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Wednesday, 14 January 2009
09:44:11 PM (GMT)
I walked down the long, dirt road. I could see the horizon where the sun and the
land met. To my left was a forest of green trees and bushes, and to my right was an
ocean. I had no idea where I was. I was lost, scared, and lonely. I knew I would
never be able to get anywhere. I was stranded on this deserted island that most
likely had a population of none. I had no idea how or why I was here. The sun was
just setting, and it would soon be pitch black. I knew I had to find shelter before
dark, but if I went to far into the woods I would eventually get lost or worse,
killed by some animal that is unknown to humankind. I had to find shelter, and soon.
Then I saw a cave in the mountain. I gathered some firewood from the edges of the
forest without going to far in. Then went to the cage and started the fire.
The fire was warm and reminded me of home, which surprisingly was a blur to me on
this island. It reminded me that I should look for food. So I went to look for food.
When I went on my search, I found bananas, apples, pineapples, and berries. I used a
coconut as a drink and the shell as a bowl. I made a fruit salad with the fruits I
had discovered in the forest.
Before I got ready to go to sleep I went to look for anything that was out of the
ordinary outside of the cave. When I was heading to the opening of the cave, I heard
a loud WHOOSH, then a BANG!  I ran the rest of the way and saw the front of the
forest was in flames. And in the ocean was a big ship. It looked like it was getting
closer and closer faster and faster. Then I heard loud rumbling from the forest and
then I saw huge furry wolves. But these weren’t your average mountain wolves, they
were between a bear and a wolf. To large to be a wolf and to small to be a grizzly.
They were all barking at the ship that was even closer than just a moment ago. And at
the rate it was going, it would hit the sand in moments. Just then, the wolf nearest
looked my way. None of the others seemed to notice. Then when I met his dark hazel
eyes, he ran towards me and I had no time to react. I felt myself hit the ground and
seconds later a loud BANG and a gush of burning hot air.
When I woke up I was in a tent. And it had chairs with pillow looking things on them.
A man entered the tent like room and motioned me to follow. I found myself
unconsciously lifting myself to a standing position and following the man. When I was
out of the tent, the sun was high and bright in the sky and I could feel the heat
warm on my skin. My eyes took only moments to adjust to the lighting. There were many
people looking at me like I was wearing a big sombrero and red floppy shoes with a
chicken costume. But as I looked around, I saw that I looked like none of the people
around. Most of them looked like some of the Native Americans in my Social Studies
textbook I had when I was in school. But that was only a faint memory of what I could
barely remember. The man led me to a circle of many men and women who looked like
they were the highest of the tribe. This all felt like a bad dream that was very
visual. But I knew it was real, and I would have to get used to it because it might
become the rest of my life.
In the middle of the circle was a chair. The chair had cushions on the backing that
was high. Like one from a kings table that the king himself would be seated.  When we
were about two feet from the chair, he motioned me to sit. I did as he ordered not
knowing why I was or what he or any of the other people would do. Then two men came
from the largest tent from what I had walked by earlier. They wore only shorts that
were cut and had many bandages. They both looked like they were the superior to the
other members of the tribe. They started talking as they took either sides of and the
language was one I had never hear before. They seemed to notice that I didn’t
understand them so they stared at me and one of them asked me, “What is your
name?” I hesitated at first but eventually said, “My name is Kathrine McDarcey.
Where am I?” I asked the man who had asked me my name. “Hello Kathrine. My name
is Magpie. And this is Basta, my son. He will be showing you our ways of this tribe.
He will also tell you about our tribes whole history.” Magpie looked at Basta as if
he was telling him this for the first time. I had no idea what I had gotten myself
into. “If only I hadn’t looked outside. What would’ve happened?” I thought to
“Yes father. I will be delighted to teach Princess Kathrine the ways of our
tribe.” He looked at me and smiled when he noticed the shock on my face when I had
heard the words ‘Princess’ and ‘Kathrine’ together. I had never been treated
as royalty and never thought of myself as royalty either. At that moment, he took my
hand and I got up and walked to the tent next to the large one. As we were leaving, I
heard Magpie start talking the language that was foreign to my ears.
