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Accidently in love: Chapter 1 pt 1Category: (general)
Wednesday, 14 January 2009
05:13:48 PM (GMT)
Sitting in his class, everyone completely silent, Jamie couldn’t help but feel
uncomfortable.  Biting his pen, he scribbled a few thoughtless sentences in his book,
and yet, he still couldn’t concentrate on his task.  Maybe it was the late night
sleep, he thought.  Rubbing his eyes and stretching, the teacher glared at Jamie from
across the classroom, immediately forcing him to stop stretching and continue with
the work in front.  This stuff was hard.  He stared blankly at the few words he had
written in the space of an hour, he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t
concentrate, in his old school, his concentration was fine, maybe Holly was on his
mind, maybe it was the long walk to school – his dad could drop him off tomorrow. 

            Why couldn’t he concentrate?

  Looking up at the clock, the teacher dismissed the class, and Jamie packed away his
books – slowly.  With a furrowed brow, he thought hard, ignoring the blur of noise
of his peers around him.  Suddenly, someone put their hand upon his shoulder.

Jamie jumped.

“Hey,” said the stranger, “you new?”

Jamie nodded.  The girl looked too friendly; all he had received was the cold
shoulder since he arrived at the school.

“Cool” smiled the girl.  She held out her hand, “I’m Angelica.”  Jamie
thought for a moment, before shaking her hand, maybe she was one of the nice ones in
this school.

“I’m Jamie” he smiled, proud to have said his first words since he had arrived
in London, “I like you’re name”

“Oh,” she giggled, “Call me Angie – and I’m so glad to hear that you’re
not called Rupert or Charles the fifteenth, I don’t think I could handle another
snobby guy in this school…”

Jamie smiled.  For the first time in London, he showed all of his pearly whites.

“So yeah, my friends and I are always at the corner table if you ever fancy joining
us – the corner table is kind of our thing.”

He nodded again.

“So, I’ll see you around?”

Jamie waved goodbye to the group of girls that were sat in the corner as they left
the classroom.  Jamie you fool, he thought to himself, pull it together man, no more
girls until my education comes out on top!

He continued to pack away, but had a strange sensation again – something was
bothering him.  Looking out the corner of his eye, he spotted a dark haired stranger,
staring at him, from the corner of the class room.  He didn’t look much like the
other kids; dark eyes with a thin layer of eyeliner, a deep black fringe that
completely covered his right eye – obviously standing in place with remedies of
hairspray and gel - a shoulder bag - covered in badges, and trainers – an absolute
exclusion if you’re caught wearing them in this school.  In all honesty, Jamie
wondered how he even got into this school.

            Jamie held the strangers’ gaze for a moment, before the stranger’s
eyes fell and dropped to the floor.  Jamie didn’t have a clue who this boy was; but
he was in the girls’ corner.  Turning around to pick up his bag, he faced the
corner, only to realise that the slender lad had vanished.  Confused, Jamie scrunched
up his nose and bit his lip.

            “Are you alright there boy?”  asked the teacher from behind her desk.
 She certainly did startle him.  “You’re going to be late for your next lesson if
you don’t hurry up!” she said.

Jamie nodded, “Yes Miss, sorry Miss” before picking up his bag and leaving,
desperately trying to remember where and what his next class was…



            Making his way into his next class, Jamie was met with cold stares again
– including the teacher.

            “Master Bourne - late, not very good for a first impression”

            “No.  Sorry I’m late Miss”, he apologised, quickly.  Thinking back,
he’d much rather be back at his old ‘public’ school – they wouldn’t
particularly care if you were late or weren’t wearing a perfectly ironed blazer
with tailor made gold plated buttons.  Searching for a seat, he spotted Angie, making
eye contact with him from across the room.  Scurrying over to the spare seat next to
her – the corner table - he felt happy to have made a friend at this awkward

  He wasn’t getting along well with the teachers though, he really needed to make
an impression – fast!

            “So, at the beginning of the human race, there were homo sapiens, I
doubt anyone can tell me the secondary name for them, or even pronounce it-“

Jamie’s hand flew in the air.

“Yes master Bourne?” she sneered.  The class’ heavy stares were making Jamie
feel timid.

“Uh, is it an australopithecine?” he muttered.

“A what?” she asked

“An australopithecine…?”

A silence fell upon the class.

“How did you know that, boy?” the teacher gawped, pointing her finger at the
cowering Jamie in front of her.  Angelica smiled – she had never seen her teacher
take to a pupil so quickly before – Jamie was so smart!

“I like biology?”  he said, coyly.

“Hmm,” she grinned, “I’m glad.  Anything else you know about homo

Jamie nodded shyly, “Only a few things”

“Great!” she clapped her hands with joy, “then you can share your knowledge
with the class – come up and write on the board for us…”

Jamie couldn’t believe it, he was finally making progress with the teachers – the
class seemed to make him feel more relaxed too.   After lesson, the teacher told him
all about the school and where he could find every class and lesson with ease – he
was very grateful for that.

