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Lost girl (Ch.9)Category: Story
Saturday, 4 October 2008
02:17:52 AM (GMT)
Chapter nine: Landing

     After Bill led me back to my room last night I went onto the deck. (After Bill
left so that he wouldn't feel bad.) But when I came back I actually fell asleep! Go
figure. Anyways I woke up the find the sky a lovely shade of grey. For most people
the sun shinning and birds chirping is a good omen, but the seagulls here annoy me,
so I found from my exiting trip up the stairs. On the bright side a buffet table had
cookies. But the sea gulls stole one. Which is why i like that it might rain: Maybe
that'll make those stupid birds go away.
      Overcast and chilly seemed to have been a good omen (as I thought) because
Julie accompanied by Emily came to my room this morning. Turns out Julie's alot
younger then I thought. Only three years older then Emily and me, so she spends most
of her time with her parents, Emily, or Bill who were up until a few days ago the
only other conceince teenagers on board. Emily handed me a pancake... Without a
plate... Or a fork... Or syrup... In fact it was sorta scrunched into a loose ball.
She told me that I used to eat them that way. The pancake was delious for at the
center of the ball was a chunk of chocolate. The Emily burst out laughing and said
that I'd always refused to eat them like that, and that it was her moms recipe, but I
didn't mind because it was really good.
     After talking about those mangas Emily loaned me for about an hour Frank came
and told me I had to go hang out with Aunt Julie. The one who was pregnant,
and thus put moisturizer on her stomach not her elbows. (Julie explained that
actually. She said that if they get dry they turn red or grey and really wrinkly. I
borrowed her moisturizer after that.) I was optimistic about his meeting. Having some
little toothless dude in her was bound to be a conversation starter. Worse come to
worse I can also start a rousing debate about what brand of diapers is best. 
      When Frank and I got to his and his wife's room I saw that it was very differnt
from mine. Namely it had a tiny bathroom area. Good thing too, because Aunt Julie was
puking into the toilet. Frank leaned near her and in between bouts of sickness She
said "morning- Sickne- not sea sic- Tell Penel- I'll- co-----me find her when I'm
---!" Frank told me to go back to my room, and he stayed to help his wife. I asked if
I could help but he said there wasn't anything anyone could do. So I went up on the
deck and tried to see whales/ Dolphines/ manatees/ otters/ platyous's/ lock ness
monsters that might be swimming by.
    What i did spot was land. Of course this was only after squiting in the direction
of all the shouting and pointing that was going on when I got up there, but hey, it
counts. There it was. France, land of berets, salted snails and the eiphel tower.
Some kid comes running up to me and goes "Did you know the Eiphal tower was actually
built for a construction contest? The judges hated it too! It was set for demolition
but during World War 2 People found that it made a great radio tower so they kept it.
Now it's the symbol of France" Then his mother dragged him away saying "how much
coffee did you drink George?!" 
   The captain says we'll be there in about three hours.

note from Kirti- that Eiphal tower thing is true by the way.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   4 October 2008   567935  
AWesome!!!!!!!! Loeve it!!
Kirti says:   5 October 2008   927996  
really? it was really late when I wrote it so nothing happened... I
just ended it and went to bed.

I promise the next one will be more interesting! 
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   5 October 2008   291558  
thats cool about the Eiphal tower!
Kirti says :   6 October 2008   621691  
yeah! it was on the history channel. 


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