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Lost girl (Ch.8)Category: Story
Thursday, 11 September 2008
09:36:31 PM (GMT)
Chapter Eight: Caveman Bro.

      I stood outside the door for a moment more before finally working up the
courage and knocking. The door opened and eyebrows-boy... I mean Bill... Came out,
and just sort of stared at me. I guess he could have been glaring but I don't like to
judge peoples agressivness based on eye-brow size, which, in Bill's case happen to be
huge. Mom was right about the whole Cave-man-brow thing! It looked like his face was
being controlled by a pair of wresteling caterpillers! I am not even exagerating
here, they were as thick as my pointer and middle fingures put together! He should
really comb those suckers. Maybe then they wouldn't seem so dang bushy!
      "Are you just ganna stand there staring at me?" Bill snapped. I took that to
mean he had been glaring this whole time. I remembered Mom telling me to
insult him so I tried to think of a mean retort. Big brothers in stories are always
big, muscley, smelly, and they hide in they're room all day listening to bad rock
music and secretly teaching themselves to play guitar and song writing and stuff.
     Bill was nothing like that.
He was big: tall and gangley, really thin. He smalled rather nice actually,
and was pretty handsom if you manage to over look his eyebrows. (Granted this is not
an easy task You try to look him in the eye then suddenly EYEBROWS! You
carefully focus on to the rest of his face again then EYEBROWS!) Coming out of
his room was a sad Japanese song. It was definatley not rock, and it was very good.
      Of course none of this helped me insult him. So as a last resort I said
"Your... Er... Wearing a stupid... Belt?" I guessed. I really don't know what I
expected his reaction to that would be. I mean Mom shocked me so why wouldn't he? But
of course I had the vague notion that he would smile a bit and let me in, or
alternatley, turn without a word and slam the door in my face. Instead he somehow
managed to raise those hefty eyebrows a bit and said "Nice try squirt. Come on in
before I recover my common sense." And with that he turned and walked into the room,
pushing the door further open on his way out.
     So I followed him into his room, which was much cooler then mine was.
Considering we were only supposed to be on the boat he'd done alot to the decoration.
I saw a few band posters hung on the walls. (None of his walls curved, and there was
no window, so I guess he must be inside the ship, not on the side like me.) He also
had framed tickets on the wall with a TH symbol. I heared the japanese song coming to
and end, the singer holding his last note before going to intrument "Dakishimeta
sono nukumori gaaaaa, Itsu made mo kienai you ni, Koboreta namida wa boku ga nuguu
kara, Zutto soba ni iru yoooooooooooo..." But before the instrument part had
finished Bill pressed skip and some German rock song came on. We listened to that for
a was easier then talking. So for the longest time he sat on the bed and I sat
on a wooden trunk filled, presumably, with clothes that I'd found on the foot of the
bed, and we stared at the radio to hide the fact that we didn't want to look at each
other. Then the German song ended and he hit pause.
    "So Rita-no-Recall, I'm guessing you don't have your memories back?" He asked. He
sure was better at the whole insult thing.
"Why would you think that?" I said, sticking my nose in the air. He noticed and
looked ike he was trying not to burst out laughing. I lowered my nose. "Well first
off," He said, still trying not to laugh at my pathetic 'I'm better then you' act,
"that's the first time in living memory you haven't insulted my taste in music.
Namely that you can't understand a word they're saying. Secondly, no never sat in my
room, you stood up so that when I sat on my bed you could look down at me. And
     "I get it, I get it, I'm acting differnt. Big whoop. I don't know how or why to
hate you yet because as far as I'm concerned we met yesterday, and you didn't speak
to me then. But I assure you, I'd be happy to learn if you want it so bad." I
snapped. Well I'm catching up on how to act like I dislike him quickly. The problem
is most of that was acting. I feel annyoed at him for assuming I'll act a
certain way, but I don't hate. And I rather liked the music. I walked briskly
to the door, with the intent of telling Frank that I'd seen Bill and my Mother and
I'd talk to my Aunt in the morning.
      But surprisingly Bill jumped up and beat me to the door, shutting it as I
reached for the knob. Even more surprising, he looked really hurt. 
"Don't go. Please." He said, each word the essence of sincerity. I stared at him. He
continued "I don't want you to hate me at all. I just... I guess I just wanted my
little sister back. But... I never really hated you. I freaked out when I found out
what happened. And the other thing is..." He trailed off. Oh come on! That is just
not fair. "I don't really love Amy at all!" He blurted. Wow. Didn't see that coming.
Is this confessions or something?
     "Well, I mean I do, but not like that! Not at all. I just wanted to hang
out with her for the same reason I couldn't let you meet her: She reminds me of you.
She doesn't look like you at all but she has your personality. I couldn't hang out
with you because we fought all the time, but I thought if I knew you better then I
wouldn't have to hide that I care about you. Brotherly love can be cruel though...
Eventually I realized what I was doing wasn't fair to Amy. I loved her like a sister
but she saw me totally differntly. I thought I'd have a cheap escape if we moved to
Europe but I didn't want to leave her... I still couldn't just talk to you. Whenever
I tried I ended up saying something sarcastic. Then you'd mock my music, or my
clothes or my eyebrows. And Amy is really nice so I couldn't just abandon her! So I
stayed behind when Mom went to look at the job offers so Amy and I had a week or so
to say good-bye. But that meant that I wasn't there to protect you on that plane. It
all got out of hand I guess. When Aunt Julie called to tell me what happened she just
wanted to tell me the trip would take longer. She didn't excpect me to get on the
next plane to be with you. Worse then that I yelled at Amy when she asked if I
shouldn't just wait a few hours to see if you really needed me down there. I broke up
with her horribly saying of course nobody needed me but I was leaving anyway, and I
would probably never see her again, and maybe that was for the best because I hadn't
loved her anyway." He had to gasp for breath after he was finished, like admiting he
didn't dispise me was the equivalent of thirty pull-ups. The he sighed and opened the
door for me.
     "Come on," he said. "I think your big caveman brother has to walk you back to
your room. You don't know where it is right?" I did but I nodded and walked beside
him anyway- Something told me my Caveman Bro had to walk me back for another reason.
    Maybe this amnesia thing wasn't so bad after all.

note from Kirti-I meant no offense to any thick eyebrowed people out there. I
occasionally shave the tops of mine off to because they can get to be rather large.
Last edited: 13 September 2008

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   2 October 2008   712454  
the caveman bro confession thing was cool. u have to write the next
Kirti says :   2 October 2008   853654  
okay! thanks!


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