“You made quite an impression” smiled Angelica, picking up her books.  Jamie
smiled back and thanked her; but the way she was looking at him – Jamie could’ve
sworn she was checking him out.  “You work out?”  she asked, her eyes elevating
up and down Jamie’s physique.  Jamie nodded.

“Kinda, I used to go surfing all the time – concentrating more on my music and
academics at the moment though”

“Oh, you play any instruments?”

“A few – guitar and drums I like best, I used to have vocal lessons too”

“That’s hot!” she grinned.  Jamie blushed.  She was pretty, but there were no
fireworks about; not even a spark – she wasn’t the same as Holly.

Through the half an hour break, Angelica showed Jamie around the school, introduced
him to a few people, and answered every one of Jamie’s questions – that boy could
talk when he wanted too.  She was happy to see him open up more.  Angelica looked up
at her new found friend, as they walked onto the dinner hall - his baby blue eyes
were so striking, his blonde-highlighted mane was so sexy – especially when it
fluttered in the wind. He was dead cute.

“Hurray, the sun’s out!” Jamie beamed, grinning.

Wow, his smile was perfect.  He was so different to the other boys – he seemed
almost too good to be true.

They walked through the dinner hall – still speaking, still smiling.  Angelica, who
had only known the cute stranger for a couple of hours, already had a good feeling
about him; she just hoped there wasn’t a bad side.  She led him to the corner table
in the canteen, where Jamie could see all the girls from his English lesson.  Nervous
and excited to make new friends, Jamie happily followed Angelica to the table and
smiled profusely when they arrived.

“Everyone, this is Jamie – from Cornwall – he’s a surfer, a musician, and a
biology enthusiast” prised Angelica.  Jamie blushed.

“Ooh, come and join us – take a seat!” said one girl

“Its not that often we get a surfer at this school” said another.  Sitting down
at a random seat, Jamie took out his packed lunch and began to nibble at his
sandwiches.  Angelica perked up,

“Oh, if you ever want hot food, it’s about seven pounds – you have to pay to
the sectary in the morning though, they’ll give you a slip saying what you’ve

Wow, this school was posh.

Jamie wasn’t bothered about what he ate, he was happy with a pre-made lunch - none
of the girls were eating hot food anyway.  Chewing on a chocolate bar, Jamie listened
to the girls ponder on – all they seemed to do was talk about him, and since he had
his mouth full, Angie was answering all the questions for him.

“Wow, that sounds amazing” cooed one girl, grinning intently.

All the girls nodded in agreement.

“Oh” began Angie, scoping the room, “Where’s Ed?”

“He’s gone home again” the first girl answered

“Aw, that’s a shame,” sighed Angelica, “Poor Ed.”

  Jamie felt uncomfortable - who were they talking about?  Not wanting to intrude,
Jamie just continued to listen, biting into his apple whilst doing so.

“I wish things would work out for him” said one girl

“He’s such a lovely guy” said another

“He needs someone special – maybe everything would work out for him then”
continued Angie, “He’s the nicest boy I’ve ever met.”

The girls nodded.

Jamie, sat there still feeling lost, his attention had completely gone, and the table
fell silent and sad.  He wanted to ask, but he felt intrusive, should he ask just to
break the silence?

“Who’s Ed?” he said.  One by one, the girls looked at Jamie, at each other, and
then all on Angie.  Angie took a breath, and spoke quietly, loud enough so only their
corner table could hear.

“Ed, is a good friend of ours – he’s my oldest friend,” she began, “he’s
had a lot of trouble – with bullying and neglect…” she stopped, looked around,
and started to speak again – slowly.  “He’s very different to the other
lads,” she said, “so much so, that he spends all his time with us girls, but we
love him so much, we just want what’s best for him”

“We hope you’ll love him too” said another girl, finishing off Angie’s words
for her.  Everyone glared.

 “What we mean of course, is that maybe you could hang out with us, Ed could use a
new friend, and we’d love to have another boy in the gang – and he’s such a
lovely boy” Angie said again.

The girls nodded.

Jamie nodded too.  Swallowing whatever he had shovelled into his mouth, he thought,
– maybe they’re using this ‘poor Ed’ issue so he would hang out with the
girls more – but then again, they sounded pretty sincere, and he wasn’t in any
position to pass off friends.

“Sure” he smiled.

The girls squeaked and screamed in celebration.

Jamie laughed.

“We’re so glad,” beamed Angie, pulling Jamie into a tight hug
            “I can tell!” chuckled Jamie, patting her on the back.

He really loved all this attention.

“We’d better get going to next lesson,” said Angie, “You better had too Jamie
– I don’t think you’ll want to make another bad impression on a teacher for
your lateness.”

She was right.  Pacing quickly down the corridors, Jamie tried to search for his
classroom.  He scurried past the Science department, then Maths, English, Art, Music,
and then finally; Drama.

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xxxKaitiexxx says:   14 January 2009   643294  
that was really good
RYAN_IS_RETARDED says :   14 January 2009   132222  


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