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Wednesday, 25 February 2009
04:17:31 PM (GMT)
Ash Wednesday.
"Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return"
Alright so since yesterday I playd truth or dare with PJ. Well I was dared to hug
Mikey. And I did. xP
And normally I don't do the dares that people give me but PJ wouldn't stop pushing me
towards Mikey.

Ash Wednesday :]
Ok so when Nicole was going back to the pews I followed her and we got to the wrong
one. And I'm like DUDE! I blame you! Aha. 
So yeahh. Long homily as usual. 

.-. Mrs. K got mad at us for our Mass etiquette. So um yeah she gave us a lecture.
Then we had to do R&A for Amigos Brothers. Stupid story :/ no one won. 
So yeah finished that.

Psh did not really start my chapter review xD
I was looking at dance pictures. So yeahh. 
Some good pictures :D

Um easy stuff.
then I eavesdropped into Mike and Chris' convo. Ain't my fault they sit far apart
from each other so that I can hear what they're going to say. ANYWAY. 
Johnny's going to ask Eden out. :/

Aha blue eyes :]
And for [insert name here] it's PFB 
xD inside things.
So yeah. Taylor, Viki, and I were like making fun of Johnny because he threw the ball
like a girl ballerina. LMAO. So funny. 
Anyway crappy lunches today. Both were. So I like what I ordered. Pizza. the other
was grilled cheese sandwhich those are nasty as heck
And Cassie told us for each swear she said she's saying a prayer. So hahaha she gave
up swearing. 
Dx dude chips. My gosh. -Can't eat until dinner time- :[

We took our Constitution quiz. It was easy-ish.
I forgot what democracy meant. But I remembered the 8 amendments =)
Then we checked our chapter reviews. Played the ladder game. 
>:D Girls won oh yeah!

Social studies
Finished our outline. And then we got a section review ick.

Unit 3 "test" or worksheet. So uh yeah easy.
-.- Ryan was all like so friend. And I'm like I'm not your friend. And yeah that kept
going on.
I am mad at him because he told Eden I liked "BLUEEYES" ;D
aha so yeah. Still mad. And now he won't tell me who he likes. And Viki knows but she
doesn't want to tell any of us. :/

End of day.
ok so I asked Eden if Ryan told her who I liked but she was like no he only said that
you liked someone else besides Johnny.
And stupid PJ was like I KNOW. And Idk if he told her. D:
But yeah.
On the bus. I was like damn. Because Jake had doughnuts and I can't have it.
-Fasting- [and yes I am aware I don't need to fast just yet dued to my age but I
still am] 

Dude like my dad just asked me what was on my head.
Seriously I'm the only one in my family who actually does Lent. I give up stuff and
make sure I don't eat meat.
My dad forgets and well my mom has excuses. She works like 24/7 so uh yeah. She
really shouldn't skip meals and she's feeding two people.

And I'm getting tired of my dad just trying to barge into my room. [When I'm frekaing
changing] :/ he told me that I HAVE to give up the computer. Uh no. My choice. Candy
and chips. ;;
And I'm getting tired of when I JUST get on the computer he's like get off. >:O DUDE

This is why I'm not on late at nights now. Gah. 


"Someone's knocking on your door. O sinner why don't you answer. Someone's
knocking on your door"

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