“So where are you from, Princess?” He asked looking in a bag on a table in the
“Well, if you must know. I am from New York. And if I can ask you a question, I
would like to know why you keep calling me Princess.” I looked at him as he took
out a piece of cloth I guessed as clothing and handed it to me.
“Well, as our tribe prophecy says, a princess, you, is kidnapped long ago and then
centuries later comes back to save us during the war. We never thought that the
prophecy was even true until I found you last night in the cave. What were you
doing?” He looked at me after he was done stating my purpose of being here.
“I don’t know. I was walking along the beach, and I was lost. But then I went in
the cave and got food to eat. But before I was about to sleep I wanted to take a look
and saw, wait, that was you? But those were wolves, or bears, or, what were those
creatures?” I was in total confusion. I had no idea that the creature that attacked
me was him. 
“We are called werewolves. But you can call us your knights, your warriors, or your
pet dogs. Either one is fine. Are you okay?” He asked as I sat down. 
“Yeah, I’m fine. I just have had so many things thrown at me so quickly. So,
what’s my purpose, if I’m the princess and all? What does the prophecy say
exactly that I have to do?” I looked at him. He was sitting in front of me looking
at me.
“First, you are supposed to choose your king. And you will have to lead us into
victory against our enemies. But we’ll deal with that later.” He looked at me
like he was worried I was about to pass out.
“Wait, what was that first thing? I have to choose a King?” Marriage was the one
thing I was not ready for. I was only 17. 
“You have time to think about that. You will have all eternity. You are going to
live forever as princess. Well, that is what the prophecy says at least. I haven’t
read the whole thing yet.” He smiled.
“How long exactly do I have to choose?” I wanted to get this all over with and I
defiantly didn’t want to live forever. Basta was working a charm on me and I was
falling head over heels. Then in the middle of my thought, someone peeked in and
said, “We are ready for the Princess.” 
“Okay. Let’s get you ready. Put this dress on and let your hair down. I’ll meet
you outside. You can go ahead and sit in your thrown as soon as you’re ready.” 
He said as he walked out the door. I nodded and put the dress on and let my hair
down. I found a hairbrush and brushed my hair that was all tangled.
When I walked out, Basta and Magpie were talking over a fire ad it was already dark.
I went and sat in the chair that Basta had called my “thrown.”
Basta knelt down beside me and said, “Okay, this is a tribal meeting. Everyone here
speaks our language easier so I’m going to translate for you.” And then Magpie
began the speech and Basta began to translate.
	“Our Tribal Prophecy says that Princess Kathrine must choose a king to help her
lead us to victory. She will be able to choose her king, but not today. When the time
is right she will be able to decide. And once she takes place as our queen, she will
lead us to our enemies or will lead them to us. Because they do not know our
prophecy, they will not know she is our savior. We have a plan if you would like to
hear it, Princess Kathrine.” Magpie said looking questioningly. I nodded and he
began again with Basta translating for me. “The Princess will be sent to an island
away from here, and the enemies will taker her aboard the ship. Then, she will trick
them into thinking she is on their side, and she will lead them to our island where
she will sneak away to warn us of their arrival. And we will attack.” He looked at
me again. But this time he was smiling.
	“I think that is a wonderful plan, Magpie. Thank you. I will think about that. And
if anyone else has a plan that they think could be worthy, they could come forward
with it.” I looked at Basta and he was smiling proud. I guessed it was because I
was taking control here and he probably thought I wasn’t going to be a good leader
so quickly. But he shouldn’t underestimate Princess Kathrine.
	“Basta. You should take the Princess on a tour of our island. Yes?” Magpie was
looking at Basta like he was helping him to get some alone time with me to tell me
something important and private.
	“Yes Father. I will take Princess Kathrine around the island as you wish.” He
took my hand and led me back to the tent we were in earlier. He grabbed the bag by
the side and handed it to me. He grabbed his own and swung it on his back. “Let’s
go.” He said taking my hand and leading me out of the tent into the opposite
direction of the village.
	When we reached our campsite, we set up a tent and started a fire. After we roasted
some squirrel we hunted, we went to sleep.
	When I woke up, Basta was outside by the fire cooking eggs.
