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Monday, 15 December 2008
07:53:53 PM (GMT)
Stolen from WonderDORK. :B -- Instructions: 1. Choose 7 OCs of yours. 2. Label them 1-7. 3. Answer the questions depending on which number it involves. - - - The OCs: 1= Alice. 2= Lola Belle. 3= Reanne. 4= Jesse. 5= Jacob. 6= Ryan. 7= Skylar. - - - Number 1 and 2 throw a party, they can only invite 4 people. Who do they invite? 3, 4, 5, 6. :] They're all best friends. How does the number they leave out react? "I don't really care," answers Skylar. "Stupid eleven-year-old parties. Dude, I'm booked on that day, anyways. I'm going to a fricking SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD'S party. And I'm SIXTEEN." Number 7 catches number 2 and 4 snogging, what is their reaction? Doesn't tell anybody, but feels somewhat sorry for 3 and 6. "Seems like 2 and 4 had some relationship anyways," says Skylar. "3 and 6 can get together." He waves his hand dismissively and looks away, uninterested completely. What do number 2 and 4 do once they are caught? Lola Belle flushes nervously while Jesse stares at Skylar somewhat sheepishly. Number 3 and 5 are hired to assassinate number 2. Describe the conversation of their reaction. "You know, Alice, Ry, or Jesse, I wouldn't mind, but Lolli..." Reanne's voice trails off and she makes a face. "Eh," says Jacob, shrugging and dropping the gun at the same time Reanne does. "Whatever." Number 2 is assassinated. Who is most likely to avenge their death? Alice. xD They're best friends. What do number 4 and 6 talk about at number 2's funeral? That one action movie. Number 7 is in love. Who with? Most likely a chick from his school. Number 6 and number 3 get married. What is everyone's else reaction? Alice- OOH! -squeal- THIS IS SO EXCITING! >3< I WANNA PICK OUT THE DRESSES! I WANNA PICK OUT THE DRESSES! Lola Belle- I'm happy for you two. :3 Jesse n' Jacob- -whips out water guns- >D Let's crash this goddamn thing. Skylar- Knew it. =__= -pops out the beer- What does number 6 wear to the wedding? A fancy suit that looks GREAT on him. "Like they usually do," smugly adds Ryan. Number 5 gets drunk and makes out with number 7. They end up waking up in the same bed in the morning, what does number 1 do? Alice looks up, wide-eyed, while Jacob suffers with an extreme hangover. "SKYLAR!" yells Alice. "WHAT DID YOU DO?" "Oh, you knowwww," slurs Skylar with a stupid grin. Everyone is stuck on a desert island and the only way to survive is to eat each other. Who gets eaten first? Alice. She annoys everyone the most. :D They all attempt to eat that number but number 5 stands up for them. What is the conversation like? "Why not?" complains Ryan. "My complexion is starting to turn pale!" "She's our friend," says Jacob in the most sincere manner, while Alice looks at him. "We've done everything for her, as she's done for us. We can't do this. I'd rather starve." There is a long pause, broken by Skylar. "What are you two, married now?" They all arrive safely home. But they find all their houses have been burnt down except number 4's. What do they do? They all crash there till...well, forever.

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