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I'm the Grinch xPCategory: (general)
Sunday, 9 December 2007
01:29:22 PM (GMT)


That sounds about right xDD The holidays really are all about the commercialism,and
it's reaallllyy stupid.I just don't like the holidays,so when they come around and
people ask "Elliot,what did you get me?" I say something mean and walk off.Naturally
I get the nickname "The Grinch" from everyone xP Hey,you can have yer holidays just
don't get ME involved.I'd rather stay in my room and do something useless,just get me
a present and I'm good.(Sounds a bit hypocritical doesn't it?) I already made it
super clear that I will not go help get a Christmas tree,I will not do anymore
decorating to the house,and I will not use my super awesome writing to try to
convince the kiddies that Santa actually exists.Nu-uh,no way,no how.I swear off the
Holidays this year xP -Goes and crawls in a hole fer the rest of the Holiday season-
I will come out on Valentine's day fer that is my BIRTHDAY thankyouverymuchly,but
nothing more.Don't talk to me D:

meeboo says:   9 December 2007   487336  
Katie_xox_Cupcake says:   9 December 2007   173419  
You still rock though :P
I'm probably the grinch too.


Bob: Katie, What did you get me?
Katie: I dunno bob, Why?
bob: It's christmas..
Katie: Is it bob?
Bob: y-yes...   ._.
Katie: That's nice.

*Walks off.*
Aw yeah XD
‹fefexfatality› says:   9 December 2007   615453  
still cool 

meeboo says:   9 December 2007   267956  

AGHHHHHHHHH! IM A SNOWMAN! .....im a girl though....strange..
Rena9000 says:   9 December 2007   579817  
christmas is getting really boring. the little kids ask me if santa
is real. I say its your parents.
‹fefexfatality› says:   9 December 2007   837198  
CamilleFRANTIC says:   9 December 2007   155188  
Parents telling their kids that Santa is real is lying D:

I'm a little bald guy :D
AMYxNiCOLE says:   9 December 2007   168452  

whaaaat? santa's not real?!? :D
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   9 December 2007   585894  
Frizzette says:   9 December 2007   885886  
‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says:   9 December 2007   635991  
I'm Rudolph?! I is no misfit! (I think)
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   9 December 2007   838231  

Lol. COOL!
evil_black_panda says:   9 December 2007   251886  
evil_black_panda says:   9 December 2007   553655  

I so cuute >_<
love_swimming_girl says:   9 December 2007   181752  
lol i like ur results XD it's awsome 

love_swimming_girl says:   9 December 2007   139999  

lol take this quiz......
Dans_Babii_Gurl says:   9 December 2007   286593  
haha.... yep... ur def the grinch....
Kat3384 says:   9 December 2007   751736  
The Grinch?

I took the quiz. I'm Ralphie.
Rattle_Me says:   10 December 2007   761543  

YEY!! i dont get it
‹DasAtem› says:   11 December 2007   242141  
‹DasAtem› says:   11 December 2007   245441  
yay me ! :D

i'm buddy ! :3
tigergirl09 says :   11 December 2007   344873  
im the 


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