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This is how I died.Category: This is how I died
Saturday, 4 April 2009
11:31:29 PM (GMT)
Now, I never was a girl to fall for a popular guy, or like someone just for their
looks, but there was nothing normal about this day. This day I was like one of those
pathetic girls who fawn after guys for their looks. Now, if this was a happy story, I
would end up realising not all guys are jerks, some of them have souls and want girls
for things other than looks, but this is not happy story. This is how I died.


"Have you seen the new kid?"
"Yeah, he's so hot."
"Oh my God! He's in my science class!"
These grating high pitched voices swirled around me as I walked through the halls of
Pismire High. I sighed as the whole female populace of my high school went through
the same cycle. Love the new kid, make him popular, drop him, leave a depressed jerk.
I prepared myself and stepped into the aforementioned science class, which was
unfortunately the first of my classes on Monday. I saw the typical gaggle of girls.
Damn, he'd picked to sit next to my seat. I squared my shoulders and strode forward.
Rudely shoving several girls aside I fought my way to my seat. I was about to make a
witty remark to get the girls to leave, but then I saw the new guy.
He was gorgeous. His black hair hung carefully disheveled to just below his earlobes,
long enough to be classy without being feminine. His grey eyes twinkled as he laughed
with his admirers, and his lips gently parted to reveal shining white teeth. Lean
muscles showed themselves under his clothes as he moved with careless grace to shoo
the girls away from my seat.
"Hi." He said with a slight drawl, "My name's Lance."
If it hadn't have been for years of hating all humans I would have stuttered and
acted like a fool. Instead I quickly threw on my best scowl and grumpily growled,
"Renira." as I sat on my seat. Hell, I wasn't going to move just because Lance had
chosen to sit next to me. In hindsight I realize I should have moved, should have
blocked him out immediately, but I figured that all the romance novels I had read had
to have some grain of truth to them. So, idiot that I was, I placed my text and
notebook in front of me, staking the seat as mine.
"Woah, fierce!" He laughed perfectly, throwing his hands up in mock surrender, "I
like that in a girl."
I should have known he would be good at charming girls, but obviously I wasn't quite
at my best. I blushed a little, and as if that were an invitation he sat down right
beside me. I flung my straight brown hair down like a curtain and began to write out
the header for the day in my notebook. I was so concentrated on not writing "Lance"
down that I didn't even notice when he first touched my hair. It didn't take me long
though, and I tensed almost immediately. He combed my hair back over my shoulder as I
sat there like a stunned deer. I think he mumbled something like, "It looks better
like this." but I wasn't listening. I was trying not to grab that perfectly tan hand
and hold it forever. As soon as he finished I gave a curt nod, flipped my hair back
down, and began jotting down the notes my teacher was already writing on the board. I
went through the rest of the 70 minute class furiously writing in order to ignore the
little glances he was giving me, and the "accidental" hand bumps. It wasn't until my
nerves were thoroughly frayed and the bell rang that I noticed he had written his
number in my notebook. When I looked up to ask him about it he was already gone.
It wasn't until I bumped into his fan group in the hall that I realised a crush was
the least of my worries.
Last edited: 9 April 2009

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