	“Good morning Princess. How was your sleep?” He asked as he handed me a plate of
sunny-side-up eggs.
	“God morning. It was good. Better than the other nights. I’ve had better though.
But it’s no big deal. How was your sleep?” I asked taking a bite of my eggs.
	“My sleep was good. I’m used to it by now. I wanted to ask you something, do you
have any idea who you might choose as your king? Because some of the men in our tribe
might not be as they look. I mean, they might look tough but they are actually are
very weak. Mentally speaking.” He wasn’t looking at me. He must’ve been
embarrassed for asking me whom I might choose as my king. But I had no idea who was
even in the tribe. The only one now that would qualify was him. But I wasn’t about
to say, “Well, I was thinking about making you king.” No, why would I say that. I
barely even know him.
	“I’m going to wait a while, to get to know everyone before I make a decision
like that. Why do you ask?” I already knew. He wanted to become king because it
would make his father proud. That’s probably why his dad let him take me on this
journey in the first place. His father probably wanted him to convince me to fall in
love with him so I would make him king and his father the father of a king. I
shouldn’t worry. I might not even choose anyone in fact. I could lead everyone on
my own. I could be an independent woman leading a whole pack of Werewolves and
warriors in a war. Why not?
	“Um, just wondering. So, Princess, what do you want to do today?” He said
changing the subject.
	“I don’t know. How about a tour of the rest of the island? Then the beach for
lunch?” I suggested.
“A tour it is! Lets get moving.” He exclaimed as he started taking the tent down
and putting it into his backpack.
	We went over the mountains and the hills of my new home. I was starting to like
being called princess and was having a good time with Basta. He told me what the
conflict was with them and the sea lovers. They had been settled on this island for
centuries and had never left the island. Everyone that did never came back except me.
But I was reborn into another body until I came here. And now I will live in this
body forever until my job is done. I have no idea what my real job is other than I am
supposed to help them finish and win the war against what they call sea lovers and
what I call pirates. I don’t really remember my social studies books saying
anything about the pirate and werewolf war. That’s most likely because most people
would think that werewolves are fictional and that pirates are old stories about Davy
Jones Locker and The Flying Dutchman. 
	But now that was all my life now. And I would have to deal with it. For now and the
rest of my life, which was going to be an awfully long time. 	We headed towards the
beach for lunch as we heard a loud crash. And we started running fast towards it.
Then we saw what we never would wish to see. A whole load of small boats coming from
the same large ship that we saw two days ago. We had no clue that they would be
coming or if they knew where they were supposed to find us. So Basta and I started
running towards the village. 
	As we were heading to the village Basta started yelling something in his native
language that I couldn’t understand. And many people with worried looks on their
faces came out of tents and started to follow us. We slowed as we approached the
large tent. As we entered the large tent, Magpie had a set of charts laid on a table
in the room. The room looked larger than I thought it was on the outside.
	Basta was explaining what we had seen on the beach to Magpie in their language
faster than I had ever heard before. His words were becoming one long word and you
could tell the fear in his voice. You wouldn’t think someone like him could sound
so scared. He was so muscular and I was very scrawny compared to him. They all were
looking at me now like I was supposed to say something. I guessed they had asked me a
question I hadn’t heard because of my thoughts. 
	“Princess, get into your other clothes and meet us in the circle,” Basta was
talking to me. He sounded so sure he knew what he was doing, but I knew that he
wasn’t sure he wanted to do what the plan was. Even though I had no idea what the
plan was, I did what I was told. 
	I went to the tent that my cloths were in and got dressed. Then I went to sit in my
thrown. Basta was at my side instantly. He was ready to translate for me.
	Magpie was in front of me and telling the tribe the plan. “We will send the
Princess into the woods, where she will act as a lost traveler. She will convince
them that there is no civilization and they will take her aboard their ship. When
they are far out, we will leave the island and go to a nearby one that they have not
been to. Princess will lead them there after we get there and we will fight. But we
must act soon, they have weapons that we do not have. They will destroy our tribe in
minutes. The women and children will stay here and the men will go to fight. Does
this plan sound good to you Princess?” He asked me. I nodded. I was ready to start
my job. Basta followed me until I was far enough to go on my own. 
