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Chapter 7 :D and possibly chaper 8! :D:DCategory: fanfiction
Tuesday, 23 September 2008
11:10:48 PM (GMT)
You heard right! :D:D chapter 7 and maybe 8 is here! 
Disclaimer:I do not own Naruto! I just own Akira, and Rose and of course this plot. I
only own this computer, and socks which my mom bought! 

Where we last left off....
Naruto blushed too. The firefly
flew away, but there hands remained together. Naruto scooted closer to Akira, and
she did the same.  They leaned closer until they were inches apart. Then-

Finally, Naruto's lips crashed into Akira's.  He swear fireworks were in the
background. Akira almost fainted when it happened, even though he tasted like ramen,
it was still magical. After 30 seconds of the kiss, they broke apart. Little did they
know was that a shy little Hyuuga heiress was watching from a nearby tree.
''N-Naruto-kun....'' Hinata said softly. Her lavender orbs teared up, her heart
breaking. She had followed er stalked Naruto ever since the incident at the
restaurant. Hinata's plan was to finally confess to Naruto, how she felt. Now, all
that courage, all the backbone she had gathered, had gone to waste. She couldn't
watch, but something in Hinata's brain told her to stay. She watched to see what
would happen next. But, more of the Naruto Akira scene was in store for her. She
watched in horror as Naruto wrapped his arms protectively around the Plum like
maiden. He pulled Akira closer and gave her an awkward one-armed hug. Akira blushed
and wrapped her arm around Naruto's neck. ''Naru-kun, I'm getting cold.'' Akira said 
hugging her body with her arms. "Here Akira-hime take my jacket.'' Naruto said
placing his jacket around Akira's small shoulders. (A/N:I failed to mention that he
brought his orange jacket. DOES HE EVER TAKE IT OFF?! XD) Akira smiled and breathed
in the scent. She loved how it smelled like him. A huge smell of ramen, and a hint of
sweat. 'Gross, but It's still him.' Akira thought. 

-Back with Hinata-

Now Hinata wanted to do nothing more than rip her eyes out with spoons, and run away
as if a drunk Rock-Lee was chasing her. She forced herself to turn away, and leave. A
small trail of tears escaping her eyes. 'At least he's happy.' She thought.

-With Naruto and Akira-chan!-

Akira could feel her eyes closing. "Naru-kun, can we sleep under the stars?" she
asked yawning. Naruto nodded. He was so tired, too tired to keep his head up let
alone walk to his house. ''I'd love that Akira-hime.'' he said smiling at her.
'Not as much as I love you.' he said in his mind. Akira layed down, and put
her arms under her head. Naruto layed down next to her. "O yasumi nasai.'' Akira said
her eyes closing. "O yasumi nasai(1), Akira-hime.'' Naruto said his eyes closing. But
before sleep consumed him, he swore he had heard a small, ''Aishiteru(2)'' Naruto's
eyes widened at what he had heard. 'Does that mean....' he pondered. It had to
come from Akira, it had to! He hoped dearly that she meant it, and wasn't saying it
because she felt sorry for him. Finally, Naruto drifted off to sleep, a lot on his
mind. One of the things was Akira. 


Japanese words-
O yasumi nasai-Goodnight
Aishiteru-I love you

This chapter contained-

No Rose 
Naruto x Akira <3
Heartbroken Hinata/ stalker Hinata XD
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Naono says:   23 September 2008   189497  
this is good!
‹Ðark Fox› says:   24 September 2008   677676  
(A/N:I failed to mention that he
brought his orange jacket. DOES HE EVER TAKE IT OFF?! XD)

Lol what's wrong with it? I always wear a jacket too. ^_^

Anyway, things are getting interesting ^_^ I hope poor Kyuubi won't be
disgusted by all this love though XD
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   24 September 2008   727881  

Kyuubi, maybe I should mention that......
‹Ðark Fox› says:   24 September 2008   358639  
lol well, I always wear a black sleevless one 

lol maybe not ^_^ that'd be cruel
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   24 September 2008   796357  
but do you wear it WITHOUT CHANGING IT?! or washing it like Naruto
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says :   24 September 2008   217321  
thankies for all your comments!


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