing up the register. “Sir! Sorry Sir!” I called as I ran into the classroom. He looked at me, his face annoyed. “Glad for you to join us Miss White.” He said flatly. I dropped my face to my chest. “Sorry.” I muttered. He nodded. “Sit down Carmen.” He said, pointing to my seat. I looked at him thankfully and ran to my seat. I sat down next to Lily, one of my best friends. She smiled at me. “Hi Carmen!” She said happily. I smiled back. “Hi Lily.” Just then, the bell rang and Mr Bavis excused us to our next class. I met one of my other best friends, Jess, on the way to my Gym Class. Her homeroom was just round the corner from mine. She waved at me as she saw me coming. I waved back and smiled. “Hi Jess!” I called. “Hi Carmen!” Jess smiled back. “You doing gym today?” I asked her. “Yah. You?” Jess asked me. “Yep. Is he in today?” I asked her eagerly. Jess laughed and nodded. “Yes. He’s in.” She laughed. We were at the Gym building doors in about two minutes after that. Jess opened the door for me. I turned round the corner and he was standing there. I’m sure my heart stopped for a second. He saw Jess and I walking towards him. He smiled. “Hey Carmen! Hey Jess!” He smiled cheerfully. I couldn’t speak. “H-Hi M-Max.” I said nervously. I could hear Jess laughing beside me. I smiled awkwardly. Max laughed. “How are you guys?” He asked. “I’m fine!” Jess said confidently. I nodded. “I’m good.” I said, trying to breath normally. “Good to hear.” Max said. He saw our Gym teacher coming from the corner of his eye. “Better go.” He said quickly, then turned and went into the boys changing rooms. I sighed. Jess laughed as we walked into the girls changing rooms. I slammed the door and sank onto the bench beside Jess. “He is so perfect." I sighed, closing my eyes. “I know.” Jess chirpped. I sat up and took my gym kit out of my bag. The only thing I could find to wear were my black joggy bottoms, my white short-sleeved t-shirt and my white adidas trainers. I pulled them on, thinking about what we were going to do today, when our gym teacher came barging in, interupting my thoughts. "Okay everyone. Let me do the register. I said QUIET!" She shouted. I suddenly felt myself straightening up. Our teacher, Miss Dimsay, called out the register quickly, then announced that we would be doing gymnastics. I cringed at the word. I hated gymnastics. I looked over at Jess to see her reaction. She looked just the same as me. I was cringing at the thought of embarrasing myself infront of the boys again. I didn't want to remember all the times before that it happened. So then our teacher led us into the gym hall where all the boys were standing at the bottom. They all suddenly turned around and stared straight at us.
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‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   8 April 2009   775386  




TELL ME!!!!  

Remember Rachooo, When someone speaks take a new line!

My mother's still trying to implant that into my head..
‹[RealSlimShadii**][PcD-Halooo][Megan*CyberKiss]› says:   8 April 2009   454337  
Omg i wanna know too..i hope BJ asks you out because your so good at
gymnastics and he thinks your hot and flexible that would be so cool!
‹I have quit.› says:   8 April 2009   482586  
You're Good at this.
‹♥ Echo Deluxe ♥› says :   8 April 2009   247511  


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