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Saturday, 6 September 2008
11:37:50 AM (GMT)
“Let’s play.” 

The words barely left his lips but he noticed her raise an eyebrow while she gave a
smile that turned into a sneer. 

“You know what to do,” she said, a bit gruffly. 

Obediently, he walked downstairs, undressed and sat down on “his chair” up
against the wall. He could barely contain his sexual excitement. While he waited he
looked around the room. It had become a bit of a playground for them where the lines
between pleasure and pain dissolved. He saw the whips, collars, boots, ball gags,
cock plugs and various other toys. On the adjacent wall was a small vanity with a
mirror and near it hung various leather and rubber garments. He never knew exactly
what to expect from her – except that he would cum.

Finally he heard the click, click, click of her stilettos on the stairs. She came
into the room wearing only thigh-high stiletto boots. She had taken the time to put
black eye makeup on. Her long black hair was still loosely held up behind her head
with a clip.

Slowly and deliberately she walked to the vanity and sat down without even looking at
him. She applied some deep red lipstick and gloss – her lips looked almost like
they were varnished in blood. That color - there was something about it. He wanted
her to paint his whole body in it.

She chose a rubber corset and gloves, put them on, then removed the clip so her hair
fell to her shoulders. As she picked up a pair of black sunglasses and put them on,
he felt his cock stiffen a bit. She was no longer just his lover – she was now his
master and he would be her slave. The transformation was complete when she picked up
a collar and threw it to him saying, “Put this on, Bitch!”

The collar landed near his feet and he bent down to pick it up. 

“NO! Get on your knees to put it on,” she growled. He did as she asked. 

“Oh… you seem to have forgotten your training.” She picked up a blindfold, a
chain with a cock ring attached to one end, and a riding crop. She walked slowly
towards him. 

“Stay on your knees and look at the ground.”

She stopped when the toes of her boots were directly under his face. Then he felt her
pull on his collar and attach the chain to it. 

“You seem to have forgotten that I’m in charge here, haven’t you?”

“Yes Madame.”

You’ll need to be punished for that infraction.”

“Yes Madame.”

“Put on your cock ring and blindfold.”

“Yes Madame.”

Once he had done as she commanded, she pulled on the chain so that he was upright on
his knees. He felt the tug on his cock and his throat at the same time. In this
position his nose was right near her pussy. He could smell her excitement. He wanted
to stick his tongue out and try to taste her, but he knew he had to wait for
permission or an order.

She ran her fingers through his hair, then tightened them, grabbed his locks, and
pulled his head back, so his masked face was looking up while she walked around
behind him. Now she was facing his back and had his head pulled even further back. 

Whap! He felt the sting of the crop on his buttocks.

Whap! Whap! Whap!

“You will not forget again, will you?”

“No Madame.”

“Very good, but you’re a bitch so we both know you will forget and you will need
to be punished again.”

“Yes Madame.”

He felt her pull his hair so his head nestled in her pussy. She took her other hand
and reached into her pussy, and then around to his throat. She painted her scent on
his throat and his chin; she put her finger in his mouth.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes Madame.”

“That’s what it’s like to have your cock in my mouth. It’s like tasting a
finger with cum on it. You are a bitch, aren’t you?’

“Yes Madame.”

Her hand remained on his throat while she ran the crop down the front of his body.
She smacked his chest, his abdomen and the sensitive area just above his cock. He
cringed with pain but felt his cock get harder and the cock ring tighten. She
continued down to his inner thighs – he could almost feel his skin redden with each
stroke of the crop. He remembered the color of her lips and wanted his thighs to
match them.

“Well, since you’re so inadequate I’ll have to fuck you instead of you fucking

She walked over to her toys and chose a strap-on dildo. Once again she walked up to
face him. Once again she pulled his collar. He still could smell her pussy, but this
time he could feel “her cock” right near his mouth.

“Suck it, Bitch.”

He couldn’t even answer obediently before she shoved the dildo in his mouth while
she held his head in position. He felt “her” at the back of his throat. He sucked
as if he could make her cum. 

“You really don’t know what you’re doing,” she mocked. I’ll have to fuck

“Yes Madame.”

She pushed his head down so he was once again on all fours. Then she walked behind
him and fucked him while she continued to smack his thighs with the riding crop. The
stinging excited him. Getting butt fucked excited him. Her sense of power excited

He came in such a rush it startled him. She looked down and saw his cum on the

“You’re going to have to lick that up.” She said as she removed his blindfold.

“Yes Madame.”

He obeyed and licked his cum off the floor. 

“Very good, maybe I’ll keep you.”

Last edited: 11 November 2008

sexichick says:   22 November 2008   866482  
That was good. You write good stories. I expect you to write more
sex_storie_Writer says:   22 November 2008   362885  
unique_punk92 says:   17 January 2009   316776  
more yay
Im_Batman says :   23 October 2012   895829  
Nice, thank you.

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