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Skitzo # 2, bored XDCategory: Skitzo
Thursday, 12 June 2008
02:10:49 PM (GMT)
kat--im bored

damo--well then do something about it

kat--well isn't telling people what you're saying something???

damo--well you're still bored, arent you??

kat--fine, your right.

rin--well, we already figured out what to do during a lull in the conversation.

satako--what, "look to your left and say potatoe"??

rin--no, that is not what i meant.

and i told you, it was the first thing i could think of!!! its not like you guys had
a better suggestion!!!

rika--what she meant was to say something random, such as the first thing that she
thought of, which was slightly too random, and off putting to many people who may
have read it.

rin--well, what would you have said???

rika--well i might have asked a random question, such as "do you have any pets??"

satako--or, you could make an attempt at controversy "is it true??"
"yes, its true....?"
"you liar!! you never loved me!! you even told me that, how could you just randomly
change your opinion with no cause?? what do you expect me to believe???"
and continue as long as you wish

kat--satako, wow, you really thought about that huh.

satako-- ^_^ yup

damo--or you could be like kat "im bored"

kat--hey, im not always like that!!! occasionally i might say something like
"im bored
make me unbored


damo--same principal

solar--*from his cage* or, you could take them and lock them up, steal all their
valuables and sell them for personal gain


bad solar
that only works sometimes, with just cause
and not merely because you're bored

solar--isn't that enough?? i mean the thrill of running from the cops...

rin--damo, what happened to solar when leah got rid of you?!?!?!

damo--i told you, he didn't like it......i dont wanna go into the

kat--its ok, damo *pat**pat*

solar--those were good memories....
the blood, the thrill....

rika--did you actually kill??

solar--eventually, i usually kept them alive for a few months.

very slow death
decent food for them, but beautiful torture....

rika--*shrinks back* torture..?? 

satako--solar!! you should know better than to mention torture around her!!!!

solar--im sorry rika, i forgot. the memories......they overcame me

rika--me too....*shudder*

satako--*hugs rika* i won't let anything hurt you

damo-- O_o

kat--wow, seems as if some of you have had a bit of a past...

rin--we won't go into that tho

rika--maybe another day

satako--are you sure??

rika--no, no im not.

like i said, maybe

satako--whenever you want to, if you want to, nobody's pressuring you

rika--i know

kat--*cough cough* should i end it here??

damo--no, why should you??
we're bored enough

kat--ya, but am i awake enough

rin--is that even a question?? seriously, if you're still here, you're awake enough
and anyway, if you went to bed now, you would only read for an hour or more

kat--good point.

why do i need you guys to point this out to me??

damo--you don't.

we're just telling you anyway, since we're stil talking

kat--oh ya!! XD 
i forgot about that ^.


rin--now who's the retard


rin--awwww v_v

solar--its ok rin.

come to me, and they shall never call you a retard againe

rin--NO!!! I like having a mind of my own and a slightly more peaceful style of life


when you got me out of the cage, i was just going to kill you anyways

rin--*gasp* you are a demented little cat.

you deserve that cage!!!!

kat--eventually, we'll take him out
he'll just be on some form of medication....

rika--or he can stay in the cage!!!

satako--or she WILL actually kill the cat

damo--he doesn't deserve it, yet

rika--so, not even after killing those people, he doesn't deserve to die

damo--he's a CAT, do you really believe that he killed people??

have you met the cat???

kay, good point......sorry damo

kat--isn't being locked away, so close to freedom worse than diying??

solar--yes!! i don't want to die!

rin--but that way, he gets to plot his way to freedom

solar--the girl is smarter than you give her credit.

rin--thank you!!

solar--you are quite welcome, child.

damo--he's just trying to get on someones good side, like you said, plot for

rika--can we forget about the damn cat for a bit???

kat--what do you suggest we talk about??

satako--i found out i can throw a perfect spiral XD

kat--oh, wow
if thats what the conversation comes to...

satako--hey, im proud of that!!

kat--i was only going to say, that maybe i should go to bed
i do think it is a rather large feat that you should be able to do so, but how far do
you really think we could carry that conversation??

satako--well, we bs'd through all of this didn't we??

rika--she has a point.

branching out from the spiral comment, we would continue for who knows how long.

we have no reason to shut up, do we??

rin--actually, i do have a reason to shut up!!

damo--what's that??

rin--i wanna keep reading that book!!

kat--well its settled then.

we shall continue the skitzo for a while longer XD

all cept rin--yay!!

rin--damn you....

kat--i read alllll day, im tired of it at the moment.

rin--ok, fine

solar--will you at least feed me??

satako--ok, i don't like you very much, but ok
*feeds the cat*

kat--somehow, i have taken "feeds the cat" and turned it dirty
its quite funny actually XD

damo--hehehe, i get it.


kat--tis somewhat stupid tho
no, very stupid

damo--you're right v_v
im too immature

kat--i thought it, didn't i??

damo--good point, im normal

rin--u kno, right now, he reminds me of george......

solar--*munch munch* very much so*

damo--damn cat

satako--i am now deciding for all of us.

kat--what have you decided oh mighty maker of choices??

satako--that solar is not allowed to speak anymore

kat--that works

satako--he is a normal cat now, slightly meaner, but cannot offend with words

damo--that works for me!!

kat--is there more??


kat--well, what is it

satako--you're not gonna like this

rika--get on with it already!!!!

satako--the skitzo is overwith tonight


satako--goodnight all!! XD

kat--don't i get to make a final decision???

satako--aren't you tired of typing this nonsense??

kat--well a little bit, but i don't acutally want to sleep

satako--well then don't sleep.

just no more of us tonight, we're done with it

all cept kat--really, we're having just as much fun as you are, but why keep talking
at 3 in the morning??

kat--good point.

kay, night XD....

‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› says:   19 June 2008   357881  
Rei: thats so weird this girls been reading all day or rather most of
the day O.O so she decided to read this to see it but then she was all
no it to long =.= but then she was like then again she does read mine
and their long oki and did and now shes all woooo! 

george: o_e you said wooo damo my child im glad you are taking after

Raven: :P yay solar cant speak evil to me 



Raven and george: *rolling on the floor in laughter* nice you two
nice! XD

Raven: i love it! :3
insane_kittycat says :   22 June 2008   836364  
omg raven, i love it
haha, sumomo, u crazeh  XD


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