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'Not The Best' CHAPTER 2Category: (general)
Thursday, 9 October 2008
12:21:35 PM (GMT)
2: Short Tears

   Just then, I heard sobs coming from one of the stalls. I stood up, and opened the
door to one of them. There sat a boy leaning over the toilet. Vomit slowly dripping
out of his mouth.
   “Dude...? What happened to you?” I asked. At first the boy didn’t reply, but
after a while he finally managed to stutter out:
   “S-someone... D-did som-something... T-to... M-my food...”
   “Are you okay?” I asked worriedly. He threw up one last time before
   “Y-yeah... I think so.” He replied. He stood up. “So, who are you,
   “Jimmy.” I replied. “And you?”
   “Johnny.” He looked up at me. Yeah. He had to look ‘up’. “Wow...”
   “What?” I asked.
   “You’re tall...” He stared at in wonder.
   “Well, gee, I haven’t heard that one before.” I said sarcastically. Just
then, Brian came in, probably looking for me. As soon as he saw me, he looked over at
   “Who the hell is that?” He asked.
   “This is Johnny.” I smiled excitedly.
   “Uh... Alright then. Lunch’s almost over. You two might wanna hurry back.”

-back in the lunchroom-
Zacky’s POV

   Johnny decided that he’d sit with us. We learned a lot about him from just
talking. We learned that the reason why we’d never met him before was because his
dad was the coach of the football team, and that basically meant that the players
forced him to hang out with them. Brian was a bit confused by that, seeing as how his
height would have gotten him kicked off the football team in about two seconds.
   However, the fact that Johnny’s dad was the coach, prevented him from getting
kicked off the team.
   “Reproduction sucks.” Johnny said. “Especially when the father is a stuck up
jock that only cares about football. Seriously! I think he cares more about the other
players than me!”
   “Aw... You poow wittle thing...” Jimmy said jokingly hugging Johnny as hard as
he could.
   “Jimmy... I... Need... Frickin’... Air!” Johnny moaned. Jimmy immediately
let go.
   “Sowwy, Johnny-kins.” Jimmy apologized.
   “‘Johnny-kins’?” Johnny asked.
   “You’ll get used to it.” I said. “I remember when he met me. He kept
calling me ‘Zacky-kins’.” Johnny was laughing like crazy when I said that.
   “No way! Really?” He asked.
   “Yesh.” Jimmy said hugging me, too. “He ish my Zacky-kins!”
   “What about Matt?” I asked. Jimmy smiled. He let go of me, and scooted closer
to Matt. Matt scooted away. Jimmy just scooted closer again. He then tackled Matt
onto the floor, fake-kissing him. By now, Johnny had almost fallen out of his seat in
   “My Matty-kins!” Jimmy shouted happily.
   “Seriously, dude. Do you have a nickname for everyone?” Johnny asked. Jimmy
stood up, and straightened his tie.
   “Everyone but Brian.” He said pointing at Brian. “I can’t end his name
with ‘kins’. It just doesn’t work like that. You’re name has to end with a
   Just then, something snapped into my head. Our sworn enemy’s name ended with a
‘y’. I wonder what would happen if...
   “What about Corey? What do you call him?” I asked.
   “Evil. And Smelly. Very, smelly. Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very,
very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, VEEEEEEEEEEERY smelly.”
   “Makes sense.” Johnny shrugged. “Although, you guys haven’t had to smell
him every day of your lives.”
   “Now I feel great sympathy for you.” Brian said. Johnny laughed.

-After School-
Still Zacky’s POV

   After school, we all walked home together. Jimmy had been riding on my back the
entire time.
   “Jimmy?” I asked.
   “Yes, Zacky-kins?”
   “Get off of me.” I said calmly.
   “No.” Jimmy smiled.
   “Evil.” I said dropping him onto the ground. He pretended to cry.
   “How could you, Zacky-kins?! I thought we had something special!” Jimmy
   “I thought so, too. Until you made me your pony.” I said.
   “At least you’re not his pack mule.” Johnny - who had been carrying both
Jimmy’s backpack, and his own - said. Jimmy looked up from his spot on the ground.
He stood up, and jumped onto Johnny’s back.
   “RUN, PACK MULE! RUN!” He shouted so loudly, that the people that were outside
all looked at us.
   “What?” Jimmy asked them. “Haven’t you ever seen a human pack mule

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