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(LS, MSS) Chapter 1 - A Phone Call From an Old FriendCategory: S t o r i e s of Their L i v e s ♥
Saturday, 8 December 2007
07:03:34 PM (GMT)
Chapter 1 – A Phone Call From an Old Friend

"No, I can't do it!" said a very familiar voice in my ear.

"Sure you can! It's really easy. Take a deep breath," I reassured her.

"Yeah, right. You've done this loads of times already," she sighed. "It's my first
time moving, give me a break here."

Ah, I remember that time. I'd felt exactly the same as she did: sad, confused, and
mad at my parents. By the third time, I finally got used to having to change schools
all the time. I lost track of how many schools I've gone to, much less remember
everyone in my classes. All except for Brandy though, she seems to always have time
to talk to me, but I email her more often than I call her. I met her at my second
school, and unlike most people, she kept her promises to keep contact.

"You have a point," I replied. "But seriously, you'll be fine."

"Are you just saying that? Or do you mean it?" Brandy asked, unsure. I laughed a

"Yes! Of course I mean it," I smiled. "Now, could we please change the
subject? I think we've both had enough talk about moving."

"Alright. You know Luke right? He's the same age as us."

Luke... OH. That guy who Brandy has a current hang up on. She has a strange taste in
guys, I thought. He wasn't exactly what any normal girl would call super hot, but he
seemed to suit her. What, with her long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, tan skin and
athletic build, no one in their right mind would notice the guy next to her who is a
few inches shorter than her. I guess I'm a little picky with height. The ideal boy
should have a great personality, be pretty talented at most things (but not that
perfect), and be taller than me. It couldn't be hard, I mean, I'm the second most
petite girl in most of my classes.

Nope. They are the new Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I hope he knows that if he wants
to at least be as tall as her, she's just going to have to wear flats and he'll have
to wear high heels. Platforms would be best though. Maybe he should borrow the
America's Next Top Model pair.

"Yeah. Why?" I asked, while playing with the phone chord.

"Well, you remember that game, Mirror Mirror?" Brandy asked, ignoring my

"The one that your class invented that you'll have to mirror your partner?" I asked
her back. I still didn't know where this was going.

"Yes. They made Luke and I become partners," Brandy sighed.


"And YOU of all people know what that means."


It was coming back to me now. There was an End of Year party at Gabby's house (Brandy
told me) before the summer holidays. I haven't been able to call her for the whole
summer because we had a vacation abroad. I still emailed her, and she told me that
she had so much to tell me that couldn't be explained over email. One of the games at
the party was Mirror Mirror. The game hosts found this as an advantage to
partner up people who are teased of having crushes on each other.

"Yes! Oh," she exclaimed.

"What did they do to you poor, unfortunate souls this time?" I asked, doing an
impression of Ursula in The Little Mermaid.

"They did all sorts of crazy things. They made us hold hands Tarzan style and made us
do nose to nose!" Brandy almost yelled into the phone.



"Oh God," I said. “I would’ve died if that was me. None of the guys in any school
I’ve been to have sparked my interest.”

"So does that mean you've forgotten about the crush you had on *Troy?" Brandy asked.

Troy. He's old news. I mean really old. I met him at my first school! It was puppy
love and I soon got over him once we moved. He was pretty good-looking, but I just
had a crush on his looks, not for his personality.

"Duh. He's old school. I haven't seen him for almost eight or nine years," I told

"It's your first day of school tomorrow right?"

"Yeah. Oh, I got to go. Dad needs to use the phone," I said as my dad walked in and
mouthed that he needed it now.

"Alright. At least my school doesn't start classes 'til next week," Brandy replied

"Lucky! Well, bye," I said, ready to put down the phone.

"Good luck!" she told me, before we both put down the phone.

I went over to the computer to check my emails before sleeping. Pressing a few
buttons, I saw the usual. The emails from Brandy, an email from my cousin, Bianca,
telling me welcome to Ocean View High (she's enrolled there too) and all that yadda

Until I saw this email.

From: LS_rules@yahoo.com (not real email)
To: IHeartMyGtar@yahoo.com (not real either)
Date: Sept. 4
Subj. Hey


I think you are the greatest girl I know. I hope we can hang out together. You'll see
me at school tomorrow, don't worry.

Your Secret Admirer

I have a secret admirer?! He goes to OVI too! But he didn't sign a name. His address
reads LS_rules. What could that mean? Love songs rule? Long swords rule? Or could it

Lexie Sherman rules?

This can't be happening. But it is. Yeah, I will see him there, but who is he is the
question. I need to tell Brandy, but dad's using the phone. Maybe I should sleep on
it. Yeah, I'll do that. I got ready for bed and went to sleep. Seventh grade, here I
come. Lexie Sherman has come to town.

*This Troy has nothing to do with the movie High School Musical.*

(( Before I move into the second chapter, I'm going to wait for some comments. I
don't want to waste Kupika space if I just keep writing and no one actually likes my
stories, so I'm looking for feedback. ^-^ ))
Last edited: 19 December 2007

Grapeangel says:   8 December 2007   452252  
I really like the story so far! I'll Subscribe and keep on reading!
IHeartMyGtar says:   9 December 2007   724731  
Thanks. ^-^ I'm working on the next chapter now.
MisssPriss says:   8 January 2008   387247  
wow.you are a really good writer
IHeartMyGtar says:   23 January 2008   874482  
Thank you. =)
xKupidx says:   23 January 2008   818731  
xKupidx says:   23 January 2008   666866  
oh and if you want to i have written a bit of stuff that u might want
to read.
IHeartMyGtar says :   24 January 2008   364818  
KK, I'll take a look. ^_^ And thanks for the comments everyone!


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