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Thursday, 28 August 2008
01:35:33 PM (GMT)
1.  ______ or Sakura / Lachia
2.  Michaella / MicheallaFaith
3.  Addie / AddieADDICTION
4.  Taylor / QueenOfGreen 
5.  Travis / SithWedgie
6.  Julia / lilblueangel
7.  Danielle / Danielle10
8.  ____ / Hitsugayalover
9.  Hana / Coolgirl

Q: How did you meet 7?
A: ... ah.. a club i thinks

Q: What would you do if you had never met 2?
A: ;-; be a much worse person. (Travis-san's answer but its goes for me aswell)

Q: What would you do if 3 and 1 dated?
A: yuri! omg!

Q: Have you ever had number 4 send you a message while she was upset?
A: maybe??

Q: Would 3 and 6 make a good couple?
A: um... nuh uh

Q: Would 4 and 5 made a good couple?
A: maybe?

Q: Describe 8
A: i great random person to talk to and if i never met 3 we wouldn't be friends!

Q: Would you go as far as telling 9 you love him/her?
A: YES! but.. of course i LOVE her .. x3

Q: Do you think 2 is attractive?
A: uhhmm.. yes.. but of crouse shes my best friend!!! 

Q: What's 7's favourite color?
A: green? :o a guess

Q: When was the last time you talked to 9?
A: ;-; too long ago.

Q: What language does 5 speak?
A: i dunno ;-;

Q: Who is 6 going out with?
A: um.................................

Q: What grade is 4 in?
A: 9.. or 2.. xD

Q: What is 1's favourite music?

Q: Would you ever date 8?
A: o.e no..

Q: Would you ever date 3?
A: no... 

Q: Where does 2 live?
A: in my town! o3o

Q: What is the best thing about 4?
A: waffle! 

Q: What would you like to tell 6 right now?
A: talk to me.. xD

Q: What is the best thing about 1?
A: me and her roleplay NON stop!

Q: Have you ever kissed 9?
A: no..

Q: What's the best memory you have of 5?
A: uhhmm.. when we met o.o

Q: When's the next time you're going to chat up 4?
A: i dunno

Q: What was your first impression of 7?
A: um..

Q: How did you meet 3?
A: kupika..

Q: Is 5 your best friend?
A: he could be! but 2 is my best friend! 

Q: Have you talked to 8 in the last 4 hours?
A: yes,

Q: Has your name ever been written on 6 profile?
A: maybe not...

Q: When's the next time you'll talk to 1?
A: tonight..

Q: Are you close to 6?
A: maybe..

Q: Have you ever fought with 8?
A: yes i think..

Q: What did 2 write on your Q&A recently?
A: no.. ;-;

Q: Would you give 9 a hug?
A: yes!!!

Q: When have you lied to 6?
A: maybe..

Q: Do you know a secret about 8?
A: not really

Q: Describe the relationship between 1 and 8
A: frans... 

Q: Whats the best thing about your friendship with 9?
A: uh...

Q: What's the worst thing about 6?
A: i dunno..

Q: Would you ever danced with 4?
A: no..

Q: How long have you known 3?
A:  i dunno.. i was her fran when i had TheMokey

Q: Have you ever been in a fight with 5?
A: no... i hope not.. if so sorry ;3;

Q: Does 1 have a bf/gf?
A: maybe.. ;o;

Q: Have you ever wanted to punch 2 in the face?
A: o.e YES! but i didn't because shed kill me..

Q: Decribe 7 in two words.
A: happy. turtle.

Q: Did you ever emotionally hurt 4?
A: possible 

Q: Do you live close to 7?
A: no..

Q: What is 8's favourite food?
A: no clues

Q: If you could change one thing about 1, what would it be?

Q: Have you traveled anywhere with 9?
A: ;-; no

Q: If you gave 2 $100, what would they spend it on?
A: clothes.. 

Q: What is the best conversation you have had with 3?
A: uhmmm

Q: Out of the top 9, which ONE PERSON is funniest?
A: michaella or Addie

Q: Who is the most flirtatious with you?
A: ... uhhmm theres only one guy and he flirts only with his girl frands 

Q: Which one lives farthest away?
A: everyone other then 2.. xD

Q: Which one do you talk with most?
A: 2 or 1

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