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Thursday, 16 October 2008
12:43:25 PM (GMT)
It was a day like any other but not for Laveda. Today was the day that she saw for
herself what the so called 'demons' were like outside. All her life she was afraid of
something that she didn't even know. Well, that was about to change today. 
Laveda found several times that she could sneak off without her mother knowing.
Whilst she was getting changed, having a wash, checking the garden and even at
breakfast but everytime the opportunity arose, Laveda couldn't. She felt like she was
betraying everything her mother fought for. She had responsibilities, she was the
oldest, what if her mother died tomorrow? What would the rest of the family do
without her? No! Laveda couldn't think like that. Her mother said it was the devil's
word. If. 

Laveda's mother grabbed Safara, the youngest of Laveda's siblings, and took her to
the bathroom to bathe her. Laveda saw her chance. It was now or never. 
But did she want to? It could be dangerous? No, I've got to find out for myself,
Laveda thought and she shot up off her chair and grabbed her mother's cloak. She had
never seen her mother actually wear it bt then again, her mother had never been out
the house. She swung it around her, it was a bit baggy but fitted her in length as
Laveda was a tall person. She pulled up the hood as she flew down the stairs to the
front door. She was thankful that none of her siblings had followed as she climbed
over the wooden block that was wedged at the bottom of the stairs to stop them from
getting out when they were younger.
The front door was yellowing and had been covered in cobwebs in the corner. She heard
her mother come out of the bathroom and plod to the living room, 
"LAVEDA! LAVEDA! Where can that wretched girl be?" Laveda heard footsteps approaching
the stairs and Laveda's heart started pumping hard and fast. What was the chance of
coming to the stairs? Her mother was coming closer. Where was she meant to hide? She
wouldn't make it out in time if she yanked the door open ,she had to go through all
the locks. So where could she go?
She crouched behind the board, grabbing her cloak out the way of view. She heard her
mother's footsteps stop at the top of the stairs. That's it, she was caught for
definite. She would never see the light of day, even from the window. She felt her
breathing getting louder and heavier. Laveda felt her head becoming lighter and she
began to feel dizzy with excitement and fear.
Eventually, her mother's footsteps faded away and the bathroom door closed again. It
was only ten minutes later that Laveda dared to creep to the top of the board and
take a look. The coast was clear.
She focused on the door. Did she really want to go? Well, she's already got this far,
she had to carry on, didn't she?
She heard an arguement start upstairs. This was her chance. As the noise reached it's
peak, Laveda cautiously unlatched the door and opened it a tad. It creaked loudly and
Laveda froze, her heart quickened again. When she felt confident that no one had
heard she opened the door a bit more and slipped through the gap and she closed the
door behind her.
She turned around to have fresh air shoved at her face. She breathed it in deeply.
She had done it, she was outside. Her heart was still pumping fast but with
She saw what the house looked like from the outside for the first time. It was tall,
very tall. They looked all the same down the entire street. Dirty, yellowing and made
Laveda feel intimidated. 
Someone passed her down the street and stared at her with pale, white, eerie eyes.
Laveda tried not to stare and ended up dragging her eyes to the ground. She pulled
the cloak more around her and started off down the street...
Last edited: 16 October 2008

My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   16 October 2008   488676  
So good. Seriously. 

I so wanna be in it as a character. >.<
‹Sophie<3› says:   17 October 2008   239978  
wow thats great
‹Emafie› says:   17 October 2008   867672  
thx ^^
The_Dead_Writer says:   13 November 2008   461494  
Once again, this is written with real excitement.  I can't wait to
read what happens next!
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says :   13 November 2008   355175  
This is really good! The_Dead_Writer is right! Can't wait too keep on


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