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Chain Writing Challenge 1!Category: OPERATION CHAIN WRITERS!!!!
Thursday, 18 December 2008
10:06:16 PM (GMT)
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    As I fell through the snow ridden street, with Brenton taking my elbow and
saying, "Easy now...." or a, "HAL! Thats ice!" Then whisking me away. I feel blind in
this massive snow mound. Even little Duckie, though he's about the same size (or a
little bigger) then me, helps lift me out of the snow banks. I am HollyAnn Porter, of
Sparrow Drive, too fragile and small for all the normal stuff everyone else does. I
am 13 years old, but smaller then a 3rd grader. I was born 3 months premature.
Techniquelly, I do have a twin, but to me I don't. The doctor's noticed something was
worng with me then, and though it was risky, I was born, my sister born 3 months
later. This Christams break was the best.
   I would sit in the chair of Brenton's living room, sipping hot chocolate and
talking to him about the new sword I was working on, secretly, I was goading him into
telling me what he liked, so I could make one for him. We loved to roleplay with
metal swords, but of course, that's off topic. So we were talking and Daddy walked in
through the front foor and I waved and blew him a kiss, then continued my
conversation with Brenton. Daddy walked in to speak with Brenton's Mom, who was
practically my mom after my real mom died 10 years ago. Daddy remarried but Shelby
wasn't my mom, or my friend. I survived her because of my 'twin' Kim, who was her
little doll. She dressed Kim up and paraded her about the run ways. 
  So later that day, as I sat in my little workshop hacking away at the wooden hilts.
I had a delicate one that conformed to my hand, then a much larger one that fit into
Brenton's. I soon found myself twisting around a length of string about the hilt when
Daddy came in smiling.
  "Whatcha workin on?"
  "New swords. I'm making one for Brenton." I said proudly as I held up the wooden
hilt, which I was almost ready to finish by placing it in the melted silver plastic,
which would give it a grip and a nice look. 
  "You 2 will have plenty of time to practice with each other, of course it's your
  "What?! Daddy, wou can't mean it! You'r gonna stay hoem with me and let Shelby and
Kim go to Europe by themselves!" i was overjoyed.
   :Not quite, Baby. You'll be staying with Brenton... Kimmy needs me, it's her first
international compition. But I know how much it means to you to be home for
Christmas, so it's up to you."
   "Well... I'll miss you, btu I'd much rather stay with Brenton..." I hugged him,
and that's how it came that I spent christmas with Brenton.
   I finished the swords and Brenton loved it, I was overwhelmed by the happiniess
that flowed from him when he opened it up. We play-fighted for the longest fo times,
I enjoyed this secret pleasure because it was the only thing I was good at, my bones
snapped like twigs and my skin cut like foil. I wasn't exactly the best of sport
players. But I learned to defend and gaurd so that no one could tuch me. 

But that was the past, Kim was back and I wasn't going to enjoy her reign, which of
course meant fighting with me because I was the poster child for nerdyness. I
perferred my taped up glasses, I didn't fit into the stylish teen clothes, so I wore
teeshirts and faded denim jeans. I'm not going to lie, I look ridiculous when i wear
my plastic rain boots with the teal colored fish dancing on them. I have blonde hair
that is always seperated into pig tails and a hoard of freckles, like I said, I was a
walking target.

When me and my nerd herd had made it into the school I immediatly heard the laughter
from the students who didn't have a life. I bowed down and then when I looked up a
soft smiled pulled over my theatrical one. Raven was sitting on a bench with a look
of sheer hate, then I saw the scattered items that I knew to be Raven's all over the
floor. I nudged Duckie and tried to find Brenton but he was alreeady of to class. Me
and my freind started to pick up the books and clutter. We shoveled it into her bag
and lifted the bag to her.
"how was your break, Raven?"  But she couldn't answer because KIm was stalking toward
us with her blondes.
 "Oh... Still wearing those?" She said with a smirk on her face as she pointed to my
boots. "I wore those when I was three..." Kim laughed and her groupies laughed with
her. I rolled my eyes and walked away.

Lunch proved difficult when me, Brenton, Duckie and Raven took our lunches and
pounded up the stairs and sat with our feet hanging over the balcony eating our lunch
in what we thought was privacy. But then there was a thud and I looked at Brenton who
was looking at the orange shape in his lap. And then I swiftly moved my head as an
apple came soaring. Soon we were under attack by unending fruit. Finally, it stopped
and I lowered my arms. But the hefty laughter of the foot ball players met my ears as
a spoon of mashed potatoe's met my face. I wiped it off and scooted out of the bars
and accidently kicked my tray over the edge. Then I heard it. Kim, screaming like a
knife had landed in her head and not a plastic tray with horrible food. But I heard
the sounds of Kim storming up the stairs...
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‹-♥♣YaY♣♥i♥♣Am♣♥LoVeD♣♥-› says:   19 December 2008   872796  
wow   u wrote  a lot awsome =]
‹{☜☏☞}› says:   19 December 2008   161272  
Is it to be re-wrote or continued?
MeepingMeep says:   19 December 2008   641197  
I didn't get a chance to finish it, I'm almost done, but it was a
school night and I had to sleep. Turns out it's a snow day... : P
‹{☜☏☞}› says:   19 December 2008   797749  
MeepingMeep says:   19 December 2008   132192  
When I finish it, then it will be rewrote, relax.
‹{☜☏☞}› says :   20 December 2008   998574  
Ok! ^^


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