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Monday, 4 August 2008
02:37:12 AM (GMT)
Hey my name is cassy and im a writer. if you want i can make your life a story of
mine. Just write me and tell me the basics.
    here is the form to fill out.

Have you ever written a story?
Do you want to be the main caracter in your story?
What city do you live in?
What grade are you in?
What is your main problem in life t the moment?
Do you wanna be the popular girl? Normal girl? or hated depressed girl?
Do you want your story to be public?

      Answer these questions and i will make your life a story. Thanks.
Last edited: 22 July 2009

Aranee says:   4 August 2008   572642  
my life a story of yours? 

i have written a story. 
burt i dont wanna be de main character.
i live in singapore.
i am year 9. possibly in high school.
my problem was a past.

My friend was crushing on the same guy I was.
She had convinced the guy to like her.
Made me real jealous.

But that wasn't the only thing.

That guy was MY best friend. 
I can't believe I was crushing on him. >A<
She convinced him not to talk to me because she thought I would steal
But he told me that he didn't really like her.

Nothing turned out to be a happy ending.

You can think of that yourself. 
I'd rather wallow in mine. >< 
'Cos I am still wishing things had turned out differently.
And I was gone. So was he.

I don't mind. I am just your average eternal optimist.
Meaning I made people happy.
Except myself. T^T

Sure it can be public.

You can use my username if you want.

Or you can think up of a better name. Nicer name. ^_^

have fun.
fufusquishy says:   15 August 2008   361664  
ok  kool.  so um  how old are you  wut grade r u in.  and do u want
it t9o be me who narriats it or u. thx   kool
fufusquishy says:   15 August 2008   113338  
lol   ok    well can i like make up a little to fill in the story but
i will still use ur story. is that ok??
fufusquishy says:   15 August 2008   963383  
OMG   SORRY.  um  xxbill_kaulitzxx is my other account sorry/......
XxBill_KaulitzxX says:   15 August 2008   418246  
ya ok so ya
doom305 says :   13 March 2010   728843  
My name is Madison, i know you posted this a really long time ago but
i would appreciate if you could do it for me. ^_^

I've written alot of stories before. 
I'd love to be the main character.
I live in America, Pennsylvania
7th grade but i have alot of 8th grade classes so you could say im in
my problem:

there are four cliques in 7th grade.
1:The smart, kind, sort of boring, perfect, girls.
2:The "cool" group, Alexis, Lauren, Beverly, Eve and Emily.
3:And all the guys Jacob, Christian, Casey, Matt, and Mackenzie (aka
4veryone else who doesnt fit in with the other cliques

I'm kind of in all of them, except the guys, but i do hang out with
and txt Kenzie all the time. He calls me his best girl friend. I have
liked him since second grade.

 Recently my friend Joann told him that i like him, which i do, and i
told him it was true.  He still treats me the same but he told me that
he likes a girl named Kacie Bedillion in clique 1. so i told him  that
i was kind of sad but i hoped kc liked him so he would be happy. and
he said that he maybe likes more than one girl and it may or may not
be me.

Then one of my best friend's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer
so they moved to texas so she could fufill her dream of owning a
ranch, so i started hanging out with alexis and her group and soon
enough we were all best friends.  

But on the inside all i wanted was one person to relize how much i was
hurting inside about how i had to depend on myself for everything, at
school and home.

Slightly popular but more of just because I'm "funny"

It can be public.


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