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Thursday, 14 August 2008
12:15:06 AM (GMT)
~~~~About You?~~~~

Do you have a name?
yes, call me 4k(fourk) for now -half smile-

How old are you?
in mid, i can be a five year old, in body i'm thirteen, and in spirit i am thousand
of years old.

what is your IQ?

What country/State do you live in?
*classified info* USA/new york

How you have pets?
 ew. not a very good image....

Whats your zodiac sign?
*sing song voice*   ino!(wild boar)

Whats your astrology sign?

Was is/was your last bf/gf?
i don't get it, is it a trick question?

have you ever eaten pet food?
dog food, yes. cat treats, yes, and they taste like chicken!

Where do you like to shop?
i dont shop that often, but at j.c. penny's for school clothes

Have you ever been on a blind date?
i dont want to

Where do you want to go on vacation to?
isn't it obvious? JAPAN!

Have you ever tried to cook an eeg in the micorwave?
been there, done that.

Are you good at singing?
meh, sorta.

Do you have an email?
yes.......*doesn't see where this is going*

Do you like anime?
*falls* of course

Are you good at taking pictures?
eh....not so much

Do you label yourself?
im me, spontanious and hyper at times, but im still me. not some loser trying to hard
to be a certain thing.

Do you think your hot?
*rolls eyes*  pretty would be better.

Do you like to sleep with stuffed animals?
yes, in fact.  my big stuffed bunny

scariest dream you've had?
i don't remember most of it. something with mutant crocodiles.....

Best dream ever?
do you really wanna know?


Favorite music?
anything really

hooked on katy perry and the killers right now

music or the other thing?

chinese take out(yummy stickey rice!)

pepsi float

felines. they're sleek, agile predators.

everybody loves raymond right now, maybe something else later in the year.

the freighteners, scary and funny at the same time

Thing to wear?
japanese schoolgirl-lookin skorts.


Do you have a crush?

if so Who?

Do you have a bf/gf?

Are you married?
im thirteen

Do you want to get Married?
maybe, right now im happy as is

Do you want kids?
if cats count as kids, then yes

How old do you want to be when you get married?

If you could date any person alive or dead who would it be?
any author i like.

Are you a virgin?
-_- dur.

Do you still like your ex?
he was a complete asshole

what do you like most about love?
the warm feeling you get, just being close.

what do you hate the most about love?
the love/hate thingy.  that gets annoying after a while

Does your crush know you like them?
i dont have a crush

Are you brave enough to ask someone out?
if you get me to, then mostly yes.

Person you want to do it with?
no one

Person you Never want to do it with?
any person who likes me for what i'm not

Person you love to death?


Best friend/s?
chibi, tachi, roberto, & ara

Friend you've known longest?

Friend you dont totally want to be friends with?
adrian(he can be an ass, but i can kick his!)

Friend you've known shortest?

Friend you'd die for?

friend that would die for you?

Friend you trust the most?

Do you have a true best friend?
yes, in fact

Are most of your friends guys or girls?

Smartest friend?

Craziest friend?

Dumbest friend?

Do you secretly like one of your friends?

Prettiest/Hottest friend?

Friend you talk to the most?

Friend you live closest too?

Friend you know best?
probably tachi


First thing you think when you wake up?
damnit! do NOT WAKE ME UP!

Do you take a shower everyday?
every other day

Do you have a bedtime?

Got Milk?
got pockeys? no, really!

What do you think of ducks?
quack quack!

Have you ever almost been killed?
not yet!

Have you ever been killed? (I Bet you cant say yes to this one)
in a past life, so ha! -sticks tongue out-

Do you want to be famous?
i wanna be a rock star!

Name someone that hates you?
almost every girl in my school(it's pretty big!)

Name someone that loves you?
maybe all the guys who stare as i walk by

Craziest thing you'd ever do?
dunno, what can i do?

Funniest person you know?
my brother

Why do we dream?
well, you see, when when wake up at night, the go back to sleep, we never fully get
back into a deep sleep. we're stuck in a phase with something about restless eyes. 
that is when the most vivd dreams occur. *sighs*  ..... i have no clue what i just

Are you afraid of death?
death is just the transportation to our next life. so no, i am not afraid.

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