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Being ChristianCategory: Christian Religion
Friday, 5 December 2008
05:53:37 PM (GMT)
Being Christian is not only believeing Jesus is your savior,but to follow his self
Love all. For peace shall bring you happiness through life.
Once Christian,do not let ANYONE tell you to stop preaching or believeing.
Be wise with choices, and do not follow the foolish.

Cute_tohru says:   5 December 2009   310264  
:O All christians must believe in God and Jesus. CHRISTIANS CAN'T
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   22 August 2010   980090  
Love all except the following:
Rebellious teens(seriously, the bible says rebellious teens should be
killed, no joke)
and all non-believers.
‹§♥Completely and Totally ME♥§› says:   13 April 2011   958258  
No, Christians should love everyone. Even their enemies. Like the
saying 'Love the sinner hate the sin.' And... scripture reference? 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   13 April 2011   896236  
The bible doesn't say that.
I know it's somewhere on I'll look for it. 
‹§♥Completely and Totally ME♥§› says:   14 April 2011   668585  
No, the saying isn't from the bible. But the 'love your enemies' part
is. (Matthew 5:43-4 and they have scripture references? 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   14 April 2011   657716  
Yes, they do have scripture references. There's a list of all the
people God says you're supposed to kill at this link: 
‹§♥Completely and Totally ME♥§› says:   14 April 2011   928517  
Notice how all of those are from the Old Testament? More specifically
the Law? Those were set by Moses for the Jews, they really are not
necessary to be followed by Christians... or even by Jews in this day
and age. 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   14 April 2011   886820  
Actually, the bible says God's world is forever, so his laws are too.
In fact, the bible NEVER states ANYWHERE to throw out those old laws.
You're making shit up. 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   14 April 2011   799033  
Isaiah 40:8:
"The grass withers, the flower fades; but the word of our God will
stand for ever."
‹§♥Completely and Totally ME♥§› says:   18 April 2011   595115  
No, it doesn't say to throw them out, but even Jesus didn't repeat the
rule about keeping the Sabbath holy, while he restated all the other
ten commandments.
These weren't the word of God to last forever. They were meant for the
Israelites- and they were not Christians. Besides... Back to the
original argument, even if they were told to kill those, that doesn't
mean to not love them.
1 Peter 5-7
In view of all this, make every effort to respond to God's promises.
Supplement your faith with a generous provision of moral excellence,
and moral excellence with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control,
and self-control with patient endurance, and patient endurance with
godliness, and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly
affection with love for everyone.[b/] 
‹§♥Completely and Totally ME♥§› says:   18 April 2011   934221  
And, if you read the cited verses from the webpage in context, it
says they were for the Israelites. Exodus 35:1-3.
The next one took me a bit more time to find. But if you go through
Deuteronomy it continually talks about 'In the land of the Lord', so
these were rules for them while they were in Canaan. 
For Leviticus 20, the first two verses specifically state "The LORD
said to Moses,"Give the people of Israel these instructions, which
apply both to native Israelites and to the foreigners living in
Israel."" Very obviously for those in Israel.
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   18 April 2011   459470  
So you're saying, you can take certain pieces of the bible you like,
and just drop out what you don't like and claim they were only for the
old jews? 
‹§♥Completely and Totally ME♥§› says:   19 April 2011   858362  
Well that website of yours did the exact opposite. 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   19 April 2011   382178  
I know, and?
The website pointed out things in the bible people ignore. 
‹§♥Completely and Totally ME♥§› says:   19 April 2011   651182  
Well I'm simply putting those things into context. If you see a set of
laws for, say, those in the 1800's, do you assume you have to follow
them or do you look for things the current laws say on a similar
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   19 April 2011   427538  
There's the thing though, at some point, congress took them out and
therefore they have no meaning. And also, there is no law that states
all laws are forever. Quite unlike the bible. 
‹§♥Completely and Totally ME♥§› says :   31 January 2012   782357  
Galatians 2 and 3 shed some light on the subject. 


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