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(LS, MSS) Chapter 3 - So Far, So GoodCategory: S t o r i e s of Their L i v e s
Friday, 1 February 2008
09:42:11 PM (GMT)
Chapter 3 - So Far, So Good

I headed into Homeroom. I was practically the only person left to arrive. Dang it. I
had no more freedom on where I could pick my seat. I took the only free desk left by
the window at the third row. I already had my Math books in my messenger bag, so that
I could easily head to Math without stopping at my locker. Genius, eh?

Everyone around me was talking to someone. Well, not really, I'm just exaggerating.
It's impossible EVERYONE's talking to someone.


Just making sure, I looked at the scene before me. Sure enough, everyone was talking
to everyone, except that "everyone" didn't include, well, me.

I looked to my left. There was nothing interesting to look at outside. Everyone was
already inside.

I looked to my right. I was sitting next to a curvy girl with shoulder length dark
brown hair and dark brown eyes, fixed on something she was writing in a pink
notebook. She had pouty lips that all those thin-lipped models have collagen
injections for.

I don't know why, but I suddenly felt the urge to talk to this girl. It was just a
feeling I had. Before I could decide on doing anything else, I opened my mouth and
said with a smile:


It came out a tad bit too chirpy for my taste, but what the hey. I couldn't take back
what was said and done. At first the girl looked a little startled, but that was
replaced with a smile that matched mine. "Hey!" she said back. Her eyes had a bit of
questioning in them. "I haven't seen you around here have I?"

I shook my head. "No, you haven't. I'm new," I replied.

"Oh.... In that case, I'm Kaylynn Hollander!" Kaylynn said. "Welcome to Ocean View

"Thanks," I nodded, smiling. "I'm Lexie Sherman."

She nodded. "You just moved in?"

"Last week," I said. "How did you know?"

"Lucky guess," Kaylynn grinned. "I love your top by the way."

"Huh? Oh! Thanks," I grinned. Someone noticed! "Do you... know Trevor Brady?"

"Know him?" She asked. "He's only the school's hottest soccer-playing heartthrob,"
Kaylynn said with sarcasm. "All the girls I know are madly in love with him. Why?"

I decided that maybe I shouldn't give out anything about how I felt when I saw him
that morning. I didn't really want to be those girls Kaylynn was kind of annoyed at.
I wonder why? But I decided not to dwell on that and pulled on a straight face.
"Nothing," I said. "I bumped into him this morning. He's a pretty nice guy."

"Really?" Kaylynn said with curiosity. "I guess he is a pretty nice guy."

"You guess?" I asked. "What does that mean?"

"Nothing," she replied, looking down. Hmm, methinks something is going on there....
Anyway. No more dwelling. Starting... now.

I thought about what she said before. "Wait. He plays soccer?" I asked. Now that I
thought about it, he did seem the jock type. Minus the TV/movie jock personality(the
usual TV/movie jocks are either: ego-injected, stupid, etc.).

"Yeah. He's the star player," Kaylynn said. "He's rumored to be dating Genevieve

I felt my face fall. Kaylynn mustn't have noticed because she just said, "But I, for
one, know this fact is untrue."

My face lit up a little again. "Until recently," she said. Bam. My face fell again.
"They're dating on and off. Personally, I don't know why he still tries with that
witch," she said, her eyes narrowing a little. But she snapped out of it in a few
seconds. "Sorry, it's just that she's not exactly on my favorite people list,"
Kaylynn sighed.

"It's okay, I... kind of got acquainted with her this morning after I bumped into
Trevor," I said, choosing my words carefully. "She's just so mean, and now she's mad
at me because I was talking to Trevor."

"Typical Gen behavior. With her, it's 'Hands off my boy!' to any girl who she sees
he's talking to," she said.

I nodded. "She's kind of overdoing it, huh?"

"Yup. That was kind of one of the reasons they keep on breaking up," Kaylynn said.

Before I could ask something else, a teacher entered the room. The room got quiet and
he dabbed his sweaty forehead with a handkerchief. He had brown hair and a mustache.
"Sorry I'm late class," he apologized, calming down and heading to the teacher's

"Not the first time he was," Kaylynn whispered over to me, and I let out a giggle.

"Now, I'd like to introduce you all to our new student, Alexandra Sherman," he
continued. I blushed a little as everyone turned to look at me. "I am Mr. Greyshaw,
your Homeroom teacher for the year," Mr. Greyshaw continued, writing his name onto
the blackboard.

And, as if on cue, the small television mounted onto the front-left corner of the
room was turned on and showed the face of Principal Cook. The screen was a little
grainy (makes things look like they're in the middle of the desert wearing one of
those Mexican hats), but you could still tell whoever was behind the camera. In other
words, the Principal looked like she was in the middle of  two cacti (one is a lamp,
and the other is a real cactus that's very small) wearing a Mexican hat. It didn't
help that the distortion caused the normally off-white walls to look like sand.

"Is it on? Good morning students of all ages, I'm Principal Cook," she started. Our
attention turned to the 28 inch screen. "As you all know, it's the end of summer
vacation, so no more slacking off," the Principal continued. Just then, a voice that
seemed to come from behind the camera piped up, "That means you, Brian!" The
Principal shot a look at the person behind the camera and he quieted down. Brian, who
was sitting at the back of the class surrounded by what looked like a posse, let out
a "Yeah!" and his "posse" started hi-fiving him and such.


"I'm going to take this opportunity to welcome you all," the Principal continued. "To
all the old students, welcome back." That set off pretty much everyone in the class
in cheers, singing, "Woooh!" and a few "Yeah!"s. "And to the new students, welcome to
Ocean View Intermediate. We hope you enjoy your experience here," she smiled. But
that smile soon faded away. She then said, "Get to class."

The bell rang on cue and the television turned off. We all got up and I swung my
messenger bag over my shoulder.

"Hey, Lexie?" Kaylynn asked, getting up too as everyone piled out of the room. We
both squeezed into the throng.

"Yeah?" I asked back.

"You're heading to Math too, right?" she asked.

"Yeah. Want to go together?" I offered. "You guide. I don't know my way around."

"Sure," she smiled. We then walked down the hallway, talking as if we'd known each
other since, well, ever.

So far, so good.

(( Working on the next one, as we speak/type. xD ))
Last edited: 1 February 2008

Xx_PuNk_RoCk3r_xX says:   20 February 2008   999773  
It's getting bettah and bettah! gj 
IHeartMyGtar says :   24 February 2008   731481  
Thanks! =D You SHOULD post your story soon too ya know. <.<


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