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Wednesday, 9 January 2008
03:08:49 PM (GMT)
Not a chain letter or anything, just a random list-thing I've filled out to kill
time. Speaking of chain letters, I may wander over to snopes.com and pick out my five
favourite Urban Legends and post them here (to my magical journal of wonderment and

~~~~~Would u rather~~~~~
Would you rather marry a musician or a comedian?
Comedian, hopefully a good political satirist.

Would you rather be a heartbreaker or get your heart broken?
Heart broken, I'm not going to be -that- evil to other people...

Would you rather go to a party or a concert?
Concert, parties are not my thing...

Would you rather make out with someone or get a sweet kiss?
Sweet kiss.

Would you rather have a serious relationship or a fling?

Would you rather your whole wardrobe is one color or be all denim?
One colour. Denim is nice, but I couldn't stand a wardrobe full of it.

Would you rather have a computer or an Ipod (or any music player)?
Computer, I can listen to music on it.

Would you rather be under a pile of dirty socks or a pile of dirty bras (Dont be a
perv guys!)? 
Dirty Bras for some reason.


Spirited Away, Leon, Blade Runner, My Neighbour Totoro.

TV Show(s)?
Mythbusters, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Shameless, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, The Daily
Show with Jon Stewart, Scrubs.

Not listing them all.

Anything that isn't cooked egg, mushrooms or fish (except for tuna - don't ask, I
don't know why either).

Ice Cream Flavor(s)?
Mint and choc chip.

Thing(s) to do?
Read, write, doodle/sketch, play bass guitar, talk to friends.

Flavoured water and cider (not together, and not the cheap cider).

Cats, meercats, walruses (don't ask), llamas (don't ask), smaller monkeys like
marmosettes or spider monkeys.

Dean Koonz, which you can make of that what you will.



True Love or $$Money$$?
True love every time. 

((Girls)) Looks/Brain/Or Braun?
Out of those, definetly brains.

((Dudes)) Curves/Skinny/Brains?

Mint, Chocolate or Peanut Butter?
Mint, although peanut butter is nice...

BF/GF or BFF(s)??

~~~~~Ladies Only (Unless you are bisexual/homosexual) ~~~~~

Jock or Punk?
Out of those, punk.

Funny-guy or Sweet-guy?
Can't I have both or is that asking too much?

(Which is more important?) Eyes or Smile?

(Which is more important?) Head-hair or Facial hair?
Don't mind if they have/don't have either (though I'm not partial to full

(Which is more important?) Muscles or Height?

Would you want your guy to have a good style?
To the point where he doesn't look like an idiot, not to the point where he's anal
about his looks.

Would you want your guy to have good hygiene?
I would hope so..!

Would you want your guy to open his wallet for you (like all the time)?
All the time, no, but a kind gesture would be apprechiated every now and again - and
only on the smaller stuff. I get uncomfortable if they pay exessively for me...

~~~~~MOOSIK (Music>>if u didnt get it, idiot) ~~~~~

Do you like it? 

Do you luv it?

Do you LOVE it?
Finally, yes!

Could you live without it?
Probably not!

Whats a band you could NOT live without?
Uhm...Pink Floyd, maybe, or Green Day. *shrugs*

Whats a band you need a daily fix of?

Whats a song you never get tired of?
Changes frequently, so I can't really say.

What kind of Music player do you have?
Walkman and mp3 player (not an iPod).

~~~~~MORE Random~~~~~
(Do it cos Im bored as hell) 

Myspace or Facebook?

AIM or Yahoo Messenger?

Do you have a Youtube account?

What email service do you use?

Would you ever go on a pity date, and why or why not?
No, I couldn't raise someone's hopes like that.

When was your last all-nighter and whatd you do?
About a month ago, and I couldn't sleep.

Coke or Pepsi?
Pepsi, I guess.

Can you tell the difference (refer to previous question)?

Are you scared of turbulence?
It makes me nervious, sure.

Which frightens you more>>Take-off or Landing?

Are you bored?
No, more like procrascinating.

Do you want this survey to end?
I couldn't care either way.

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