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Sunday, 8 March 2009
12:20:04 AM (GMT)
Okay so everyone has a hackin' life story!!! Well i decided maybe i should document
mine... ya know... for historical purposes ;]

Some names have been changed for personal reasons =]

I gave the world the pleasure of my presence on February 13th 1992. My mommy was very
young at the age of 17 so that caused a ton of problems. My dad walked out on us
within the first few months and I lived with my grandparents for a few years, then my
mom finally got a job. We moved around a lot before we finally settled in a little
apartment with my moms new boyfriend. He was a jerk. Kindergarten came and went
(pretty boring year so imma skip it) before we moved to a little rural town with a
population of 438 (as of now). The days went by and i became secluded in my own
world, until it came time for 1st grade. I was excited to go meet new kids and
finally make some friends. That year i met Fearr and Ashtyn. We became the three
amigos. There was hardly a point that we were apart. Then came *Karli. Karli was new
and very very shy so we decided to make friends with her. It worked out perfectly and
we all became inseperable. Times dragged on until Fearr, Ashtyn and I got a huge
reality check. One day in the restroom Karli just came out and told us that her dad
was abusing her. This was a shock to all of us. Karli was so happy and made the best
out of everything, we never would have guessed it. Of course all of us were too
scared to tell someone so it just kept going. In grade 7 I met Pallis, Zane, Tanner,
Charlee, Onyx and Jax. This formed the beginning of an unbreakable friendship (still
going on today). We never left eachothers sides. Soon we started to stand out. We all
wore band tees, skinny jeans, converses and dyed our hair weird colors. Everyone
pointed us out and called us the 'emo clan'. The rest of our Junior High years were
pretty normal. We grew up, got boobs, made out, had sex... whatever. Grade 10 was the
turning point for all of us. The summer before then was rough. Karli's dad lost his
job and he took it all out on her. She didnt show up the first few days of school so
we got worried. It turns out their family moved when things got out of hand. We were
all devastated. About half way through the year, we got informed that Karli had been
killed in a 'car accident'. None of us believed it. I became the sort of depressed
that counseling couldnt change. I started considering suicide and got close to
attempting it a few times but my friends were always there and talked me out of it.
That was when i realized how dependent on them i was. I stopped talking as much,
stopped sharing my feelings and just stayed in my own peaceful sanctuary. Music
became my passion and i took up the electric guitar. It wasnt enough. I started
playing bass but eventually moved on to drums. I was growing distant from my family
and decided things would get better if i moved in with Shaddix, another very close
friend. That lasted a while and i was starting to get a personality again when he got
diagnosed with cancer. I couldnt take it anymore and moved back home.My friends
became more and more important as time went on and we started constantly having to be
with eachother. Zane's parents got concerned and pulled him away from us. We lost all
connection with him until about 4 months later. We were playing at the park when we
saw him walk past. As we went to talk to him, i could tell he was terrifyingly
different. He was too skinny and wouldnt talk. He just kept staring off into space
like nobody was with him. We decided to change him back into the old Zane. All of us
started to call his house constantly and randomly show up. One day while me and Zane
were walking, he just stopped and sat on the sidewalk. I sat down next to him and,
lets just say, when we got to Charlee's house we were a couple. 

=] well theres up to 3 months ago

‹FearrFerocious› says :   12 March 2009   291725  
Yush!!! I get to be in Alli's story!!!!

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