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ConfusedCategory: (general)
Sunday, 30 November 2008
06:26:35 PM (GMT)
Okay this is the WHOLE situation. My problems are that ONE my friend is like a
"bipolar depressive" but she doesn't see that she is when really you can tell.
Something always sets her off and she always ends up crying. There was this one time
that her friend (I'll call him Bob) named....Bob hit her with a water balloon and she
started crying and tried to get him into trouble. I mean seriously I'm sorry but
thats just really sad when you try to get someone into trouble and cry over a water
balloon. Then later she keeps like breaking up with her boyfriends and then just
going out with someone the NEXT day. Then later she puts on her IM stuff like "All
the happy people in my life are gone now." or "Tear drops fall and I don't know why."
I'm like uhmm seriously, your the one that broke up with them. Then she comes and
complains to me about it and I'm like what the heck? Go away! The next is that she
does it for attention. She always goes up to MY boyfriend and tries to pity him into
doing something for her. I mean that gets annoying because then he always spends more
time with her and I just get ignored. It's almost like she is trying to take him from
me. That really gets on my nerves. Sometimes I just wish I have never met her and
other times she is sooo nice and we just are great friends. I mean I love her family
but she is just NUTS! Then she seems to depend on my boyfriend for total happiness
and thats what scares me. I keep telling him and he keeps saying "Oh I know I know.
I'll try to do something about it later. Sorry its making you feel this way." then I
turn around and tell him "If you don't do something about it I just won't get any
time with you and I'll just go shopping for a bf that actually does care about me and
want to spend time with me instead of spending most of their time with her." I Know
that is kind of harsh but thats the reality in this whole situation and I really
don't know what to do. I guess I'll just live through it.

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