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Pedophilia. It's no reason to not release my favorite manga. >:/Category: (general)
Saturday, 31 May 2008
06:12:52 PM (GMT)
Kodomo No Jikan.
A hit Lolicon/comedy/coming of age manga series that sparked severe controversy when
it was supposed to be released in the United States under the name of 'Nymphet.'
I have fallen in Love with this manga, but due to a number of reasons, it wasn't
allowed to be released in America, or rather, it was allowed, but the controversy was
so severe, they didn't bother. Here are the reasons:
1. Pedophilia. The manga revolves around Aoki, a teacher for an Elementary school
class, and a student named Kokonoe, who falls in love with Aoki. Various incidents
occur that lead to compromising situations with not only Aoki and Kokonoe, but
Kokonoe and her older cousin, Reiji.
(Examples of this)
A- When locked in a cold room, Aoki and Kokonoe are forced to cuddle for warmth.
Kokonoe accidentally grinds into him, thus giving Aoki an erection.
B- When trying to wake up Reiji, Kokonoe accidentally feels his erection, or the ever
so popular 'morning wood.'
C- Reiji and Kokonoe take baths together, and in one incident, she grabs his
genitals, thus causing him to get aroused.
D- Reiji is tending to a sick Kokonoe, and must change her clothes. He takes off her
clothes, notices she is developing breasts, and fondles them out of curiousity, thus
leading to Kokonoe growing aroused and scared (but unable to really voice it due to
her tremendous fever) and Reiji needing to run out of the room, due to his own
E- Various accidents occur where Aoki will either accidentally grope Kuro, Mimi, or
Kokonoe, walk in on them changing, or Kokonoe will lure him into a trap and either
Kiss him, fondle him, or try to get him to see her naked.

2. Incest. Reiji is Kokonoe's older cousin, but he starts to develop feelings for her
when he sees that she is starting to look like her mother, Aki, whom he was in a
relationship with after Kokonoe was born and prior to her Death, despite the fact she
was his elder cousin.
A- Reiji starts becoming extremely excited when Kokonoe starts developing a more
mature body, because he can't wait for her to be his next Aki.
B- Reiji had a sexual relationship with Aki, despite their being related.
C- It is implied that Reiji had his way with Kokonoe. (Ie, Aoki finds Kiss marks on
her neck, and Kokonoe uses excuses to get out of bathing with him.)
3. Underage child sexuality. Kuro, another female lead, is in love with Kokonoe, who
is perverted and enjoys messing with the shy, yet big breasted girl Mimi. All of the
girls act much older than they really are.
A- Kuro and Kokonoe constantly fondle Mimi.
B- Mimi masturbates to a dirty romance novel she bought.
C- Kuro constantly attempts to get into compromising positions with Kokonoe, due to
her love for the girl.
D- While Kokonoe is sick and Mimi is visiting, Mimi asks what Kokonoe would like, and
Kokonoe responds 'Breasts', meaning she wants to be breast fed. She starts sobbing
upon remembering her mother, so Mimi allows Kokonoe to suck on her breasts.

Those were the reasons it wasn't permitted to be released. The thing is, America is
filled with movies, videogames, and books that contain things of this level. I was
looking forward to this manga being released with my very being, and it tore me up
inside when I saw that it wasn't going to be released. Sigh. Another hope, crushed.
Last edited: 31 May 2008

unicorn8895 says:   24 June 2008   977369  
is there anyway to read this online?
7DeadlySins says:   29 December 2008   239129  
you can read this on i just checked. and you have me
interested so im gonna read it now! lol 
Yandere_lolli56 says :   7 July 2011   491638  
kojikan forever! they should have read the whole manga, and realized
the inner meaning

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