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Wednesday, 31 December 2008
07:32:08 PM (GMT)
Horrible Late January in Florida, my brother, Adam, and I decided to go for a long jog. My brother is 16 amd he sure knows hoe to take care of himself. We went through a park called Faraway and sarted to mess around on the little tunnel. I got on top of the tunnel and stood on it to look for Adam who had suddenly dissapeared. "Adam!!" I called out. "Okay the jokes over!!! You can come out now!!" I waited a few long seconds. It got very quiet very quickly. Then I heard footsteps stomping against the dirt. I turned around and saw no one there. I sat on the tunnel for a little longer and didn't here anything. Then the same thing happened this time except the steps were louder and sounded like the source of them as furious. I started to get scared and figured Adam would come later. When I was halfway home, someone was standing in front of a house. Just a sillouette though. I looked closer and saw just the darkness of a shadow. So I thought I must just be seeing things. But then, the shadow started running after me with the same steps. Loud. Mad. Fast. I ran as fast as I could home with aghost behind me. I never saw Adam again. But for some reason I dont think this is the end of the story The Whisp This happened to me when I was about nine or ten years old. I was getting dressed in my room so I could go to school. I noticed a witch hat from my sister's haloween costume in the closet. I grabbed the hat and put it on my head and over my eyes. I could still see through the hat and I looked about, but then a white, misty apparation floated past me. It scared the living daylights out of me, and so I got out of my room as quick as I could. The Toy Clown There was a cute little girl aged about 4.She was interested in clowns so much.One day her mum and her self were going past the toy area.She saw one clown sitting on the top shelf holding up 2 fingers she wanted it really badly.Her mum would not let her but she started to cry and winge so her mum said fine her you go!.When they were at the counter the man said do not buy this toy im warning you.The lady said what ever and walked off.When the mum was putting the shopping in the kitchen the little girl ran upstairs jumped on her bed and opened her toy.The little girls mum heard the girl scream so she dropped her shopping and ran upstairs to see nothing but the clown,blood on the bed and the clown was holding up 3 fingers!. 2 Twins There were 2 twins nearly the same but one of them was born 3 mins after.The older one was called Annie and the younger one was called Anna.Annie and Anna loved this one man really much named Dan.He was a player because he dates the 2 twins a day!.But Anna and Annie never told each other they love the same man.One day Annie was getting married to Dan.Anna didn't know but she found out when she was invited to the wedding and she got really jealous.Anna and Annie and Dan lived in the same house together.When Dan was out to work.Annie was walking down the stairs and then Anna got a knife from the side and cut her leg.She came tumbling down and fell on a stair.Anna buried her there and dressed up as Anna and Annie all the time.When Dan came home he said you look a little different so they both went upstairs in the room and had ***. The next day when Dan went to work.Anna was walking down the stairs when a blue invisble hand with a knife came out of the stair where Anna exactley buried Annie and cut her leg and then Anna came tumbling down and fell right next to where Annie was buried.Anna's ghost came out and buried her and laughed evily!. The Ring A boy named Dylan aged about 15 or 14 lived with his mum who was 48.His dad died in a mysterious accident near a cliff.The mum's name was Jenny she said to Dylan that when i die you can have every thing in this house but this ring (that Jenny was wearing).Out of no where Jenny said alright in bed.When Dylan was going to his room he said to him self why cant i have that ring? is it powerful,magic ? A few years past and Dylan's Mum died when she was comming home from work.Dylan was really sad but he did bury her in the grave yard near their house.It started to rain.After he buried her he quickly got the ring from her hand but it would not come off so he just cut the hole finger and was really happy that he forgot to put the dirt back on the grave.The next day the bell rang.Some one was at the door when he opened it it was raining hardly and a old women was there that looked fimilar.She said can i stay in her for a couple of days, and Dylan said sure!.Then Dylan looked at the lady's right hand and said wheres your finger gone.And the lady said YOU HAVE IT! If you wanna add REAL HORROR SCARY stories then please go ahead
Last edited: 1 January 2009

Amy_Bby says:   31 December 2008   755886  
there is more to comee i could not be bothered to write more
Amy_Bby says:   31 December 2008   982245  
these storiess did not happen to me - i got them online from the net
^^ - but the ones below the whisp those are mine and i heard them from
my friendss and sleep overss and partiess so imma gonna writee them
down ^^ 37463467^%^& - havee funn.
Amy_Bby says :   31 December 2008   572999  
and i heard them from
my friendss and >> my mistakee its supposed to be AT not AND -- sleep


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