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The Lady of ShallotCategory: Stories
Friday, 5 December 2008
04:10:20 PM (GMT)
Once upon a time, a long while ago, there lived a fair maiden, in a tall dark tower
near Camelot. There she sat all day, peering through a mirror that showed her the
outside world, for a curse was set upon her by an evil witch, a curse which meant she
could not look out of the window. This made her incredibly upset and bored of her
life in the tower, so she weaved a wonderous colourful web of the world outside. The
immense fields of barley and rye which stretched as far as the eye could see, and the
many grey walls and towers of the kingsom of Camelot. She also included the more
upsetting things that she saw, in dark, gloomy colours, such as a funeral with great
plumes and lights, or a beautiful couple of newlyweds, having a picnic as the sunsets
by the riverbed. 

Everyday she continued to look through the mirror, and weaving the surly village
people, an abbot on an ambling pad and a troop of young girls. She saw a handsome
young knight on his horse, and sighed, "I hath no knight so loyal and true, I am sick
of these shadows through my mirror clear and blue." But still she weaved by night and
day, wishing to be set free of her trap.

A red cross knight came riding along the path by the river one day, singing a
cheerful tune, "You're beautiful... You're beautiful... You're beautiful, It's
true..." he sang. his coal black curls bounced out from underneath his platinum
helmet, and the gemmy bridle of his horse glittered in the little light of day that
was left. "That is a knight, a handsome, loyal, strong and true one too." She could
see his crystal blue eyes, shining in brightly. "I must see this for real..." she
muttered, and stood up. She left the web, left the loom, and made three paces through
the room. Standing by the window, she turned and stared at the handsome young knight
lookin up at her. The mirror cracked, the web flew out the window and floated wide.
"The curse has come upon me." she cried. 

She came down the steps, completely controlled by the curse. She walked to the edge
of the river, and looked down into the icy blue water, fear in her eyes. She found a
boat, floating beneath a trembling willow tree. She loosened the chain, and etched
her name into the prow of the boat. The lady of Shallot. She lay down and took one
last look at the beautiful surroundings of her home for many years. Robed in snowy
white gowns, she lay completely still, and sang her last song. A mournful, holy
carol, chanted loudly and lowly. The knight, Lancelot, heard her and wandered to the
riverbank. The boat began to sail off and her singing slowly got quieter, and her
breathing became slower. Her blood froze and her lips turned blue, she stopped
singing altogether, and died. The boat stopped, near the castle, and the lord, dame,
the knights and Lancelot, all came to see this sight. Lancelot planted a kiss on her
cheek, and said, "I bid you farewell my princess, if only you could have had a better
life." And with that, he drew his sword from his scabbert, and stabbed himself. His
last words were, "If you can't come to me, then i shall come to you."

The End.

You must ask to re-use this story, as I worked hard to write this. It is based on a
Poem, The Lady of Shallot, and i should be writing some other stories soon. I hope
you like it =]
Last edited: 7 December 2008

‹♥•;just;me;myself;and i;•♥› says:   6 December 2008   649774  
Please can I have some feedback on this story? If you like it i shall
write more maybe about the people who live in Camelot called---- i
don't know give me some inspiration for some more stories and i will
post them.
ultra_sexii says:   6 December 2008   635537  
That is very very good. I like it a lot. Shame, but i have to delete
my account now because i never come on here. goodbye love.
‹♥•;just;me;myself;and i;•♥› says:   6 December 2008   196424  
Thank you. Please don't go.
kateylnncullenx3 says:   7 December 2008   481748  
That was amazing.
‹MiaSaysRawr♥› says:   7 December 2008   754333  
LOVE it. 
‹♥•;just;me;myself;and i;•♥› says:   7 December 2008   263641  
THANK YOU!!!!!! I worked hard pn the ending mostly, and now i need
some new ideas for stories. I'm making an app form now for you to fill
in if you have an idea.
hyper_mad says:   11 December 2008   165929  
that was brill i nearly started crying at the end
‹♥•;just;me;myself;and i;•♥› says :   11 December 2008   182954  
YAY! I made Megz cry! well almost.


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