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Monday, 30 June 2008
07:26:41 AM (GMT)
hmm yes the ultimate diary to end all diarys

*tunder strikes*

woo i like programed the world so when ever i say that thunder has to

strike prety kwl ehh

any who yes

just to pas the time


| What`s your religion?: no religion wooooo
| Are your parents the same religion as you?hhhhh what relgion? 
| Do people disapprove of your beliefs?:dear god yes :P im the only one in my class
that dosent belive in god
| Do people often have the wrong idea about your religion?: whats there to get
| Are most of your friends the same religion?:hmmm *thinks* i dunno :P
| Would you date someone who had a different religion then you?: of corse :P i dont
give a shit about it all
| Are you a member of a religious club/school?:hahahahah no i just do my
homework(buhahaha like i ever do that) in religion class
| Do you pray daily?: ok this is starting to get annoying im not fucking religious!
| Is religion a big part of your life?: ok hes asking for it
| Did you ever make up your own religion?: :D yup pisco madhado or ow ever ya spell
it spanish for wet floor it was more of a money makeing cult though
good good money in that bussiness paid for my luch every day :P

|Do you believe in...

| Ghosts?:nope X]
| Fairies/Faeries?: heheh nope
| Heaven/Hell?:hahahah made up places to keep people in line XD 
| God?:nope funny shiz in school about that 
| The paranormal?:paranormal meaning its a prety wide topic
| Mermaids?:fuck no :P
| Out-of-body experiences?:fuck y happens all the time in french class :D
| Souls?: hahah not realy  my relgion teacher said i didint have one i said nethier
do you
| Curses?:uhhhh kinda
| Magic?: nope :P
| Fasting?:uhhhh dose that mean no cheese!? noooooooooo
| Satan?: fuck ya god of rock but no i dont :P
| Yin/Yang?:if your talking about carma then yes
| The Buddha?:uhhh he was a person so ya XD
| People being possessed?:dose drunk count??
| Jesus?:meh he probly did exist but none of that magic bull crap
| The DaVinci Code?:uhhh i kinda fell a sleep at the end so i dunno
| The Bible?:a book with music anime or cheese noooooooo!
| A Goddess?: nope
| A God other then the Christian/Catholic God?: madjyposso muahaha our cults god
| Humans evolving from apes?: of corse :P its fuckin fact
| God creating the universe?: fuck no :P
| The Big Bang theory?: uhhh kinda
| Life on other planets?: its fucking fact we cant be the only life out of billions
of plannets
| Dinosaurs?: of corse who dosent
now wherd he out my arm

| Have you ever...

| Done/attempted a divination?:what the fucks that?
| Cast a spell?: yup the cheese summing spell more of a voodo dance but it works
| Put a curse on someone?: haha dose kicking some one so that cant beat me count?
| Prayed for someone?:pray ahhhhhhh that word has rap in it kill it!
| Criticized other`s beliefs?: hahaha nope i dont care they can waste there lifes how
they want i now i sure do :D
| Used God`s name in vain?:god fucking damit. nope dont think so
| Questioned your own beliefs?: what belifes?
| Converted to a different religion?:yup the cult one :D
| Considered converting to a different religion?: nope :P 
| Stopped talking to someone because their beliefs were different?: omfg no!

| General beliefs.

| Are you pro life or pro choice?: ehhhh what?
| What`s your views on abortion?:i dont see anything wrong with it
| Are you a feminist?: wtf?
| Do you think sexism is still around?: i supose it stil is less but still there
| Should there be women`s football?: i dont care about foot ball
| Do you think gays should be able to marry?:i dont realy care :P
| Do you think gays should be able to adopt children?: ya sire why not 
| Are you a vegetarian?: hmm i might be but not atm :P
|What do you think of slaughterhouses?: thats one of the reasons i might start (above
question :P)

| Are you an environmentalist?hhhh ?
| Do you recycle plastic, glass and paper: i supose i do X]
| Do you cut the soda rings before throwing them out?: uhhh i aint seen one of those
in a while not that i can rember any who :P
| Do you litter?: i dunno :P

that will be all

reyka says :   30 June 2008   144194  
You cursed ME, remember. Edit now. xD

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