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Thursday, 19 June 2008
03:56:41 PM (GMT)
q#1-which is better...jonas brothers or miley cyrus *hoe*

q#2-which is cream cone or candy bar

q#3-are you bord

comment this page and give me somthing to do for like 2 minutes..............

bord.... dieing of bordom here....
what so your not gonna rescue posting a comment

peaple said to make more questons and im still bord so i will right now....

q#4-true or think im pathetic to make this *say yes and ill kill you*
q#5-true or have laughed for no good reason in public and peaple thought
you were crazy
q#6-true or think these questons are stupid * dont say yes*
q#7-which and green or pink and purple
q#8-which one...chair or stool
q#8-make another random queson and post it on here...well thats not really a queston
but w/e

still dieing of bordon so save a life and comment this page!  (well not really...but
plz comment this page....dont you
hate it when peaple tell you to comment a gets so annoying but guess what
im doing it right now....oh wait
that can be a queston)

q#9-do you hate it when peaple tell you to comment a page
q#10-have you ever...waved to some stranger when you were on a long rode trip
q#11-have you ever seen a panda?
q#12-which is betterpenguins or groundhogs?

ok well.....ill put more questons on this page later when i think of them...bye...oh
bord IM DIEING OF BORDOM please PLEASE just comment this page!!!!!

ok peaple want more questons and im guessed it here it goes...
q#13-do you believe friday the 13 is really bad luck
q#14-do you hate it when peaple dont trust you for no reason
q#15-did your parents block EVERYTHING on your laptop/computer
q#16-have you ever felt bad for someone because peaple feel bad for them
q#17-have you ever went on the diary's page just to take random quizes like this
q#18-do you have a pet
q#19-do you hate it when your younger sibling is right and your wrong *never
q#20-have you ever watched mindless TV even though you hated the show that was on
becuase it was addicting
q#21-have you ever played SIMS * i love sims*
q#22-when you get mad at the computer do you slam the keys as hard as you can * lol
q#23-do you think your better than me at making random questons
q#24-do you think answering these questons is a waste of your time but your doing it
q#25-have you ever spelled a really really easy word wrong even though its like a
first grade word and you know how to *pie*
spell it....your mind just when blank

greenpizza26 says :   23 July 2008   397823  
5.yes & purple
8.yes or no   do u think w/e stands for with enchilada
19."dont hav any younger siblings"
21.YES AND THEY DO RULE i just pull the plugs out offence but yes
24.not at all
25.yes examples"of,what,the,there,and and"


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