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Wednesday, 4 March 2009
07:23:16 PM (GMT)
1. Full Name: Kristopher-Drue Allan Wolff

2. Male or Female: Maleeee. :'D I CAN PROVE IT TOO!

3. Were you named after anyone?: I Was Named After My Kupika Name. :D

4. Does your name mean anything?: I Don't Know. That 4 Names is better than 3. :]

5. Nicknames?: Kris, Krissy, Droo, K.D., and Gay-Ball.

6. What do you think you look like?: A girl D':

7. Date of Birth: D: STOP! I forgot... :] Feb. 14

8. Place of Birth and Current Location: In the Snow and In My Room On My RaceCar Bed

9. Nationality: Welly. My Daddy Is Full German, born and rasied there. && My Mommy
was born and raised in the UK. Sooo uhm. Imma Mutt D:

10. Astrological Sign: Ass?

11. Chinese Astrological Sign: I Don't Know This Stuff. D:

13. Butter frying: EW! FTW DX

14. Political Position: I don't care all that much.

15. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?: Hmm. :] Apple Cranberry Juice

16. Hair and Eye Color: Blonde && Hazel

Current hair color: Blonde

17. Do you look like anyone famous: I Don't Know. xD You Tell Me.

18. What do you think you look like?: My Dog.

19. Any Unusual Talents?: Does Talking count? lol

20. Righty, Lefty or Ambidextrous?: Ambidextrous. I don't have a hand I only use. D:
I write with both xD

21. Gay, Straight, Bi or other?: Gayyy.

22. What do you do for a living?: Sit On My butt.

23. What do you do for fun?: Sing Write Play Games Play Dress Up Play Power Rangers
Play Pokemon and computer

24.What are your favorite materials to work with?: Peniss.

25. What materials would you like to work with?: Hmm. Idk xD

26. Have you met your Grandparents?: Yes. They're old smelling.

27. Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: No :[

28. Crush?: Yeshhh. :]

29. What celebrity would you date if you could?: OhGodYes! :D Common Common David
Cook from American Idle America last season x3

30. Current worries: Uhmmmm. Not any I can think of. I'm a no worries person. :]

31. Favorite online guy or girl: omg. too many to say. I'll name off a fewww! They're
are plent more. No Order! Katie, Jess, Rachel, Joe, those people I RP with on Yaoi
club xD

32.Favorite place to be: =] In My World! It's Ok They Know Me There.

33.Least favorite place to be: Hmmm. My Dad's Room.

34. Do you burn or tan?: Uhmmm. Neither XD I whiten. D:

35. Ever break a bone?: Yes D: My Pinky.

36. What is your favorite cereal?: CrunchATizeMeCapn'

37. Person you cry with: My Stuffed Unicorn.

Do you have...

38.Any Sisters?: Yess One. She's One years old too x3

39.Any Brothers?: Two.

40. Any Pets?: My Hamster: Godzilla. CURSE YOUR STRIP POKER GOODNESS! D:

41. An Illness?: Uhmm. xD

42. A Pager?: Nooo.

43. A Personal Phone?: Yup

44. A Cell Phone?: Like I could Live Without one! D: Of course I do! It's with me

45. A visible birthmark?: Uhmm. My shoulder

46. A pool or hot tub?: Pool!

47. A Car?: Psssh. No. D: I can't drive yet.

Describe your...

48.Personality: Well, I'm talkative, random, not pervy at all ;P, and well if you dis
me *holds up sign* "BEWARE OF DOG!"

49.Driving?: Oh jeez. I can't even ride a bike without running over someone.

Clothing Style: Like. =] Colourful

51.Room: Omg. Really dude? Power Ranger wall paper, red race car bed with a lion king
bedding, random toys laying around: power rangers pokemon ect ect., I have a pikachu
tv and my light is one of those colourful fans with a light. alsooo my carpet is like
one of those toy car maps. I haven't changed my room for sayyy, 10 years xD.

