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Tuesday, 3 June 2008
12:49:06 AM (GMT)
Hey Every one Look at this isn't it soooo HOT!?!?  

Me, My friend, and My Super Hott Teacher

My friend and I were taking showers after P.E. class.After everybody else left,I went
into her shower to borrow shampoo.I saw her standing up with the shower head in her
pussy.She looked at me surprised then pulled me into the shower with her.She started
sucking on my wet boobs and soon I was moaning from the pleasure.Then I took her free
hand and stuck all of her fingers into my hot pussy.She smiled and started fingering
me hard.After a few minutes,she reached into her bag and pulled out a huge double
dildo.I pulled her fingers out my pussy and the shower head out of hers and stuck one
end of the dildo into her throbbing pussy.I started fucking her violently with the
dildo and she began screaming for me to do it harder.Finally,she orgasmed and I
licked the cum off the dildo.Then she stuck it back in her and slammed it into me and
pushed me into the shower wall.I started moaning so loud,that the hot student P.E.
teacher came in,but we kept going.He stood there watching us for a few minutes and
finally I looked at him and saw he had an erection.He told us to follow him.We
started to get dressed,but he stopped us and threw us towels.We followed him down the
empty hallway into the teacher parking lot,still fingering our pussies.He led us to
his car and told us to get in.We obeyed.After driving for a few minutes,my friend got
horny and threw the towel off of me and started eating me out.I started cumming on
his backseat.He pulled over on the side of the road and jumped over into the back
seat.I was just about to orgasm,when he whipped out his eight inch dick and pulled my
friend away from my wet pussy. He rammed all of himself into my soaking wet pussy.I
screamed but it felt soo gooood.Within two minutes,I was shaking from having such an
intense orgasm.My friend couldn't stand just watching us anymore and whipped out her
dildo and stuck into his ass and then into her pussy.She was thrusting the dildo in
hard and he was moaning,but he still kept fucking me.He pulled his dick out and
gestured for me to give him head.I gave him the best blow job I'd ever given,and soon
his hot load was going down my throat.He pulled us both away and said that it was
only a few more miles to his house.We were so horny,that we couldn't stand it and
started fucking in his backseat again.I was licking out my friend's pussy when he
open the car door for us.She rammed the dildo into our pussies and we walked into his
house with it still in us.Upon entering his house,he led us to the master bedroom and
flicked on the t.v.There was a porno of two hot girls having sex in the gym
showers.When it showed a close up of the girls' faces,I realized that it was my
friend and I.He turned to us and said,''Coach P makes me watch the camera tapes
before we turn them into the office.So today when I heard the moaning,I figured what
you were doing and wanted to join in.''He left the room and came back with whipped
cream,dildos,lube,and a video camera.He set the video camera up and told us to start
fucking.He turned the camera on and we started.I began by fingering her tight pussy
and she followed by sucking my boobs.My nipples were erect and my pussy was starting
to get wet.I couldn't take it anymore,I had to have more.I grabbed for a double
vibrator slammed it into our wet pussies.I turned on the twister and it started
fucking us hard.She pushed me onto the bed and began riding me.Then she fell onto me
and started biting my erect nipples.It hurt at first,but then it started feeling so
good.Soon,I was orgasming and she started riding me harder and harder.I couldn't hold
it in and started quivering and cumming all over his bed.Then I took over and started
fucking her with a twenty inch dildo.I got it in about halfway and she was shaking
from pleasure.She started moaning and I just went faster and harder until she
cummed.I took the dildo out and licked up all of her juices.It tasted so good.Then I
heard our hot p.e. teacher moaning.I gave him a wink,and he came over towards us.I
pushed him onto his bed and took off his pants and shirt.My friend and I both got one
side of his boxers and pulled them down slowly with our teeth.My friend pulled a
condom and I put it onto his dick using my mouth.She started giving him head and I
grabbed a strap on and fucked her doggie style.We swapped out places and I ripped off
the condom and deep throated his whole dick.I even swallowed his cum.The doorbell
rang.He answered it,not even bothering to put on any clothes.It was his equally hot
friend.His friend led my friend upstairs and finally we were alone.We did every
postion we knew of and oh God was he good.After about two hours of constant fucking,I
looked at the clock and saw that it was ten o'clock at night.I called my parents and
found out that they went away for a business trip for the weekend.  I had my friend
call her parents and tell them that she was spending the weekend over at my house.So
the whole weekend long I fucked my hot teacher and my friend banged his hot
friend.Then on Sunday we left his house.He gave me his cell number and told me I was
welcome to come over anytime with a wink.On Monday during my free block,I got horny.I
went into his office fingering myself.He was sitting at his desk watching something
on his laptop.I locked the door and I went over to his desk and pushed everything off
of it.He looked up and smiled.I looked at the laptop's screen and saw that he was
watching our sex tape.I pulled him up out of his chair and saw that he wasn't wearing
pants and that his dick was erect.I laid on the desk and told him to shove it all in
me,hard.He did.When the bell rang for next period,he took me to the office and check
me out of school so we could finish our session over at his house...  If you like
this message me and i can send you more!
Last edited: 13 June 2008

sweet_heart_13 says:   4 July 2008   746217  
whats up?
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   17 July 2009   376294  
yadira says:   29 July 2010   856641  
‹Visably-Vacant› says:   26 June 2011   171713  
This is fake as hell.  fake story.
‹Visably-Vacant› says :   24 January 2012   908736  
It got me hot though.

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