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Sunday, 4 January 2009
09:29:04 AM (GMT)
answer them, Momiji was trying to play with Kisa while walking and Hatori and Haru
were walking behind me and Sohma-san. Hatori kept saying that I should stay home and
Haru just kept quiet…which is rare but I think he could fell how scared I was and
Sohma-san looked pale white. Once we got to the house I said good bye to everybody
that was staying and Hatori escorted me and Sohma-san to the main house. My breathing
got heavy as we got closer Hatori said nothing as walked us to the hallway I could
see my old room and Akito’s room right across the hall I was so scared that I
wanted to just run away but I looked at Sohma-san and that reminded me why I was
going so I started down the hall and I soon heard Sohma-san’s footsteps I opened
the door and saw Akito-san on the porch then Sohma-san closed the door and Akito-san
looked back, he stood up and I sat down quickly and I saw Sohma-san sit next to me.
Akito-san then walked closer to us and started to talk “ Hello, Yuki…	Leia…you
are wondering why I wanted you two too come” he walked over to Sohma-san and said
“Yuki I wish you would go to the main house more often…on your own free will.”
Then he looked over at me “Leia…how are you doing at school…I saw you locking
for somebody at the ceremony..were you trying to see if I came I told Hatori not to
say anything.” Then Akito-san crept closer to me and whispered in my ear “I
wouldn’t get use to having Haru or the others around I may just take you
could have your room back too I left it the same was it was as the day you left.”
He just got back up and talked to Sohma-san I heard him talk about a small room. I
remember hearing Sohma-san cry a lot when we were younger Akito-san then got back up
and told Sohma-san to leave. He got up at left now I was alone with Akito-san. He
said that he would take me back at the time I least expect it that he would lock me
in my room again and that if I try to get away this time I might not make it to a
hospital..I just felt a rage build inside me I tried to keep it under control but it
bursted I started to yell at Akito-san I said that I will run away that he should not
be punishing me of what I did! I ran out of the room and I got to the stairs I
stopped to catch my breath then I remember falling down the stairs and then
Sohma-san’s voice I heard him say something to Akito-san then I remember Hatori and
somebody trying to pick me up but then all I remember after that is me falling to the
ground and then nothing. After a few minutes I woke up there was a bright light and I
saw Rin over me. I got up and looked around I noticed I was in a hospital room and
that Sohma-san and Haru were asleep on a small couch as my eyes adjusted to the
bright lights I saw a cast on Sohma-san’s left arm. Rin just said that He had tried
to pick me up and transformed and I fell on his arm. I wanted to talk but my voice
was so raspy that I could only get a few words out I believe I managed to get out
what happened to me. Then Rin had said that I had a fight with Akito and I ran out
the room and he pushed me down the stairs. Haru started to wake up and Rin said that
she had to go I waved bye, I knew there was no way I would be able to say good bye
and she walked out the room. She never liked to be around Haru now…she told me she
had broken up with him..I had no Idea how Haru was when she told me this but I still
let her tell me all about it we were best friends until I went to live with Haru but
we still talk. Then a nurse came in and looked surprised to see me she walked out of
the room and then Haru woke up he said “Leia Good you are awake!” He went over to
hug me but I pushed him away he asked what was that for I couldn’t talk very well
so I just tried to make out cow horns I believe he got what I was trying to say. Then
a doctor and another nurse with the one that came in before stepped through the door
the doctor walked over to me and started to poke my right leg I winced at the pain as
I looked at my leg I noticed it was in a cast and so was my right arm. The doctor had
said that I would have to stay at the hospital for at least two weeks and stay home
from school for at least another two I was thinking great I get to miss a month of
school I am going to be so far behind. While I was thinking I felt something touch my
right arm I suddenly without thinking flung my left arm over at the person and then I
heard a bang. I looked down at the side and saw Sohma-san lying on the floor.
“I’m so sorry Sohma-san!” I was able to say I had forgotten about my leg and
started to get up then I felt the pain in my leg and I fell over as Sohma-san was
trying to get up and I almost fell on him but Haru moved him out of the way I tried
to get up but I couldn’t stand and the doctor came to help me into the bed once he
looked at the machines he left and the nurses followed him out. Once the door closed
and I heard them walk away I started to

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