The life after the kidnap this is going to tell you what happen while
the where in the hosipal you are going to cry
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The life after the kidnap this is going to tell you what happen while
the where in the hosipal you are going to cry
Category: sad
Friday, 27 June 2008
04:20:36 PM (GMT)
Well Abby got better and went to live with the police officer who saved her and  she
visted Angel all the time. Angel was still in a coma. Angel started not breath so
they put a tube in her. They had nuns come and pray and they left her alone sometimes
with abby. One day while Abby was in the room reading Angel woke up she tried to move
but she was hold done by straps and she tried to talk but she had tube in her. She
saw her leg had a cast on it and she had a big band aid on her arm. Abby looked up
and when she saw that Angel was awake she ran to go get a doctor. The doctor came in
and went to take the tube out of  angels mouth. After she did Angel ask where was she
"The hosipal." Did that mean guy took me here and claim I was his daughter? "No you
was saved he is in jail and going have a death pentially." Can I see my mom and dad
now? "Umm Angel they are dead they was murdered," No! your lieing she is still alive
he said they where he told me he wouldnt hurt them. Angel heart monitor went crazy
and then she started to shake. THe doctor told her to calm down.  They got her to
calm  and then she ask can I go to the bath room. They unstrap her and gave her
cruches and let her to go to the bathroom. She cam out and laid back in the bed  but
she got up again and when she shut the bathroom door they heard her pukeing sound and
when she walked  out and lad down the gave her a puke bucket and a nurse said in the
room. Five mins later she puke again this time the nurse grab it and look at it and
she saw blood in it. She hand it back to Angel and she hit the doctor button. She
told the doctor that Angel was pukeing blood up. Angel was scaried. The doctor ran in
the room and she started to do testes and they found out she had a cut in he mouth
and it was bleeding and it was going down he thoart. The stop the bleeding and left.
Angel was alone and scared. Then a night nurse came in and sat in a chair and kept a
eye on  her.  Angel fell asleep then she woke up and she screamed. The nurse jump out
off the chair and ran to her and ask her whats wrong. He is going get me and tied me
to the bed. "Its just a dream nobody is here."  Angel went to sleep  and then the
nurse  woke up to a very loud beep. The nurse look at angels heart monitor. It was
crushing. She called for crush cart and she took the pad thing and try to shock her
awake but didnt work. The tried cpr but that didnt work. They look at the heart
monitor and it was stoping. She died at 6:00 AM on a monday at six years old. When
Abby walked in and she was happy and had Angel teddy bear and flowers. She walked in
the room and ask why isnt Angel moving. "Abby she is dead." No she cant be dead not
my best friend I was am suppose to die before her because i was born frist. She ran
up to angel and started to shake and say Please angel wake up  dont die please I am
suppose to be dead not you. We where going to grow ol together and we will got
boyfriends and we will have kids and they would be bestfriends like us. The police
officer that was her dad told her it will be ok. No it wont  she was onley six she
was going to be a singer and fowllow dream. She grab her dads gun and ran with it to 
she ran into the hall and stood  on the desk and said Listen to people my friend died
and I cant live with out her and i was suppose to die before her so  I am going keep
my promise. She raise the gun to her head and pulled the trigger and she went flying
across the room. Her dad ran up to her and check if she was breathing but she wasnt
she was dead. So the officer grab the gun and shot himself in the head too because he
didnt wanted to losse someone he grew close to. Everyone screamed and his wife broke
down and cried and grab the gun and shot herself to. Every was sad and scared and
they was shock. The buried the family together and they never forgot the day they


‹HyperStrawberries!› says:   27 June 2008   336369  
Tooo manny suicides. It makes me puke, xp
‹Emma Bear› says:   27 June 2008   294125  
‹:XxIma_MonsterxX:› says:   30 June 2008   566553  
*cries* it was so sad. They all felt they made mistakes and just
killed themselves. This  sort of relates to the situation you are in.
But the suicides aren't part of it.
‹Emma Bear› says:   30 June 2008   217678  
thanks It is close to my life but I will never kill my self
‹:XxIma_MonsterxX:› says:   9 July 2008   246657  
I know you won't. You know better than to do that.
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   14 July 2008   115176  
I liked the story alot. I didn't cry but i almost did
‹Emma Bear› says:   14 July 2008   621818  
thanks i am going to publish when I am older
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   25 November 2008   419641  
I think I read this story, like AWHILE ago like on one of my old
‹Emma Bear› says :   25 November 2008   914819  
ok lol


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