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Tuesday, 23 September 2008
08:59:42 AM (GMT)
Name:: Fuyuko Watanabe Birthdate:: January 14th Birthplace:: Tokyo, Japan Current Location:: USA Eye Color:: Gray Hair Color:: Jet Black [But I dyed it Reddish-Black about a week ago] Height:: 5'4 Are you taken?: No Are you a virgin?: Um... yeah? DUH. How many & what kind of pets do you have?: Two miniature schnauzers named Sachi and Mai and my brother has a snake named Orochimaru. xD Cats: Nope. What's your job?: Babysitting and going to school [as well as chores] What's your Dream Job?: A Doctor Who is your best friend?: Nana Omawe What instruments do you play?: Violin What are your hobbies?: Dancing, playing my violin, Tae Kwon Do, other things... xDD What are your goals?: To keep my grades up and become successful later in life Would you ever sky dive or bungee jump?: Heck no [I'm afraid of heights] What kind of books and/or magazines do you read?: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Vampire Books: The Twilight Saga How would do describe yourself?: Intelligent and Active What is a topic you wish you knew more about?: Healthcare What do you daydream about?: Falling in love with the perfect guy What are your religious/spiritual beliefs?: I am a strict Christian and believe in God and Jesus Christ [as well as Heaven and Hell] List 3 Things You Would Change About Yourself: One:: My Clumsyness [even being a dancer doesn't help xDD] Two:: My Temper Three:: My Eyes [I need contacts...] Either Or Shy or Outgoing?: Outgoing Spender or Saver?: Both Truth or Dare?: Dare Books or Movies?: Books Romantic Comedy or Action Adventure?: Romantic Comedy Cats or Dogs?: Dogs Mountain or Beach?: Beach Sweet or Salty?: Sweet Do You... Smoke?: No. Drink?: No. Get annoyed easily?: By some people Like to travel?: Yes Like to drive fast?: I'm not old enough! Sing well?: Pretty well but not terrific Want kids?: FOUR OF THEM OR MORE! xDDD -----What would you name a boy?: Nobukyuki [Faithful Happiness] -----What would you name a girl?: Sachi Mai [Blessed Brightness] Have You Ever... Performed on stage? Yep Been in a car accident?: Nope Been out of the country? Yep What Is.. . The last CD you bought?: Um... I can't remember. O_o The last movie you saw in the theater?: Kung Fu Panda xD The last movie you rented?: Alvin and the Chipmunks Your greatest fear?: Heights Your greatest strength?: My Family Your greatest weakness?: Guys! Your happiest memory?: Holding my youngest sibling first [even before my parents! xD] Your Favorite... Movie:: Don't really have one... TV Show:: Untamed and Uncut Actor:: Eh... Don't have one Actress:: Same as above... Food:: Teryaki Chicken and Fried Rice with Egg [Yum...] Drink:: Sprite! Color:: Red Scent:: Japanese Sakura [Cherry Blossom] Season: Spring

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