52.What's missing: My ipod D:

53.School: Ew.

54.Bedtime: when ever i fall asleep xD

55.Relationship with your parents: My mom passed away 12 years ago and my dad bloody
hates me.

56.Do you believe in yourself?: :D Seeing is believing. fap fap

57.Do you believe in love at first sight?:  Not so much

58.Consider yourself a good listener?: Yes

59.Have a future dream that you would like to share?: a Power Ranger/Pokemon
Trainer/RaceCarDriver/part time model

60.Get along with your parents?: Nuyp

61.Save your e-mail messages?: Only if they make me feel special.

62.Pray?: Every morning

63.Believe in Reincarnation?: what? no i'm a vegitarian

64.Brush your teeth twice a day?: I do three times.

65.Like to talk on the phone?: Yes

66.Like to Eat?: Not so much

67.Like to Exercise?: PFFT! Me?

68.Like to Watch Sports?: Nope. 'cept wrestling! >O

69.Sing in the Car?: Hella Stellar! 'course i do

70.What is a Dream you have all the time?: ...i don't dream the same dream ever XD

71.Do you Dream in Color?: Yup.

72.Do you have Nightmares?:  Dx Yes! I had a scary dream that my hamster got away and
I couldn't save him 'cause the evil t-rex was gonna eat him and AGGHH T3T

73.Sleep with a stuff animal?: >///< i have a tye dyed unicorn i've had for 13

74.Right next to you?: is my power rangers robot

On my left: window

On my right: printer

75.On your favorite Coffee Cup: Jack Sparrow and William Turner in cartoons xD

76.On your Mouse Pad: Scooby Doo

77.Your favorite flavor of Gum: I love all

78.Your favorite brand of Deodorant: Axe!

79.Your Dream Honeymoon Spot: ...I KISSED A GUY AND I LIKED IT! -dances-

80.Your Dream world: Is awesome.

81.Hiding in your Closet: Alll my toys.

82.Hiding under your Bed: I have no under bed. xD

83.The name of one of your closest friends: Kaylub

84.Your Bad time of day: >.> 'my time' if you catch my drift.

85.Your Worst Fear: Uhm...i don't know snakes XD

86.What's the Weather Like?: well the ceiling looks well today. along with my light
bulb, nice and bright.

87. Your favorite Time of Year?: SUMMERRR

88.Your favorite Holiday: hmm....National Hump Day.

89.A Material Weakness: Papercuts >O

90.The weirdest food you like to eat: Ketchup Sammichs XD

91.At the top of your To-Do List: Edit my kupika, pathetic ight? XD

92.The Hardest Thing about Growing Up: Uhmmmm....>.>'

93.A Pet Peeve: I don't have a pet named peeve. his name is Godzilla.

94.Your Scariest Moment: I was in a haunted maze and this guy was chasing me and i
was trying to scare him away Dx I was all "IM GONNA EAT YOUR BRAINS WITH FROSTING!

95.Your Attitude About Love: Awwhh hee hee ^//^

96.The Funniest Thing or Most Desperate Thing you've ever done to get the attention
of the opposite sex: ... I haven't.

97.The Worst Feeling in the World: Depression. :[ I'd rather be bloody sick or mad
than depressed

98.The Best Feeling in the World: Omg.... >.> Mass ta bay shun

99.Who sent this to you?: Uhmmm. Bethanii. I stole it from youuu. :]

JessHadTheWorld says:   5 March 2009   461496  
Woohoo, I'm Jess :D

And, no way, my grandparents are old smelling too :O
‹BTHNY› says:   6 March 2009   532922  
reading this made me thirsty. :]
‹RachelLovesYOU› says:   6 March 2009   462712  
see i made you another oekapiki thing
‹Momo;MyFinalBreathIsGone.♥› says :   16 March 2009   145535  
hahahahah nice what you do for a liveing.sit   on your       BUTT

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