	“Good luck. We have packed the necessities that you will need for your journey.
Just make sure you don’t get lost or, killed. I would go with you if I could, but
they know my face and would know I am on our side in a heartbeat. Be safe.” Then,
when he was done I gave him a goodbye kiss and left. He watched me as I walked off
into the woods.	 
	 I walked towards the beach and there they were. I tried to acct like I was
starving, thirsty and lost. I walked closer to them and started to drag my feet, then
dropped like I had fainted. I closed my eyes as I could feel many people huddle
around me. 	
	“Is she, dead?” I heard someone ask. I started to open my eyes.
	“No food. No water. No people here. Don’t try. There’s no use.” I said as if
my throat was dry and needed water.
	“We should bring her to the captain. And tell him what she said.” Someone picked
me up.
	I felt myself being set in a chair when I woke my eyes. I could see that I was in a
large room with what looked like a dining table in the center. At the other end was a
man with a large hat. He looked like the captain. The men around him were probably
telling him what they had seen and what I had told them.
	“What is your name?” The man with a large hat said as he shoo-ed the other men
	“My name is Katy,” I stuttered to him. 
	“Do you know who I am?” The man asked. I looked at him. I knew that they were
pirates but I had a better guess at what group they were. 
	I shook my head and then he laughed, “Don’t worry Katy. You are safe with us,”
I didn’t believe him. “ I am Davy Jones. But you can call me Jones. Our ship is
called the Flying Dutchman. Now, you must be hungry from your trip.” As the words
came from his mouth, a man in an apron came from a room and he was holding a tray of
food and was followed by another boy who also had a tray. They sat the food in front
of Jones and me and left the room.
	 I looked at the food and my stomach growled. Jones seemed to notice my stomach’s
protest and nodded toward the food on my plate. I couldn’t resist, so I dug in. The
meal was quite good. And my appetite was saved. I was stuffed by the time my plate
was empty.
	“That’s a pirate’s stomach. You sure can eat a lot for a young lady like
yourself.” He said. I took it as a compliment and blushed and smiled. 
	“Jonny! Come take this lassie to her room. And make sure she is comfortable. Thank
you.” The boy Jonny came from the kitchen and I followed him to the room. 
	“Thank you Jonny.” I said as we entered the room. “Do you know where we are
headed, by any chance?” I asked trying not to sound to guilty. 
	“To harbor. And if I were you, I wouldn’t get into a relationship with the
captain. A pretty girl like you wouldn’t want to end up at the bottom of the sea.
But you didn’t hear it from me. Is there anything you need?” He asked, but I was
thinking about what he had said before that. The bottom of the sea is defiantly where
I would not like to be.
	“Should I know anything else Jonny? About the captain? About you?” I didn’t
want to get into any trouble while I was here in case Basta and Magpie needed me.
	“Nothing you need to worry about. Now, you should get some rest. Tomorrow is going
to be a big day full of things for you. Good night Katy.” He said shutting the door
behind him as he left. But when he said there should be nothing for me to worry
about, I could tell that in his voice was a little insecurity. That he wasn’t so
sure about that. And why would tomorrow be a big day for me? These were all questions
I was wondering about as I laid down in bed. I thought about all of these things and
fell asleep.
	As I woke up, I forgot where I was for a moment. But then I remembered that I was
aboard the Flying Dutchman.  I sat up and looked around. In the corner of the room
was a chair and there was a dress with a note saying “ For You,” on it. So I put
the dress on and went to look around. I followed the sent of bacon and eggs. I
hadn’t noticed that the smell led me to the same room as last night’s dinner.
Jones was in the same chair and when he saw me, motioned me forward and to sit down.

	“Good morning Katy. How was your sleep? Would you like something for breakfast?”
He asked nodding towards the plates of eggs and bacon. My stomach was still resting
from the night before’s feast. 
	“No thank you. My sleep was good. So, captain, what are we doing today?” I asked
trying to sound happy even though I wasn’t really. I was missing the tribe and
	“Well, I was thinking about going to harbor and then going to show you around the
town. Then, we are heading for the Caribbean. The water there is crystal clear, or so
I’ve heard. The beaches have tre

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